Tips for Home Improvement Inside and Out

Every homeowner wishes to update their exteriors and interiors for that trendy and exquisite look. And while some accomplish this, many do not meet this goal for several reasons. If you are looking to renovate your home’s exterior or interior, there are several décor ideas you can pick for inspiration.

From the modern interior design ideas in the market, you won’t fail to find one that meets your expectations. When remodeling the exteriors, consult a professional to avoid the risks of damaging the delicate structures. Below are some exterior and interior design ideas you should consider for your next home improvement project.

1. Enhance Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Your home’s curb appeal is defined as the attractiveness of your home as seen from across the street. There’s a lot you can do to improve your home’s exterior design and look. Whether you want a complete remodel or a simple retouch of the key areas, you can choose one of the many design styles.

Besides cleaning the walkways, sidewalks, and hardscape areas, you can repaint your home’s doors, trim, and shutters. You can also plant a couple of trees around your home or add flower boxes on the front porch with suitable furniture. The goal is to enhance the home’s beauty with every retouch.

As far as landscaping is concerned, you can work with a landscape architect to develop innovative design ideas. Here, you can opt to light up the exterior with beautiful garden lights, set up a modern patio, renovate the pool, etc.

2. Maintain a Color Scheme

From the larger exteriors to the delicate interiors, color is all you need to enhance your home’s beauty and elegance. When choosing a color palette to use in and outside your home, always experiment with different options before making up your mind.

For instance, pick at most five colors to inspire your interior design style. You can split the colors into three distinct categories: dominant, secondary, and accent. Be sure to play with all the color tones and undertones until you get what best meets your expectations.

The right color schemes will depend on the area of your home you intend to decorate. A color scheme for your home exterior will also vary from your living room or bedroom.

3. Prioritize Your Furniture and Art

nside your home, furniture and art are some of the key design aspects you pay keen attention to. Outside your home you can still add beauty and aesthetics with canvas art. The wrong choice of furniture can mess up your interior design since it takes up much of the living room. Mixing and matching your furniture sets can be a great way to bring in some contrast without investing in some high-end designer products. Check out here.

Even so, you still want to go for quality and durable furniture that will withstand the test of time. You can play with patterns and colors, provided you don’t go overboard. And depending on your sense of style, you may choose to embrace curves and arches while staying true to your taste and preferences.

Similarly, don’t display your wall art so low or high-up near the ceiling. Instead, make it closer to the eye level, preferably at varying heights. It would also look better if you placed artwork of different sizes closer to one another. You don’t want to stick pieces of the same height in a row, lest everything becomes monotonous.

4. Be Creative and Strategic

Last but not least, always be creative and strategic with your designs. There’s no wrong or right way of living your style, provided you are happy with the results. And to avoid disappointments, you should have a design plan before renovating your exteriors or buying interior décor pieces.

For instance, size up the furniture to ensure there’s enough space for you and your family to move around. You should also be bold enough to get creative with every piece you get into your home. If your budget allows, don’t shy off from sneaking in those designer chairs, lighting, wall art, and accents.

Where possible, choose to have more natural light in your home and even make room for some indoor plants to promote health and wellbeing. The goal is to personalize your space and make it as comfortable as possible.

Lastly, take the time to analyze the exterior or interior design plan and weigh your expectations. Do enough research before implementing your design and seek help where necessary. As far as being strategic is concerned, order returnable samples, just in case things don’t go as expected. This is especially true if you are trying out different fabrics and colors.


The exterior and interior design markets are so broad, and you will always find the design style to suit your needs. Designing your interiors can be simple or complicated, depending on your desired results. Choose to work with an architect or interior designer if your project requires a lot of design and customization.

That said, always embrace your design style and ensure the architect or designer you are working with is flexible enough to listen to and understand your unique design style, personal taste, and preferences.

Dominik Sherman

Dominik Sherman, an authority in home organization, earned his degree in Interior Design from the University of Washington. With over 15 years of experience in space optimization and minimalist design, Dominik joined our platform in 2020, offering innovative and practical home organization solutions. Before this, he ran a successful home organizing consultancy, helping clients transform their living spaces. Dominik is also an avid gardener, finding peace and inspiration in the harmony of nature and organized spaces.

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