Traditional Indian Gold Chain Styles for Women

Gold Chains have been a part of traditional Indian gold jewelry for many years. A Gold Chain is a timeless item, worn by both men and women and is a part of their jewelry cabinet. Especially, today’s modern women are styling their everyday looks with a sophisticated yet classy gold chain.

Coming in a variety of design styles, the gold chains also make a good investment. Are you thinking of buying a traditional-styled gold chain for yourself? Here, we have handpicked the most-trendy traditional gold chain women!

#1 Anchor/Mariner Gold Chain

Perfect for semi-formal events and casual occasions, the Anchor Chains boldly represent the traditional Indian jewelry style. This type of gold chain consists of several uniformly sized oval-shaped links. These links are attached one by one horizontally and vertically. The unique vertical and horizontal orientation looks chic, making it a statement piece for modern women. Many people compare the design with the anchor of a boat. That’s why it is popularly called the Anchor Chain, one of the strongest and most-durable chain patterns.

#2 Belcher/Rolo Gold Chain

Looking for a simple yet durable thing for gold chain women? The Rolo Gold Chain is the perfect fit for working women as well as ordinary housewives. This chain consists of several flat oval-shaped links that connect to form a stunning design pattern. However, the links in this chain are smaller in length with a thicker circumference. It also comes in a variety of sizes, to suit every woman’s unique taste. If you want, then you can also add a sophisticated charm to enhance the gold chain look.

#3 Herringbone Gold Chain

Do you like minimalistic yet elegant necklace jewellery set designs? The Herringbone gold chain is a statement piece that is formed from multiple V-shaped chain links. Naturally, the entire chain stays flat on the neck once you wear it. This flat and fluid look creates a unique herringbone pattern. So, if you wear this type of chain, it rests well on your neck without bothering your outfits. The best part is; herringbone chains look equally chic and elegant in all types of metals, i.e. yellow gold, rose gold, or white gold. So, add a touch of sophisticated Indian tradition with a V-shaped herringbone gold chain.

#4 Wheat Gold Chain

The Wheat Chain style is one of the oldest yet popular traditional gold chains styles even today. This chain has a unique appearance and texture of a wheat stalk. If you would see the design closely, it consists of oval-shaped links that are woven together to form such a unique pattern! The pattern formation makes this type of gold chain style durable to hold heavy pendants.

This beautiful design goes well with all types of modern outfits as well as traditional outfits. You can either wear the chain alone or pair it with a stunning pendant. Perfect for formal events or regular wear, you can wear this type of chain for any occasion.

#5 Snake Chain Style

The Snake Chain is a uniquely styled ornament for gold chain women. It is very flexible for everyday wear. This chain incorporates multiple small-sized rings, closely knitted together to form a beautiful snake-like pattern. If you would look at the chain closely, it would look like the skin of a snake. This lightweight and delicate chain style is a perfect option for women who prefer minimalistic jewelry designs. You can style this statement piece with a few stylish accessories, like a bracelet, ear-tops, etc.

#6 Figaro chain

Are you looking for a traditional gold chain that goes perfectly with casual looks? Be it for a formal occasion, or an outing with friends, the Figora Style gold chain is perfect for traditional ethics, fusions, and western outfits. This chain style forms a beautiful pattern of longer and shorter flat links. So, you will see every four to five shorter links after a long flat link and the pattern continues likewise. This unique design is inspired by antique Indian jewelry styles. Because of its unique pattern, modern women are pairing it with a charming pendant. So, why don’t you add up this unique gold chain design to your jewelry collection?

#7 Cable Gold Chain

The yellow cable gold chains are the most common yet the most popular traditional gold chains among all. This type of design resembles the thick iron chain’s pattern. It consists of several uniform oval-shaped links that are connected to form a chain-like pattern. Cable chains look super cool when worn with western outfits like jeans and t-shirts. You can add a pendant or charm to enhance your style.

Final Thoughts:

Gold jewelry is the most elegant accessory that any Indian woman can wear. Adding gold chain women to your everyday look simply enhances your overall appearance just like Cindy crawford’s furniture enhances your home. Yellow/White/Rose Gold Chain, these high-in-fashion chains are the most traditional design styles out there. So, make a purchase today!

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