Travel Essentials: 15 Must-Have Travel Gadgets to Gift Every Backpacker & Traveler’s Friend

Every traveler needs a companion. And travel companions come in all shapes and sizes. Here are 15 useful travel gadget ideas to keep close by at all times to ensure that your journey is happy and safe.

Gadget 1: Hand Sanitizer

There has been an obsessive need to keep hands clean in the health crisis that the world is going through. Hands need to be clean and germ free at all times. Having a hand sanitiser helps you to do the same while travelling. It is the perfect solution for cleaning hands when you are not in a place where you can use water to wash hands.

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Gadget 2: Headphones

Travelling can be very disorienting. One hears a lot of noise that causes a lot of discomfort. One can feel a lot of uneasiness due to the noise from vehicles they are travelling in. If one uses great headphones that have crucial features such as noise cancellation and long battery life, if they are bluetooth ones, one is guaranteed to have a great journey hands-free.

Gadget 3: Ebook Reader

Earlier, one had no other option but to pack a heavy load of books with them to the place they were going to. A reader has a hard time choosing which book they have to pack from the cabinet in the limited space that they have in their luggage. One can consider buying an ebook reader like Kindle to enjoy any book they want to read on the go without worrying about the weight or the dilemma of choice. Also, check out this blog on Wayfair Vs Overstock.

Gadget 4: Neck Pillow

Travelling can cause pain in the neck, literally. One has to adjust and sit in an awkward position while sleeping, using whatever they can find as a pillow. This can be very harmful for the health of a person’s neck. The solution is to have a neck pillow. The pillow helps with giving proper support to the neck and maintains a proper posture, which is hitting two birds with a stone. Get a neck pillow the next time you are going to travel.

Gadget 5: Bluetooth Speaker

Imagine going to the beach or living in an oyo room or whereever you wanted to go. You sit there comfortably. But you realise that you have no way to play your favourite music. You can use your phone but that would be counterproductive and will drain the battery, and how much music can one enjoy from phone speakers. It is always better to pack bluetooth speakers with you. Ensure they have a long battery life and the sound quality matches your musical tastes and the vibes in your boho dorm room.

Gadget 6: Anti-Theft Backpack

There was a time when it was near impossible to track your lost bags. Bags once lost on the conveyor belts of airports were never found again. Times have changed and technology has advanced. Backpacks with anti-slash material and lockable zips are available to purchase today. There are bags which also have inbuilt gps inside them for you to easily track them right from your phone.

Gadget 7: Portable Solar Charger

Being in a place where you cannot find a charging point can be disappointing. Finding your portable bank to be empty is more disappointing. It would make sense for you to buy a power bank that can be charged using the power of the sun itself. You can charge your devices anywhere and anytime if you have a solar powered power bank.

Gadget 8: Lifestraw Personal Water Filter

Drinking contaminated water can be very harmful to your health. Unpurified water can contain a multitude of viruses, bacterias and disease-causing germs that can ruin your vacation vibes and take you to the hospital bed. FInding yourself in a situation where you have no way to purify water is bad. Lifestraw personal water filter can filter water for you on the go and you can drink water without worrying about its quality.

Gadget 9: Portable hard disks

When you are travelling, you take a lot of photos and videos. They can end up consuming a lot of space. If you run out of memory to store those photos and videos, you will lose out on capturing a lot of memories. Carrying a portable hard drive is the best solution for all the data you will need on the trip.

Gadget 10: Eye Mask

One cannot always control the3 lighting around them while travelling. It is tough to sleep in a place with bad lighting that can hurt the quality of sleep whether you are sleeping on your bed or just crushing on a barcalounger. Eye masks block excessive light and ensure that your eyes get the rest they need regardless of how bright the surrounding environment is. Silk eye masks are the softest and hence recommended.

Gadget 11: Disposable Face Masks

It has become necessary to wear masks nowadays. One should always carry some extras to avoid being in a fix if the ones that one is wearing get spoiled or damaged. One can simply wear a new one in that case and would not have to be worried about searching for a store to buy masks at the odd hour.

Gadget 12: Slippers

Shoes, sandals and fancy footwear are fashionable and great, no denying that. However, wearing them on long journeys may result in you having tired feet. Avoid the same with a pair of slippers along with you so that you can wear them when you are at leisure.

Gadget 13: Shoe bag

You may need to change your shoes or footwear for some reason or the other. It is wise to carry a bag to keep footwear to store them nicely. Having a shoebag is great as you can keep them in the same bags that have other things without worrying about them making anything else dirty.

Gadget 14: Door Lock

When you are staying at a hotel, it is tempting to just use the keys given to you by the hotel. However, it is wise to carry a door lock with you., You can lock the door while leaving and be at peace of mind knowing that your luggage is safe and you will not end up losing anything.

Gadget 15: A Good Old Umbrella

Be it rain or the sun, nothing beats the comfort an umbrella can bring in those situations. In case of unexpected rains, you can use the umbrella. You can also use the umbrella to protect yourself from the scorching heat of the sun. Carry a portable umbrella with you when you go for vacations next time.

Bonus Travel Must-have

A Light Travel Backpack

It can be expensive to pay for extra luggage fees in the airport when traveling. To save on those fees, a reliable lightweight backpack is the best option. You can easily go around a new city and enjoy the sights without the hassle of dragging around heavy luggage. Find a good and comfortable backpack that has the compartments you need to organize your travel essentials.

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