Tips on How to Prepare Your Home for Fall

Soft pillows, woolen knitted plaids, decorative candles are your faithful helpers in transforming the interior in the coming season. In autumn we want more warmth and coziness, we dream about evenings in the family circle and a joyful atmosphere. We have found things that will help create it in your home.

For starters, an integral part of coziness is cleanliness. We recommend having a general cleaning, so that all corners of the house are cleaned and washed. To do this quickly, and most importantly qualitatively, we advise you to use the services of a proven cleaning company, such as If you are based in Queensland, check out Calibre Cleaning to book professional house cleaners in Canberra.

Add Accessories

  • Knitted blanket. Cozy large knitted merino wool blanket – throw it on your couch or chair. Gentle, soft, hypoallergenic and very stylish – just what you need for an autumn interior.
  • Velvet cushion on your kivik sofa. Velvet is one of the most appropriate fabrics for the fall interior. In addition, it is currently on trend. Shiny, pleasant to the touch decorative cushions will help to create a romantic and elegant interior – a simple technique that will suit everyone.
  • Chair upholstery. From the desk chair to the dining area, from the chair to the banquette, a warm chair skin will take its place everywhere. It will keep you warm until the central heating comes on – and the interior looks super stylish with it.
  • Candles for the fireplace. With the onset of fall, you increasingly want to gather with family and friends by the fireplace. If a real fireplace in the apartment is often something out of the realm of fiction, then a decorative fireplace with lots of candles is an affordable reality. You can experiment with the shape and size of the candles placed on the cabinets.
  • Autumn leaves and flowers. The best way to make the interior more autumnal is to decorate it with autumn leaves and branches with bright berries. Place them in clear vases and arrange them on tables and dressers.
  • A cozy place to read. Autumn is a time for reading books with a compelling story. Make a cozy place to relax with your own hands: you’ll need a sofa or chaise longue, a couple of soft cushions and a plaid. Place it by the window or in a secluded corner of the living room – it will turn out perfect.
  • Decorative Vase. Decorate your home with decorative vases of different sizes and shapes. Put a few small branches in them, and leave the rest empty. Such a composition will look great on the dining and work table, on the coffee table and bedside table.

Candles and Candleholders

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Candles are almost the basic quintessence of the autumn mood. Candles give the evening room a mysterious and mystical illumination. After all, in autumn we want so much to believe in magic and miracles. In general, unusual and soft lighting creates the right and cozy mood of autumn, we want to wrap ourselves in a warm plaid and look at the burning candles. Candles are also a carrier of fire – the very element, which awakens in us feelings of coziness and warmth. Put a few candles on shelves, tables and windowsills, and it will immediately change the look of your room and make it cozier. Want to set a romantic or mystical mood? Just light a few candles and put them around the room, and the result will exceed your expectations.

Candle holders also play a big part in creating a cozy fall atmosphere in your home. And candle holders themselves can be absolutely different, from different materials, different shapes and sizes. Nowadays even one candle holder without a candle can be an original element of decoration and an excellent decoration of an autumn room. As I mentioned above, you can make a candle holder yourself from any materials you can find in the fall: cones, golden leaves, twigs, acorns, and other fall finds from the street. You can also use dried fruits and vegetables.


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Unusual lighting is the key to a cozy atmosphere in the room. I think everyone in his life has dreamed of a beautiful garland as an additional source of light. Not the one that we decorate our houses for the New Year, but a one-color, with a soft and warm light. Such a garland, tangled in the beams on the ceiling, hung on the wall or wrapped around the headboard – will bring soft and cozy light into the room, warm as the autumn sun. And the mysterious semi-dark lighting of the room will make it magical and romantic.

Bringing comfort to the house can be done with homemade lighting fixtures from improvised materials. You can use anything you like: cardboard, wire, unusual bottles, cans, colored paper, street finds and more. Showing imagination and manual labor, you can get absolutely charming and original lamps that will cheer up the rainiest and rainy autumn day.

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