• The insertion of fine needles into strategic points throughout the body.


  • Glass or plastic cups are used to create a suction of tissue. Cupping increases circulation by moving stagnant lactic acid and improving blood flow.


  • Mugwort used on specific acupuncture points can help expedite the healing process. 

Herbal Formulas & Supplements

  • Individualized Chinese herbal formulas are sometimes prescribed along side acupuncture treatments. Herbal formulas consist of 3-15 herbs.


  • Small alligator clips are placed on the acupuncture needles. The small battery operated machine then sends micro-current through the wires to stimulate the acupuncture points. 
  • Decreases pain, inflammation, and releases endorphins. 


  • A traditional treatment used in Chinese Medicine in which the skin in scraped, using a jade tool, in order to facilitate healthy blood flow. 


  • Much like acupressure, this Chinese massage works alongside acupuncture treatments by activating channel pathways throughout the body. 

Nutrition Guidance

  • Patients are guided on which foods they should avoid, or add, according to their specific condition.