Tips for Travelling on a Budget

Travelling can be one of life’s greatest pleasures, but it’s a pleasure not all of us can afford to enjoy. When you factor in the cost of not just the travel ticket but the accommodation, food, sightseeing, and gifts for yourself or your loved ones back home that can be a memory in their dorm room, it’s no wonder we throw in the towel before we even get to the planning process. If only you could do it all at a fraction of the cost! Well, what if you could? Let’s explore some ways to still see the world with not much in your pocket.

Enjoy the Comfort of Your Hotel

There’s no reason why you can’t visit a new place without going out every single day. When you’re on a budget, you don’t have the luxury of dining out all the time, going on every tour, or shopping for cool things you probably don’t need. Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t travel somewhere only to stay at your hotel – you can! After all, the best part of travelling is the break from your regular routine. Your hotel might have a pool or complimentary amenities, and if you want to rest, you can always order room service and enjoy some online casino games from the comfort of your bed.

Strategize Your Stay

If you’re finding accommodation too expensive, there are plenty of other options for you. Do you know anyone abroad – friends, family, someone at a wedding years ago who once mentioned you could stay with them if you were ever in their country? Don’t be afraid to hit them up! If they say no, check out local hostels or cheap AirBnbs in the area. Have a look at Tripadvisor to search for accommodation within your budget. Also, if you really want to stay somewhere a little on the pricey side, you could always do so for one or two nights and then spend the rest of your trip at a hostel or cheaper motel.

Send Your CV

One of the best ways to travel without hurting your bank account is to get paid to do it. Applying for jobs in foreign countries is a little scary, but it often leads to life-changing experiences. You could see the world while working on a yacht, a cruise ship, or as a diving instructor! If you already have a job and responsibilities to attend to, you can still earn a little money even while you travel. Offer your short-term services on platforms like TaskRabbit, or find places where you can work in exchange for accommodation and meals. In our modern world, anything is possible!


The last tip we have is to save your money in any way you can either by fixing the recliner at home or just booking in advance. At the end of every month, with every extra bit you get, put it aside and let it become part of your travel fund. Even when you eventually go on your trip, find ways to spend less wherever you are so that you can maximize your experience by enjoying free or cheaper activities, saving your cash for the extraordinary moments that’ll be worth it.

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