The Best Soaker Tub for Your Bathroom

Soaking tubs are ideal for a long, relaxing, deep soak since they are generally deeper than standard bathtubs. In addition, they have a significant health benefit as deep soaking is scientifically proven to relieve stress and symptoms of anxiety and depression. A quality tub is an essential bathroom upgrade and increases your home value.

There are many soaker tubs you can glam your bathroom with, depending on your taste. The prices vary with materials, size, type, and accessories. If you are looking for a soaking tub, here are the best types.

Japanese Soaker Tub

The Japanese soaking tub is ideal for tiny bathrooms because it is small. However, they compensate for their width by being relatively deeper than others. It holds enough water to submerge upright up to the chin. Some people prefer the traditional cypress wood Japanese tub. Contrarily, modern makes come from acrylic, cast iron, or porcelain materials.

Japanese soaking tubs stand out among other types for the following features:

  • About 24-inch depth or more.
  • Modern feel and appearance.
  • Small size, making it suitable for small bathroom spaces.

However, they are slightly more expensive than other soaking tubs.

Drop-in Soaking Tubs

A drop-in tub is a shell tub that you can fit over a pre-prepared frame. It is much similar to a standard drop-in bathtub but is more profound, longer, or wider. It is the best option when you want to floss your tub, like in a spacious bathroom.

While it gives a luxurious picture of steps leading into a fancy soaking tub, its downside is taking up more space and higher installation costs.

Many homeowners rank a drop-in soaker tub among the best for the following feature:

  • Ability to flaunt the soaking tub.
  • Various material choices.
  • Slightly cheaper than the Japanese tub.

Jetted Soaking Tub

It is like a whirlpool giving you the advantage of a deeper soak alongside hydrotherapy. The tub’s walls provide jets of air and water to give you a relaxing experience. Though you can purchase a tub with ready jets, you can customize them to fit the jets in your preferred areas. For instance, if you have back pains, you can place more jets at the back or the bottom for the feet.

A jetted tub has additional benefits, making it more expensive than a standard one.

  • Twenty-four inches of depth or more.
  • Customizable jets.
  • Hydromassage therapy.

Outdoor Soaker Tubs

An outdoor soaking tub is the epitome of luxury and a deeper version of a hot tub. It allows you to submerge entirely and relax while enjoying the natural outdoor view and green wood. Due to the harsh climatic elements, an outdoor tub is made from sturdy materials such as cast stone to survive all seasons.

In most cases, it has a wooden surrounding to protect it from damage and corrosion. However, they are more costly than other tubs due to the need to survive outside and the plumping work involved.

Here are the unique features of an outdoor soaker tub.

  • Large enough for two users.
  • Various exterior protective material options.
  • Deeper than a standard hot tub.

Freestanding Soaking Tub

It is a clawfoot tub that you can place in your bathroom without attaching it to the wall or any other structure. This tub has various styles and designs, but the clawfoot is the most popular. Freestanding soaking tubs are ideal for anyone with ample bathroom space.

To Wrap Up

A soaker tub is a significant investment when upgrading your home value. However, besides its tremendous benefits, its use is limited to adults and seniors, meaning you must be careful if you have kids around. With all the fantastic soaker tub designs and types, you must consider your budget to avoid financial frustrations.

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