Slack start time ?????
Call 690-2595 after 11am and slack time will be posted....sorry waiting on those ropers!

4D Performance


Perry, Randy
Wilkerson, Madison
Melsaether, Anne
Schroeder, McKenna
Guthrie, Lacy
Guthrie, Bailey


Pee Wee  Performance

Hailey Barlow
Halley Guthrie
Paizley Guthrie

Team Roping in Performance

Paul Garrett          Jim Stoddard
Gorden Arve         Clint Arve
Jared Arve            Clint Arve
Gorden Arve          Jared Arve

Ben Seri        Mitch Keller
Ladd Hurps   Justin Hurpps
Ladd Hurps  Ben Suri
?                   Justin Hurpps
?                   Mitch Keller
Dave Martenez     Gene Ray
Dave Martenez     Bart Westergard