Tips To Declutter A Messy Kids Bedroom

Kids’ bedrooms can get messy in an instant. It may seem like a daunting task, but decluttering and organising your kid’s bedroom doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Whether you are trying to declutter before the holidays or just need some simple tips to help keep your kid’s room neat and tidy, this post has got you covered.

We will provide some easy-to-follow tips that will make the process of decluttering and organising a breeze – from purging unnecessary items to creating designated storage areas. Get ready to transform that cluttered kid’s bedroom into an organised space!

How To Get Started

If your child’s bedroom is in need of serious decluttering tips to get started.

  • Begin by removing all items from the floor and surfaces. This includes toys, clothes, books, and anything else that is taking up space.
  • Sort through the items and decide what to keep, donate, or throw away.
  • Put away the items that are being kept. Choose storage containers that can be easily accessed by your child.
  • Create a system for keeping the bedroom tidy. This may include daily or weekly cleaning routines, as well as specific places for each type of item.
  • Be sure to involve your child in the decluttering process so they know how to keep their bedroom organized moving forward.

What To Keep And What To Donate

If your child’s bedroom is cluttered and messy, it can be tough to decide what to keep and what to donate. Here are some tips to help declutter messy bedrooms for kids:

  • Start by having your child go through their belongings and decide what they want to keep and what they can live without.
  • Donate any clothes that your child has outgrown or doesn’t wear anymore. Old toys that are no longer played with can also be donated.
  • Try to keep only items that are useful or have sentimental value. If an item is neither of those things, it can probably be donated.
  • Organise remaining items into storage bins or containers so they are easier to find and put away. This will help keep the bedroom tidy and make it easier for your child to find things when they need them.

Tips For Teaching Kids To Keep A Clean Bedroom

As a parent, you should teach your kids the importance of declutter your bedroom. Not only will it help them to be more organised and tidy, but it will also teach them responsibility. However, getting your kids to actually keep their bedroom clean can be a challenge.

  • Set realistic expectations: Don’t expect your kids to keep their rooms spotless all the time. Just aim for a reasonably tidy room that is generally free of clutter.
  • Make sure they have enough storage space: A cluttered room is often the result of not having enough storage space. Make sure your kids have enough dressers, shelves, and bins to store all of their belongings.
  • Teach them how to declutter: Help your kids learn how to get rid of unwanted items and keep only the things they need and use. This will make it easier for them to keep their room clean on a regular basis.
  • Schedule regular cleaning times: Let your kids know when it is time to start cleaning up their room. Add this activity into their daily or weekly routine so that they don’t forget about it.
  • Inspect their room regularly: Checking in on their room every so often will help to ensure that they are keeping it clean and organised as you expect them to do.


Decluttering your kids’ bedroom does not have to be a daunting task. By following these few simple tips, you can easily help your child learn the importance of organisation and cleanliness. With a little bit of guidance, they will soon be able to tackle the mess on their own. Don’t forget that regular decluttering is an essential part of maintaining order in any home, so make sure to set aside some time every week for this important activity!

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