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Synergy Furniture is a new Company based in the United States and made its name globally as well as in the United States. Synergy Furniture is not a retailer but a supplier. However, Synergy has not a long record of furniture. Still, they have maintained their names as they came into the picture. Most of the manufacturing stores are only in the United States, but they have started selling their products globally also.

About Synergy Furniture

Founded by Ben Galjour, Synergy Furniture has come into the picture from 2002. Since then, they have established their name into top furniture selling stores. They manufacture different furniture like sectional sofas, recliners, tables, chairs, and many more products. Synergy Furniture is mostly known for its striving for quality. Now, Synergy Furniture products are found in thousands of homes in the United States as well as in other countries also.

Synergy Furniture Products

Though Synergy began with cabinets and tables only soon, they have expanded their furniture lists with recliners, sofas, and many other products. Synergy manufactures more than a hundred products but is mostly known for its recliners and sofas. The quality of their sofas and recliners cannot be matched with any other brand. Earlier, they used to create cabinets and tables of basic and traditional designs. Still, now they create other products which give a modern look.

Moreover, Synergy is well known for the quality they provide in their furniture products. The material of the recliners and sofas is mostly pure leather. However, they also offer the same product with different materials and colors. Also, the recliners and sofas have a hardwood frame and strong footrest, which provides comfort to the person.

Synergy Sofa Reviews

Synergy Sofa

The Sectional Sofa, which Synergy provides, has a product dimension with 191 cm length, 86 cm weight, and 86 cm height. The material of this sofa is a hardwood frame and leatherette seats. The product can be found in different colors and gives a contemporary look. The sectional sofa comes from a single seat to six seats. Also, the product requires basic assembly with given assembly instructions.  The warranty on this sofa is up to two years.

Moreover, Synergy offers a range of sofas according to their look and material. You can choose to select any other sofa for different materials and colors. The specifications of all the sectional sofas are the same, so there is no need to worry about the specifications. Synergy Furniture offers different furniture, but their price range is affordable.

Along with Sofas, Synergy also offers cushions. You can also purchase only cushion if you do not want to purchase a Sofa along with them. They do provide both things together and even separately.

The Cushions which are provided by Synergy are manufactured with Khadi, Metallic Foil, Yarn Dyed Stripes, and many other materials. Cushion covers are available in different fabrics and different patterns. You can choose any pillow or cushion with different fabrics.

They create Dec Pillows with Checks, Block and Screen Prints, Flower Prints, and many other patterns that look beautiful and adds beauty to your sofa or bed. Also, the base fabric material which is used in making these pillows are textured embroidered with handcrafted tassels.

Synergy Recliner Reviews

Synergy Recliner

Synergy uses a unique mechanism that provides comfort while reclining. The Recliners of Synergy are quite famous and one of the best products of Synergy Furniture. Recliners are in demand, not only in the United States but globally also.

Synergy reclining chairs are manufactured in such a way that it provides good comfort to people while resting. The footrest of Synergy Recliner is so strong and smooth that it gives an excellent massage to your legs. Synergy also provides different types of recliners for bedrooms or living rooms.

Recliners can be found in all price range according to their type. The recliners which are suitable for bedrooms are quite expensive than those which are suited for living rooms. This is because the bedroom recliners include folding back the capability for resting and relaxing.

Not only this but also you will find different recliners according to their looks. Some of the recliners are made for traditional homes, and others are made for modern homes.

Synergy Bedding Reviews

Synergy Bedding

Synergy offers both core and fashion bedding products that are available in different fabric materials. They possess different and unique qualities that could be considered Organic and Convectional. They design different hand products that are made from Engineered Eyelet Embroideries, and Yarn dyed strips. These materials are pure cotton.

Also, they offer different patterns like checks and stripes. They have recently introduced Natural dyes for the bedding to create and maintain a sustainable and smooth process. Not only this but also, they provide Quilts and Comforters, which provide adequate warmth.

Synergy Kitchen Reviews

Synergy Kitchen

Synergy provides Kitchen products also. They provide Aprons, Mitts, Potholders, Hand Gloves, Oven Gloves, Kitchen towels, and many other products. The fabric for kitchen towels and hand gloves is made absorbent to provide comfort to the hands. Also, Synergy takes care of the materials which are being used in different products. The hand gloves which are used for dishwashing are water-resistant and of good quality. They do not quickly get damage while doing the dishes and can be used for an extended period.

Synergy Table Reviews

Synergy Table

Synergy provides different tables, such as dining tables, bed-corner tables, and other types of tables also. The dining table which Synergy offers has an elegant and smooth structure with gracious living and dining. You can use this table for a daily purpose. The hardwood frame of this table is made strong and water-resistant, so there is no problem in cleaning the table also.

