Unforgettable Team Building In Krakow – How To Organize It?

Increasingly, employers deviate from typical integration events and try to surprise their employees. Weekend trip to another country? This is a great opportunity to get to know each other better and integrate. How to organize an unforgettable team building? Choose a city that is not only interesting, but also has a lot to offer. Krakow is an excellent choice. It is a city prepared for tourists, including those from abroad. We can easily get to Krakow by plane. And from the airport to the center we can get by train or special buses. You don’t have to worry about anything.

What to see during the team building in Krakow?

The integration party is not only fun, but also an opportunity to get to know the city better. There is no shortage of places in Krakow that should be on our list to see. Krakow can also be a great starting point to see interesting and historical places in the area – Wieliczka Salt Mine and Auschwitz-Birkenau. However, if we want to stay in the former capital of Poland, we are sure that we will not be bored.

Team building in Krakow is worth starting with a good breakfast. There is no shortage of places in Krakow that are bustling with life since the morning. You will eat hot and melting breakfasts, drink coffee and gain strength for other attractions. The tour is worth starting by visiting the Old Town and Cloth Hall, where you can buy small souvenirs.

At 12 o’clock listen to the hail from the St. Mary’s Church tower. Then walk to Wawel Castle, which is a landmark of the city and a must-see on the map. And sightseeing is time for integration.

What attractions are worth seeing during team building in Krakow?

You want to bet on a peaceful integration? Choose a cruise on the Vistula River, during which you will see the city from a different perspective. A museum will also be a good choice, and it doesn’t have to be a typical one – you can choose a museum with old slot machines and have a great integration while having fun.

In Krakow, shooting is a popular pastime during integration. This entertainment, contrary to appearances, is not only for men. Women, children and adults of all ages have fun at the shooting range. It’s entertainment not only for people who like the spirit of competition and are fans of games and cinema.

The shooting range is a place for everyone who wants to test themselves, see how the gun works and what shooting looks like. Therefore, team building here is a great idea!

Cracow Shooting Academy – perfect place for team building activities in Krakow

Wondering which shooting range in Krakow to choose for team building activities? Cracow Shooting Academy. It is a shooting range distinguished by locals and tourists. It has over 2000 reviews, with an average rating of 4.9. This is an excellent result, which testifies to a high quality of service.

At the Cracow Shooting Academy, a trained team of enthusiasts who are eager to share their knowledge and skills awaits. Cracow Shooting Academy is located on Jan Surzyckiego Street, so we can easily get there by public transport. We can also choose a taxi or use the option of ordering a bus through the shooting range.

How does team building look like in Krakow at the shooting range?

At Cracow Shooting Academy, every participant of the integration undergoes training, during which they learn shooting techniques that allow them to achieve the best possible results. Safety is the most important thing at the shooting range, which is why everyone receives protective headphones and glasses.

All the fun takes place under the watchful eye of instructors. And we can end our visit with a commemorative photo. Thanks to this, we can remember the team building in Krakow. If you want to organize an integration into Cracow Shooting Academy don’t forget to make a reservation, as it is a popular destination for locals and tourists, especially on weekends.

At Cracow Shooting Academy you will find a really great assortment of weapons – more than 50 models! And among them pistols, submachine guns, assault rifles, shotguns or rifles. That way, everyone will be able to shoot whatever they want.

If someone is really looking for an almost unprecedented offer, we encourage you to familiarize yourself with its fragment, which includes historical weapons. Models of weapons from World War I and World War II are also waiting for you. You can also choose 1 of 7 packs, which vary the number of weapons and shots. Don’t know which one to choose? You can compose a package for your integration yourself.

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