Slot Games to Avoid Today

The ultimate goal of playing any online casino deposit with phone bill slot game is to make quick money while having some fun. But the money-making part is not as quick as it sounds. Although there are so many rewarding opportunities with online slots these days, there may be instances where you would wish to reconsider playing slots at all.

If you keep things simple, the money-making goal linked to the online slot games seems quite achievable. It also depends on which strategies you are using to make that happen. However, there are some slot games that need to be avoided at all costs to reduce the number of losing odds altogether. Let’s find out how you can locate these slot games in online casinos.

Slot Game Categories Worth Avoiding

Below are the slot game categories that raise red flags and should be avoided:

· Slot Games Without Jackpots

Jackpots make the biggest attraction on any slot paytable out there. Hence, it is important for every slot game to offer some sort of jackpot-winning opportunity to the players lazing up on kivik sofa. All legit slots have one or more jackpots on offer for sure. But slot games having no jackpot being offered are a waste of time as there is hardly anything significant up for grabs on those paytables.

· Slots Restricting Access to Casino Comps

Casino comps are a way for online casinos to show their gratitude and make your gaming experience smooth. With these compensatory offerings, you can also offset some potential losses incurred during your recent slot play. However, if any slot makes an excuse for restricting your access to the comps, it is surely biased towards increasing the house edge and should be avoided straight away.

· Slots Having Limited or No Bonuses

These slot games are a no-no right away, as having limited or no bonuses for your slot session reduces the fun of the game considerably. Make sure to go through the terms and conditions of every slot game before playing it to avoid ending up with no bonuses at your disposal.

· Slots without RTP

It is hard to overemphasise the importance of RTP for any slot game. Every legit slot game on offer must display its RTP for building its credibility with the players. If you can’t locate the RTP of a slot straight away, then there is another red flag you need to steer away from.

· Abandoned Slots

These slot games are the ones that no one likes to play even on the barcaloungers. These games have been played by many but rejected ultimately due to peculiar reasons. We advise our players to go through online reviews for every slot game to find out if a particular slot game is an abandoned one or not. If you come across one such slot, don’t think of trying your luck with it, as it will be a suicide mission.


There is a strong potential for you to make some money with slot games having correct strategies in place. Keep the slots to avoid in mind and play safe to make the most of your experience.

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