Moreover, you will need to protect these tables from dust as they can damage the tables. In addition to this, they also provide table cloth with yarn material and beautiful patterns which gives an aesthetic and attractive look to the table.

Does Synergy Furniture Offer Pure Leather Material?

The material which is mainly used in Synergy furniture products is leather. However, you can also choose to select any other material. They offer not only leather material but also different materials for the same sofa. You do not need to worry about the specifications of the sofa or recliners, as they all are the same. You can choose leather material with the same specifications.

Can Synergy Furniture Provide the Pricing Information?

No. Synergy Furniture does not openly provide any pricing range. However, all the price ranges will be provided when you will visit their store. Also, Synergy offers different sofas, recliners, and other products at an affordable price.

Moreover, if you would like to choose any other material which could be of less cost, you can choose any material other than leather. The leather material sofas and recliners are quite pricey, but they possess good quality and are definitely worth the price.

Review Analysis

Many customers who purchased furniture products from Synergy Furniture have given different reviews about their products. Synergy Furniture has come into the picture from the year 2002. Since then, it has gained huge customers who loved their furniture products.

Synergy Furniture is considered one of the best stores for furniture.  Many people have said that their experience of using the furniture is quite good. They are looking forward to purchasing other furniture also. We will be discussing various reviews which people have given to their products.

Positive Reviews

Many people found the quality which Synergy Furniture provides very ecstasy and elegant. People say that though the material appears very strong and hard for the frame, it gives a smooth and gentle experience while resting on them.

The quality which Synergy furniture offers cannot be compared to any other brand. So, even if the price of any product is high when compared to any other company products, you should look for the quality which different companies are providing.

If the quality of the furniture is right, then it will be worth the price and will last for more years. However, if you do not look for quality, then the product may get damaged soon. So, to purchase any furniture product from Synergy Furniture, you should always look for quality and price range.

Negative Reviews

A lot of customers have complaints regarding the furniture products of Synergy Furniture. People say that the price range of Synergy Furniture is too high, and the quality is not up to the mark.

However, this is different for every customer because every customer has its own experience. Some customer says that the fabric of the product is not leather and the color fades so quickly. Also, the handles of the recliners are weak and can be easily broken.

Also, the recliners are made right, but they quickly get scratches. Some people say that the products do look good and nicely made. Still, after using it for some time, the color starts fading, the handles start getting cracked, and even the footrest does not work correctly, and the products are of no use. However, the customer service of Synergy Furniture is good, and they assist instantly when needed. 

Neutral Reviews

The regular Synergy Furniture Customers who have purchased some of the products from the Synergy Furniture says that the quality of Synergy furniture has no doubt. Still, they must require to handle with gentle care and protection.

Moreover, the products appear fragile that even with a light scratch, it gets damage. Besides, the footrest of the recliners is made so comfortable with a good battery backup that it can serve you for at least three to four hours continuously. You can also make use of recliners for sleeping the whole night without any issue.

However, the furniture needs to be taken care of to serve you for long hours without any intervention and issues. The materials used in these types of furniture are comfortable but fragile.

So, for using the Synergy Furniture products, you will be needed to provide extra care to the furniture products for preventing them from any damage.  Usually, water harms the furniture. So, while cleaning the recliner, do not thoroughly wash it with water or any saturated liquid. Wash it gently with a little amount of detergent and water, and your furniture will be safe.

What we suggest…

As you can see that not everyone has the same experience and therefore, every customer has their views about the products. Some people feel that the products which Synergy offers are made up of right quality fabric that cannot be found in any other brand.

On the opposite, some people think that there is nothing unique in the material which Synergy provides, and the fabric is basic and straightforward, which often gets damaged soon.

Some people have felt the fabric of these products very comfortable for sitting as well as for sleeping purposes. However, there is another set of people who claims that the fabric is not at all the excellent quality.

Furniture is always made to provide comfort to the people using it and to give an elegant and classic look to the house where it is kept. However, it is expected that some products can be damaged soon, and some will serve you for an extended period.

Every furniture product needs to be taken care of. So, whenever you purchase any furniture product from any brand, it is up to you how you are using it. Maintenance of furniture is the most crucial thing about furniture. So far, we have discussed various questions related to Synergy furniture along with their furniture products.

We will suggest purchasing furniture products from Synergy to give it a try. Synergy has not a long record of furniture, but they have maintained their names as they came into the picture. Not only in the United States but also other countries, Synergy has maintained its record of providing excellent quality furniture, which cannot be compared with any other brand.

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  1. Great post; love the Synergy fabric pushback recliner, but have been unable to find it anywhere! It’s literally the only comfortable recliner I have found on the market. Purchased from Costco a couple of years ago but it looks like it’s been discontinued. Do you happen to know of any sellers?

  2. I just bought a Synergy leather power recliner and I love it!
    It’s compact, which is perfect for my living space. Quality, appearance and materials are impressive!


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