Three Reasons Proving Security Access Panel’s Importance In A Building

Access doors and panels serve various installation purposes, especially in commercial buildings. One of the panels’ primary functions is securing the safety of the establishment’s facilities, employees, clients, and customers.

There are numerous circumstances wherein you can utilize access doors for security, and in this blog post, we’ll tackle about three. As you read, you can also discover the wide variety of panels you can install to guarantee desired protection.

1. Security against fire

As you operate your business daily and sometimes 24/7, your commercial structure is prone to fire breakouts. Hence, it’s vital for you as an entrepreneur to invest in high-quality fire safety equipment. One of the general types of access doors and panels is fire-rated. Remember to rely only on products that surpass the standards that National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) set.

You can opt to classify the fire-rated access door depending on the wall or ceiling hour rating that a particular area needs, including:

  • 45-minute rating
  • 90-minute rating
  • 1-hour rating
  • 2-hour rating
  • 2.5 hour rating
  • 3-hour rating

Keep in mind that the higher the rating, the longer the access door can withstand fires, preventing their massive spread. On the other hand, fire-resistant panels are also available in a wide range of unique installations, like:

  • Floor hatch: The fire-rated floor hatch access doors suit interior floor applications and can contain a 2-hour floor-ceiling fire-rating assembly.
  • Grease duct: Grease build-up in your kitchen duct system can cause a fire if not regularly cleaned. Hence, you need a fire-rated grease duct installation to gain easy maintenance access to your duct’s hard-to-reach areas with the capacity to hold massive fire spread until the fire department reaches your location and puts out the fire.
  • Oversized openings: The fire-rated insulated double door access panels are particular doors that can accommodate areas with sizable entry points granting 2-hour and 3-hour fire-rating.
  • Recessed and surface-mounted walls: Specific fire-rated access doors can also match your preferred wall installation type, either recessed or surface-mounted. If you’re aiming for a fire-resistant panel offering minimum walkthrough obstruction, you can rely on a fire-rated insulated surface-mount access door. However, if you need panels perfect for your tile or drywall walls, the fire-rated uninsulated recessed access door is much more ideal.
  • Security: The fire-rated access panel security gives you double protection—from fire and any possible intrusion attempts. This access door is a must-have, especially if your building targets to comply with the standard building safety codes.
  • Garbage and laundry chute: Multilevelled commercial buildings or other high-rising properties often have laundry and garbage utilities in their basement. Governing authorities also require these facilities to comply with fire-safety building codes. Hence, there’s 2-hour fire-rated garbage and laundry chute door designed to address the fire security demands.

2. Security against intrusion

With lots of foot traffic in your building, your facilities and the entire structure are vulnerable to experiencing unwarranted access. Installation of automatic access doors and panels serve as an extra layer of security for your establishment, deterring intruders from invading the operation of your facilities quickly. Here are two options you can entrust your establishment with:

  • High-security door: At times, standard latches or locking mechanisms can tightly safeguard your facilities. Thus, experts developed security-focused access doors and panels firmly constructed with detention-grade materials to give adept protection. You secure your building’s utilities with a 7-gauge or 10-gauge mortise deadbolt lock incorporated panels.
  • Medium security door: If high-security access doors are too much for your space, you can choose medium security panels to safeguard your structure facilities. You can averagely protect them with a 10-gauge or 14-gauge plate steel door.

3. Security against environmental issues

Mold, mildew, rust, moisture, corrosion, weather, temperature, and pest infestations are the silent destroyers of buildings, particularly your facilities. Therefore, you must pick an excellent access panel material to stand firm against these small but terrible structure quality killers. Some of the powerful components you can confide are:

  • Steel: A steel-built access panel is ideal if the access door is on extreme heat exposure. The material develops from a high melting point, making it the most durable product to withstand the harshest heat temperature. Furthermore, stainless steel types are resistant to mold and mildew.
  • Aluminum: An aluminum-made access door is the most versatile among other materials as it’s suitable to install indoors and outdoors. It’s a lightweight, thin, and sturdy weapon that can fight off severe heat, moisture, and even humid conditions. Furthermore, it can combat corrosion with its high corrosion-resistance power and high heat-resistant level.

Instant solution to all security demands

Whether your establishment needs protection from fire, unauthorized access, and various environmental issues, there’s an access door that best fits to address your concern. It’s a cost-efficient investment that will save you from colossal damage loss and repairs in the future. Furthermore, it boosts your building’s and facilities’ lasting value so that you can utilize them for a long time.

Russell Brooks

Russell Brooks is a security systems expert with a degree in Criminal Justice from John Jay College of Criminal Justice. His 17 years in home security and automation inform his comprehensive safety and smart home integration guides. His articles offer practical and cutting-edge solutions for home protection. He is a DIY enthusiast and enjoys building custom automation systems. He sometimes enjoys outdoor activities and is a volunteer in neighborhood watch programs.

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