Returning to the Office? 4 Helpful Tips for Office Dress Code

For a long time, most people traded their professional clothes for T-shirts and yoga pants when they transitioned to remote work. Comfort became the number one priority and the new standard. However, it’s time to leave our comfort zones. Many companies have returned to the office full time, while others implemented hybrid work schedules, with employees working remotely just part of the week.

So, what should you wear to the office? To offer a more comfortable environment, companies usually don’t require strict dress codes anymore. The casual dress code makes employees feel more at ease, but deciding what’s suitable for the office isn’t easy. Your office outfits make a big difference. Dressing well and appropriately in meetings, the workplace, and job interviews significantly impact your career prospects so arrange your cabinet accordingly.

So, here are some helpful tips for the office dress code to consider.

Add Personal Touch to a Formal Business Dress Code

No matter the type of company you work for, you can’t go wrong with dressing formally. It’s the most classic of all office outfits. Dark jackets with trousers or skirts, a shirt, or knee-length dresses are always a good idea. Of course, you can wear your favorite classic shoes and quality accessories.

Actually, you can add a personal touch to your outfit with your jewelry. A pair of fine pearl earrings is the first thing that comes to mind regarding business attire accessories. Pearl earrings add a timeless touch of luxury to any outfit. You don’t have to stick to the classic button shape – you can even choose a pair of luxury pearl hoop earrings to add a bit of excitement to your formal outfit.

Keep Your Casual Clothes for Casual Events

Some employers allow casual clothing during the summer months, but this is no excuse to wear shorts or too short dresses. No matter how casual your workplace is, flip-flops and crocs aren’t professional. Even in the summer, wearing barefoot shoes is frowned upon.

But don’t worry – you can still find the place and time for your cool, casual outfits. For example, most businesses hold annual meetings or team-building trips to exciting destinations to motivate employees. So, that would be the occasion to wear your cute dresses, favorite pair of jeans, skirts, or even your Bermudas paired with flip flops. However, don’t forget to take some formal clothes if there is some training course.

Dress According to Your Schedule

Think about your day and choose an outfit that will keep you comfortable. Your schedule will significantly dictate your outfit. If you have an appointment with a client, consider dressing up a little so you can choose a dress and classic heels. If you don’t have any meetings planned and will be in your office, a smart casual outfit that goes with your style may be appropriate. Being as comfortable as possible if the plan is to slay on the barcalounger is crucial to being productive if you’re stuck at the desk for the whole day.

The most important thing is whether you feel good and confident in the chosen outfit. Even if you choose a trendy suit, coworkers and clients will notice if you’re uncomfortable. Keep the office dress codes in mind, but always dress in a way that you feel beautiful. Choosing outfits that increase your confidence will promote respect from the people around you. Being confident while dressed casually will have a far greater impact on those around you than being uncomfortable in a fitted three-piece suit.

Choose More Formal Outfits for Interviews

Consider the impression you want to make in your interview. We can’t control how others perceive us, but we can be conscious of how we dress and make wise choices regarding what to wear. Always choose to over-dress for both in-person and Zoom job interviews. It’s always smarter to wear a more formal outfit until you better understand what is acceptable at a specific office.

You can wear a dress or suit since a business casual outfit is appropriate for almost any occasion these days. You’ll have to adjust the dress code if you get the job. Each company has its own style, so it’s always smart to observe how those in senior positions dress. However, all employees are responsible for determining what’s appropriate for the office and what isn’t fit.

Wrapping Up

Proper appearance impacts your career opportunities even if you’re skilled and talented. Also, remember that you’re the public face of your company as an employee, so your outfits reflect your company. Therefore, dressing appropriately, looking well-groomed, and feeling at ease help you present a good company image.

Always choose the best fit for your outfits. Impressing your coworkers and clients is important, but it’s also important to be yourself and feel comfortable and confident.

Harper Thompson

Harper Thompson earned her MBA from Columbia University and has been actively involved in the small business sector for over 15 years. She became a part of our editing team as a freelancer in 2020, bringing with her years of experience in entrepreneurship and business development. Harper has previously worked with several incubators and accelerators, helping startups flourish to become big businesses. Besides her professional endeavors, she is an avid cyclist and volunteers for animal welfare organizations.

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