There are times when some of us may find sex uncomfortable for any number of reasons. These may include things like an infection, general vaginal dryness, sex during pregnancy, issues caused by menopause or even an allergic reaction. These are more common than you might think and are generally quite easy to treat or prevent.

When it comes to vaginal dryness, foreplay and lubrication goes a long way to avoid the issue completely. This is especially true for postmenopausal women and using a little lube can really make a big difference in your partner’s performance as well your pleasure during the act. If you’re still young though and vaginal dryness persists, it may be an indication of a more serious health issue and should definitely be checked out by a doctor or gynecologist. Many women still enjoy active sex lives during their pregnancy, however there may come a time when it would be wise to stop – at least for the babies health and a smoother birthing process. Basically, if you start to feel any pain during intercourse while being pregnant, you should probably stop until after the birth or change to less penetrative forms of sex in the interim. Both mental and physical health are strong components in determining someone’s ability to perform in the bed and being aware of these issues or discussing them openly with your partner is a good way to relieve the burden on your shoulders and increase the pleasure of love-making for both parties involved.

If your partner is under performing, it may be pertinent that you discuss any fears, anxieties or emotional pain that may be the underlying cause of the issue. Sometimes it’s something small like a busy day at work, or a general stress that they may be worrying about – other times it may be something more serious like self-esteem issues, problems with vulnerability, serious depression or a change of heart. In either case, seeking the advice of a psychologist or a sex therapist can really help you both (or the person with the issue) come to terms with the problem and enjoy a more mutually beneficial sex-life again as well as help to mend a relationship. When it comes to physical issues like infections, allergic reactions or general pain felt by either party – it’s important for you to get the issue checked out sooner rather than later. If you feel any kind of pain in your cervix, there’s a good chance you’ll need medical treatment and most infections can be treated quite quickly and efficiently in order to avoid suffering or the risk of spreading the infection to your partner. Pay attention to your body as it’s the best way to assure that you treat any physical health issues quickly and efficiently.

Small pillows can also be used to get into a more comfortable position. The more comfortable you are the more fun the experience will be. Placing a pillow under your hips or under your head can help to make the entire act a lot more comfortable.

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