Purchase Palliser Furniture Reviews – Comparisons and Complaints!

There is no doubt about the fact that great things add to the furnished look of a designer home. But nothing that great furniture can add to the aesthetics of your home  can be highlighted by any other décor element. A great piece of furniture also plays an important role in the OYO flagship.  No matter how beautiful your house looks, space can never look defined without the right kind of furniture. The unique combination of gorgeous designs and the best utility is what makes any furniture stand out.

You will find a lot of options when it comes to luxury furniture brands that can provide you comfortable furniture pieces with a touch of your personality. But Palliser furniture reviews have pointed out the fact that you will not find another brand like Palliser that has been continuously striving to design exceptional pieces for your entire home and deliver fantastic value to the customers.

Palliser Furniture is the Real Quality Fanatic

Purchase Palliser Furniture Review

A piece of furniture is a long-term investment and ensuring good quality is as essential as pleasing aesthetics when it comes to furniture. Palliser understands this and takes full responsibility to furnish your home with the best quality furnishings that will not fail to impress you and your home decor. You will probably want to write about it and now you can.

Each of their furniture pieces is unique in their way and are no less than masterpieces. They have employed some of the best craftsmen from around the globe. The latter use the best in class materials and technologically upgraded production techniques to create the most extraordinary, world-class furniture.

They perform quality checks at each step of the production process to ensure that their furniture is as authentic as possible. Their integrity is their specialty, be it the seam of a sofa or the finish of a table. They are committed to evolving into a design leader in the world of furniture.

What are the Values that Drive the Brand Palliser?

Palliser furniture reviews show that the lot more than just a home furnishing brand. It is about the people working on the company who are incredibly passionate about producing furniture that is stylish and comfortable as well as healthy and durable.

Their vision is to provide you premium furniture pieces that adequately allow you to express yourself. They value their reputation and take every possible step to maintain a brand image in front of their customers.

Palliser is a widely “environmentally-conscious” brand that aims at creating a culture that strives for environmental leadership and promotes long-term preservation and enhancement of natural resources.

You Will Fall in Love with the Wide Range of Choices they Provide

Purchase Palliser

Refined Relaxation

The Sherbrook is a bold showcase of modern design paired with a high leg that broadens the entire perspective of lounge seating. Do you love statement pieces for living rooms? The Sherbrook takes its inspiration from modern designs and current style trends to bring in a significant amount of class with it is minute topstitching details on the arms and seat.

It is a sophisticated piece with a layered foam seat and spring suspension system that covers the entire back frame.  An 18”x8” toss cushion adds a comfortable soft element that allows you to adjust to your ideal comfortable sitting posture. The Palliser furniture reviews have pointed out the fact that the legs are sturdy and durable and yet have a light, airy frame to elevate it above the ground that comes across as a contemporary twist.

Mix and Match Dining

Have a long-awaited dream of customizing your dining space by mixing and matching attractive furniture pieces? Whether you are a fan of stylish, sleek, and sophisticated designs or want an easy-breezy family-friendly dining room, the dining room options they provide, will spoil you with endless choices.

A Fresh Take on Everyday Comfort

If geometric designs and smart functionality is your thing, you should consider this. The sleek, modern frame hides a high-end recline and a headrest that is comfortably adjustable according to the Palliser furniture reviews. The design tries hard to make a bold impact with its wide-open arms and inviting seats.

Palliser Furniture Leather Reclining Sofas and sectionals

Palliser Furniture Leather Reclining Sofas and sectionals

Your taste could be classic frames that are an epitome of timeless beauty or contemporary designs that ooze out charm and elegance, Palliser can offer you all.  Starting from the traditional Viceroy Collection to modern Baltic and Baltic II recliners, each of the pieces features superior craftsmanship that endures time. Whether you require leather or fabric swatches or reclining sofas, sectionals, or sleepers, Palliser brings the best out of everything.

Here’s What you will Admire about Palliser Recliners:

Palliser Recliners

Palliser offers you nothing but the best when it comes to leather recliners. They use the widest varieties of leather-like bonded leather, protected leather, etc.

You can choose from up to five different shades and six faux leather colors to find the perfect match for the color theme of your home.

The Palliser furniture reviews indicate that each of them is hand-crafted designs that are incredibly durable and look gorgeous in any space and come with a manufacturer warranty of ten years.

Palliser Sofa and Couches:

Palliser Sofa and Couches

Although Palliser is popular in the market for its recliners, even its vast collection of sofas will blow away your mind. Only the sheer amount of choices, be it Shields Reclining sofa, Brunswick Sofa, or WestPoint sofa, will spellbind you.

The reclining sofas come in a plethora of subtle yet unique hues that can complement any theme and space and, without making much effort, seamlessly uplift the look of your room. Do you want to know the best part about Palliser Reclining sofas? They come in both manuals recline options as well as power recline options with just a slight difference in prices.

The best part about these sofas is the comfort they provide. The back and of the sofas are supported with sinuous springs to provide exceptional support so that at least three people can fit on the sofa comfortably.

The Palliser furniture reviews has claimed that the comfort level of the sofas does not decrease even with years.

Customer’s Complaints Regarding Palliser Furniture

Some of the customers have complained that the color of their couches got faded and stained only after a few months. They have complained that the leather used on the couch was cheap, and the company did not do anything about it even after several phone calls from the customers.

