Smith Brothers Furniture Reviews – Traditional Style Sofas and Recliners!

Today we will be looking at the common trends of smith Brothers’ furniture reviews from the reviews of the users that we have come across so far. Furniture undoubtedly is the heart of your house’s beauty.

From the sofas to barcalounger recliner to the dining table to the bed to the cupboard to the door, everything sums up and dramatically influences the very first impression of an outsider who you invite to your house. They see how lavish and classy the sofa looks and experience how comfortable it feels and then get impressed by your hospitality.

With the right furniture in the house, one is ready to welcome guests and host get-togethers. An excellent comfortable sofa of yours may help you charge yourself for other family activities that you otherwise may want to escape from after a hectic day at work.

A good and well-maintained dining table will help you teach your family the healthy habit of dining together. Trust me, the list never ends. So a healthy furniture system in your house is essential for your house to continue as a system.

About Smith Brothers of Berne

Smith Brothers Furniture Reviews

Smith Brothers have long been preached as a one-stop destination for all your furniture cravings. They blend the best of traditional furniture manufacturing techniques with the modern technological approach to give us what seems to be a premium furniture experience.

They have almost a century-old heritage of providing classic old school personalized furniture to their customers and always trying to inculcate in them the best practices prevailing in the market.

What started as an Amish company has now become a relatively modern Swiss Amish company and has been renamed from Smith Brothers Co. to Smith Brothers of Berne. Swiss products have a history of always standing way above their competitors considering class, design, durability, and demand.

From expensive wristwatches to jewelry to shoes, swiss products have always known to give a high-end-user experience and have considered being the go-to choice for the elites. And this whole culture is correctly experienced in Smith Brother’s line of sofas, recliners, ottomans. They tend to reflect class, which is undeniable.

Despite the premium experience the Smith Brothers of Berne cater to their customers through their furniture, they charge comparatively less than what a high-end product should cost. It is only possible for them to charge lower than the reputation of a typical swiss product by carrying out most of their operations in the USA where labor is comparatively cheap and highly skilled as compared to labor in the home country.

Smith Brothers have been renowned for their product across the USA and are famous for their function of allowing their customers to customize their sofa or recliners as per their wish. This has enabled them to increase their customer base over a period.

The company generally caters to sofas and recliners, but they also deal with ottomans, chars, etc. Their products are also referred to as fine work of craftsmanship. So, let us jump into Smith Brothers furniture reviews and highlight some significant points that we have heard from time to time.

Smith Brothers Furniture Reviews

Smith Brothers Furnitures

We have already been familiar with how old the company is and what prestige it carries with each of its products. So now we will look deeper into what they cater and their services. Smith Brothers sofas and recliners try to give a divine and excellent experience to their customers with their classical but modern and comfortable products and try to add to the beauty of their house and their class.

From leather to the fabric to the wood to the foam to the spring, every individual component of the furniture is precisely assembled into a product, which takes away the owner’s tiredness and provides him with a premium sense of comfort.

Apart from giving a religious experience, the furniture provided by Smith Brothers is durable also. This means the furniture, although made as an old school, classing is far away from being fragile. There are cases when people have had Smith Brother furniture for more than ten years, and they are far from needing a replacement. That means their sofas and recliners can withstand the harshness of time and continue adding to the beauty of your house every day.

One reason behind it being so durable lies in the process of how it is made. Typical furniture made by Smith Brothers is not constructed into single furniture all at once. A considerable amount of time, passion, and skill are spent in making each component of the furniture. After the components are rightly finished, they are combined into a single body of masterpiece, which is ready to take away all your stress. So, The Sofas and recliners in Smith Brothers are not constructed but are assembled, and this enables them to withstand the passage of time and last longer.

Smith Brother furniture reviews not just helps us to know about the durability of their offering, but it also helps us to know what more people like about the brand and the product as well.

One among them is for sure the prestige that every Smith Brother furniture carries with itself due to almost a decade-long heritage full of trust and satisfaction. For a lot of buyers, Smith Brothers furniture’s name itself is worth the money, and they are ready to pay for the furniture, not even after comparing it with other offers in the industry.

For a long, their products have withstood the test of comfortless, satisfaction, class, and durability, and this has ultimately made them non-vulnerable to most of the problems that other furniture companies have to face to be in the market and continuously deliver a meaningful contribution to the society and the households.

Their capability of adapting their offering over time has helped them get into the modern household. Although their furniture is adapted for use by the modern family, it also provides a sense of upper class and old school experience by not deviating from the core principles.

Many companies of countless industries around the world have failed to do so, i.e., adapt to modern technology meanwhile retaining the old-fashioned core features, which is the reason behind their success in the first place.

Their sofas have everything that you expect from a high-end product. They have premium quality foam, spring, woods, and spring, which combine to provide us with a premium quality experience that, once witnessed, is not easy to deny.

They also have a wide range of selections to choose from both vertically and horizontally. Vertically we can choose between products like sofas, recliners, resting chairs, etc. which will enable us to choose a product that will best suit our preference and budget.

Horizontally we can choose from sizes, colors, price range, fabric, and many more that will help you filter out the best product which will suit all you need. It is possible that you can find a product of your choice in the Smith Brother’s furniture’s menu.

Are Smith Brother Furniture Expensive – Smith Brother Furniture Review on Pricing

Smith Brothers Furnitures Sofa

Their products have been acknowledged by people all over the US, and it seems to have its most significant customer base in the US itself. Some Smith Brothers furniture reviews appear to complain about the costliness of the product. The product seems to appear more costly than the same offerings of many other companies, and this makes a lot of people hesitate from buying their products.

