Types Of Suspended Ceiling

Suspended ceilings are an architectural design element seen in commercial and residential structures. These ceilings allow easy maintenance and come in various styles to suit any builder’s demands. Metal grid systems, suspended underneath the ceiling or roof deck via wires, are used to produce them. Ceiling tiles, mainly composed of mineral fiber composites, are then used to fill in the grid.

Ceiling rooms are becoming increasingly popular in companies and residential buildings due to their beauty and professional appearance. These ceilings are specifically designed for houses and offices with old, worn-out ceilings and sometimes for boho dorm rooms.

Such ceilings can not only be an eyesore in the décor of houses and offices, but they can also depreciate their worth. Furthermore, getting your ducts or pipes fixed will be much easier if you have suspended ceilings installed. Only a panel must be removed to access the problematic pipe or duct.

You can check the various types of the suspended ceiling by visiting SuspendedCeiling.net. Following are the common types of the suspended ceiling:

Concealed Grid Suspended Ceiling

Choose concealed grip for a smooth and clean appearance with your suspended ceiling. The grid system is hidden below acoustical tiles in this style of suspended ceiling. The benefit of installing a concealed grip suspended ceiling is its appealing and aesthetic appearance. On the other hand, it prevents easy maintenance access to regions above the ceiling. Furthermore, when compared to other varieties, it can be costly.

Gypsum Board and Plaster Suspended Ceilings

This sort of suspended ceiling is often utilized in public buildings such as theatres, lobbies, and auditoriums, among other places. A suspended ceiling made of gypsum board and plaster can be screwed to simple light gauge steels or framed with sophisticated framing components.

The value that a gypsum board and plaster suspended ceiling brings to your room is the main advantage. It features a unique design that will give your room a modern feel. While essential light gauge metals are suspended on wires, this form of ceiling requires unique frame components available in various sophisticated configurations.

Exposed Grid

It’s a popular and affordable suspended ceiling option. The composition of the exposed grid suspended ceiling sets it apart from other variants. It has mains, which are long metal strips. Tees are used to link these mains together. The short metal bits are known as tees.

The grid system is made up of tees and mains. The grid system is filled with acoustic ceiling tiles. A typical metal frame surrounds each tile of the exposed grid. This frame is easily available in a variety of sizes.

Fire-Resistant Suspended Ceilings

Installation of fire-resistant suspended ceilings is a process that requires extensive knowledge and expertise. Because of its fire resistance, this style of a suspended ceiling is popular. It’s made of a specially engineered fire-resistant material which makes it a great choice for Oyo flagships.

Furthermore, lighting fixtures utilized in this style of the ceiling must be backed up by a fire-resistant substance. Every component of this type of suspended ceiling, including the panels that allow for duct and pipe repair and maintenance, must be fire-resistant.

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