Few customers have complained about Palliser Furniture being extremely unprofessional in their services. Their deliveries have been delayed again and again, even after several months of making the payment. The customer call center has rejected their calls and queries, and the order cancellation took a lot of time.

Some of the customers have also complained that though they never received any parcel from the company, messages of successful delivery of the order were mailed to them. Only after several requests, the refund was processed.

Many Palliser Furniture reviews stated that 2/3 rd. of the furniture they have purchased from Palliser was actually non-vinyl and also the fact that a particular portion of the furniture was not covered under warranty was not clearly stated to the customers earlier on. The company has also caused them a lot of trouble for repairs and replacement.

Many customers have noticed tears and rips in the leather couches they purchased from Palliser only after a few months. False promises of warranty periods were made, which was extremely disappointing to them.

One of the customers stated that he purchased a Palliser Miami sectional couch, and it started falling apart and wearing out almost from day one of purchase. As stated by the customer, the couch received light traffic, but still, the condition was too miserable.

Palliser Furniture reviews have also stated that the fabric used on the couch was of low and cheap quality. They barely used it and still had to throw it away only after a few months.

Some of the customers have also stated that Palliser recliners and sectional sofas were nothing like as described in their websites. They did not look that gorgeous at all, and the horrible synthetic leather began to peel off by itself within few days just after delivery.

Customer reviews and complaints about Palliser have stated that though the furniture is comfortable to sit on, the looks are not up to the mark following the high prices charged for the pieces.

Customers look frustrated by the kind of reviews they have written on Palliser’s sites. They have complained that the Complaint Board of Palliser did not pay any attention to their grudges and instead put the blame of the destruction of the sofas on their way of usage.

The customers have stated that instead of solving their problems, the company lashed out on them, telling that the cause of the condition of the sofas was low maintenance and abusive use by the children and pets.

No technician was sent to the customer’s home even after several calls and requests for repair. They were not even able to sell their sofas when they had to change their home or décor theme due to the low-class quality of the furniture provided by Palliser.

One of the customers in the Palliser Furniture Reviews complained that he purchased a sizeable power-reclining sofa from Palliser, almost at $4000 US, and only after few months of the purchase, the two power controls were chipped, and the cord had entered the body of the control. It eventually stopped working altogether.

Some of the complaints stated that the furniture couches were pigmented, and the leather was split everywhere. There was no top-grain at all, and an essentially suede material of low quality was used that would stretch and wear out much quicker. The leathers of the split material were open and weak, and the “leather” was vinyl, and so the durability was very naturally the worst.

Positive Palliser Furniture Reviews and Comparisons

Palliser Sofa

Not all customer reviews about Palliser were terrible. Some of the reviews even stated that the quality was quite good and justified the prices charged, and even the customer service was satisfactory.

One of the customers stated that he found the leather on the Palliser couches of standard quality and better than most brands. He said that the sofa exceeded his expectations in terms of staying in good condition longer than he thought.

Few customers have stated that the Palliser sofas looked stunning and complemented their room’s classy décor well. The sofas they purchased, according to the customers, had a rustic charm about them and added quite a bit of elegance to their living spaces.

Yet another set of customers mentioned that the customer service of Palliser was not at all dissatisfactory. The customer executives, even though they missed the few initial calls, eventually caught up only after a few days of the first call and solved whatever queries and complaints they had.

Contrary to most Palliser furniture reviews, some of the customers also claimed that they faced no problem in the repair or replacement of their Palliser sofas. They stated firmly that the technicians were sent to their homes only after a few days of the complaints, and the repairs were done almost in no time with the least hassle possible.

Many customers also argued that the deliveries of their sofas were precisely on time, even earlier than expected, and the refunds were processed to them soon.

Some of the customers have compared Palliser furniture with brands like Comfort Design and Ashley Furniture. They said that though these brands provide satisfactory quality in a reasonable range, nothing can beat the premium quality and services that Palliser provides.

So, we conclude by saying that Palliser furniture might not be “the best” you get in the market. But it will come in the top creamy layer of furniture brands at that price range, and maybe you should consider it.

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    Palliser Furniture Upholstery — Palliser pollock sofa and loveseat purchased 10/11/20 and delivered 1/20/21
    D dcyy Mar 03, 2021 Verified customer
    Thought palliser was a top end furniture company. Ordered all leather sofa/loveseat (not split) at extra cost, waited 3 1/2 months only to have furniture delivered that looked like it was 15 yrs. Old. There were 3 inch threads hanging from stitching on pillow arm, almost no padding on seating areas, tops of back cushions look like they’re collapsing and nothing like pictured because dealer didn’t have this style in stock. After complaining dealer sent repairman to fix loose stitching but said they were unable to add anything to cushions and to call palliser. The pillowtop cushion has a very small amount of fiberfill wrapped in a piece of fabric that looks like a small 3/4 inch pillow-don’t know what’s in the back cushions. The only cure was to take cushions to upholstery shop and have high density foam cut and placed in cushions at my expense. Not acceptable after what I paid for the set sent palliser numerous emails with pics-no response. Dealer advised returning the set and looking at other options. One problem-because it was a special order. There is a 33% cancel fee/no refunds. Not only is this going to be more costly, customer support is non-existent. And by the way-this junk was made in mexico. Even If they had offered to send me foam replacement (pg.6-7 of warranty) for the top pillow cushions I would have been happy-BUT no contact/customer service!


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