It is possible that you can get a decent sofa at a much lower price than a Smith Brother’s sofa. When it comes to investing in furniture, our choices are mostly dependent upon the price range of the products.

It’s easy for a well to do family to be equipped with the most expensive and most elegant pieces of furniture we can ever think of, but a middle-class person who already has a loan or two to repay is pretty reluctant on buying these expensive tools that will help them reflect their class. And this fundamental assumption is very valid until we dive deeper into the offerings and the pricing structure of Smith Brothers Furniture.

Despite Smith Brothers Furniture reviews saying how costly their products are, we barely see any change in their price offerings. This is because their furniture is assembled of the finest quality leather, fabric, wood, spring, and a lot of other parts and mechanisms, which in themselves are incredibly costly.

Their products may appear to be expensive high-end products, but if we see closely, then they try to bridge the gap between the mid-range furniture products and the high-end products. They are generally costlier than the mid-range products but are way cheaper than the high-end products.

Also, because these goods are classy and durable, we can say that the cost to have to pay for this is only a one-time investment and as it lasts longer than a regular midrange product so we can say it is relatively cheaper as it does not need to be renewed every three to five years. Also, the high-end quality that these goods try to provide is worth the money.

We have seen a lot of smith brother furniture reviews in which the buyer is complaining about the higher price than the standard price he had to pay for the product but at the same time is appreciating the product and saying that it is worth all the money that they have put into and it indeed is true.

The customers are also happy they can experience the immunizes of a swiss brand at a relatively cheaper rate than usual.

Smith Brothers Furniture Review on Customer Service

Smith Brothers Furnitures Logo

There also is a lot of smith Brothers reviews about their customer service. Many customers claim that Smith Brother’s customer service is probably the best in the industry. We have seen reviews in which buyers are praising the company for the instant action they took in fixing their products and dealing with their problems.

Also, there are other groups of people who are critical of the after-sales and customer service that Smith Brother provides. There were reports of incidents when their product was not replaced, or the team did not respond the way it was required to.

But it is not the fault of the Smith Brother furniture company. Smith Brothers operate in a b2b business model, and they sell their products to the dealers in bulk across the country. The dealers sell these furniture goods to the ultimate customers. So, most of the time, when customers need help with something or want to complain regarding something, they are calling the dealers and not the company itself.

So, most of the issues of ignorance and bad customer service or no replacement offered are because of these dealers. So, most of the time, it is the dealers who are at fault and not the company itself. But Smith Brothers continuously try to increase their engagement with the users and hear their grievances and according to them.

Review of Smith Brother Furniture’s Warranty Period

If we look at the reviews of warranty and guarantee schemes in Smith Brothers furniture reviews, then we will find that most of the customers are happy and, in some way, impressed by the warranty scheme of the company. Buyers tend to receive a lifetime warranty over the furniture.

The spring and the reclining mechanisms tend to have a warranty period of 5 years and two years each. The leather and the foam have a warranty period of two to three years each. Smith Brothers are very proud and confident about their product, and this is the reason why they offer such grand warranty schemes.


So, these are some standard highlights of the Smith Brother furniture reviews that you may want to know before you decide to purchase furniture for yourself from them. If there are more ideas wondering in your head about your head, it’s time to present them to the world through our write for us program. Be sure you have selected the best product which tends to match all your requirements and suits your house’s interior.

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  1. I purchased a recliner which is less then a year old and the leather is peeling. Ayers furniture said I can get the whole chair recovered in same leather but I have to pay to have done. When I bought it they bragged about how good the warranty was. I have other pieces of leather and it looks new.

  2. This letter will help to explain the facts that lead up to me writing the demand letter. I’m a eighty year old gentleman and my wife Marsha is seventy-six and we decided because of our age we needed to buy two chairs that would be easy to get out of and be comfortable so in our later years we could use these chairs. We picked Gigglin Pig because the furniture seemed well made, we checked out the furniture in the store and my wife found one that she found very comfortable I also found one that was a tall men’s chair and was easy to get out of. When these chairs were delivered my wife found that her chair was different than the one at the store, it did not support her back and the only way she could use it she needed a pillow at her back. My chair I found was very hard on my buttocks I could only sit on the chair for two days at a time then I would get sore also the back was very soft and would push my head forward when sitting on the chair.
    After about three weeks we went back to the store and reported the problems to them and the chair my wife sat on was not there as it had been sold, so we were unable to compare the chair that we originally chose. They told us not to worry they would contact the company and get back to us. It took quite a while and a few telephone calls, we finally received a bag of material and we were told to fix it ourselves. The material was very soft somewhat like cotton wool and when compressed had no density I installed the material the best I could but I could not get the chair from pushing my head forward. I put some in the seat and found I could then sit in it approximately three days before I had a problem. On my wife’s chair it did not fix her problem I used the whole bag of material.
    We reported the problem to the store he said that he would get the manufacturer representative to come out and check them, I offered to have them take the chairs back and I would take a discount so they would not lose money and he refused that. A representative did come out after I insisted and she told us there was nothing they could do about the chairs. We have both developed problems with our backs and hips and I also have some problems with my neck.
    We have tried our best to rectify this problem but we are left with no other option. We cannot live with these chairs for the rest of our lives they are too painful to sit in and we are going to donate these chairs and buy new ones as we cannot try to sell them because of existing problems.

  3. I purchased a smith brothers couch on 11/2017 and the place where we sit most often is staging . The company I purchased it from is no longer in business so I was told to call a company that sells it now . I was told it was to old for them to do anything about and told me to call a furniture repair company . I’m not very happy since I purchased this couch and paid 1859. For it and it has not lasted longer that four years . Would think twice about purchasing smith brothers again seems they don’t stand behind their products. Thank you and I would like to hear from someone about this matter


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