Simple Upgrades for Your Cottage to Help Ease You Into Retired Life

Often, buying a cottage is for a lifetime of enjoyment, commonly being passed down to the next generation of family for their enjoyment. Many people who originally purchased a cottage for vacation or seasonal use during their years of work before making it their full-time abode during retirement.

However, as we grow older, certain limitations and conditions may occur, such as mobility limits, which can limit us from enjoying the retired cottage life that was planned for. Fortunately, many modern luxury cottages are now built with the future in mind that allows for a lifetime of enjoyment, such as these timeless houses for sale in Bracebridge.

For those looking to renovate their existing cottages, you don’t have to break the bank either. Here are a few affordable and fairly simple renovations you can make to your home to ensure your enjoyment at the cottage lasts forever.

Grab Bars

As we age and mobility and balance issues may start to become present, using facilities in the bathroom such as a shower can become a concern. Oftentimes, you don’t need to undergo a full bathroom renovation, however. Installing secure grab bars to your shower and by the toilet is a good way to ensure using these amenities in the future remains as accessible as possible. Fortunately, today’s grab bars come in a wide array of modern designs that don’t take away from the overall aesthetic of the room. Many bars can double as a towel rack or shower caddies when not in use, further adding to their seamless transition into the bathroom’s décor.

Modernizing Tech

Smart technology is not only often good for the sustainability and footprint of your cottage and home, but it can also be very helpful for living independently in our senior years. For example, thermostats can be set to adjust to personal schedules, voice-activated light controls, security systems for dorm rooms, and even automatic emergency response systems in the case of a fall can all be installed in a home. In the years leading to these helpful systems, smart devices can be used for more daily uses, such as playing music, adjusting the ambient lighting while cooking and dining, and locking the doors.

Kitchen Upgrades

The kitchen is the heart of the home and a place where family and friends come to gather. There are several small upgrades one can make to the kitchen to ensure its continued accessibility and iconic role in the home.

Replacing cabinet hardware with simple U-shaped handles allows for easier opening; instead of knobs that may require a tightened grip a hand with joint issues may not be able to securely grip.

Many modern faucets are now either simple-tap operated or touch-free and activated by voice command to keep contact with potential germs or gripping handles unnecessary, allowing for easier accessibility.

Certain kitchen appliances can be swapped out for more accessible tools such as an automatic can opener, pull cord salad spinners, and electronic bottle openers or utensils can be replaced with larger yet soft handled tools to allow for a firmer grip.

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