Practical ideas: repair and organization of the kitchen space

Today there are quite a lot of ideas for repairing the kitchen and even with your own hands. The ideal result of the work largely depends on competent planning.

With what to start the repair and decoration of the kitchen space?

Immediately tell you that if you are planning a high-quality repair, it is better to entrust it to professionals, as it will save your time and even money. In addition, professional workers will surely be able to perform the repair more qualitatively and take into account all your wishes. We recommend one of the best companies in Honolulu –

But if you do decide to do the kitchen renovation yourself, we will give you some valuable tips.

Before you start your own kitchen renovation, you should take a notebook and write down in it all ideas about the design of the room, carefully thinking through every detail. It is best to do this as a family, discussing the design and future layout. For starters:

  • Write down all wishes and ideas in the form of a list. It should include everything you want to have in your kitchen, from large appliances like the refrigerator and dishwasher to small appliances like a blender or coffee grinder.
  • For a small kitchen in a hruschevka, it is better to choose compact and functional appliances that will easily fit in the room and will not cause discomfort when using them.
  • Be sure to make a separate sheet of paper in the right scale drawing of the kitchen room with dimensions.
  • On the drawing, you need to specifically highlight the zones by which to determine the place for appliances, both large and small.
  • Once the zones in the kitchen space are properly distributed, you can begin planning the set and other furniture that will fit perfectly into the space. Kitchen furniture of a suitable size for the room can be made to order or made in their own hands, selecting components and ready-made facades. It is important to carefully think through the system of communications, having previously received recommendations from specialists, after which you can proceed to the selection of the necessary finishing material.
  • Light colors will help to visually increase the room, which is always used by designers. Therefore, finishing materials to repair the small kitchen area should choose light colors.

Combination of countertop and window sill

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A window sill that seamlessly transitions into a countertop is ideal for those whose kitchen does not exceed 6-8 meters. It looks quite attractive and creates a competently designed space. Such a functional element in the interior will help every housewife compactly place the necessary items in a small kitchen.

Workplace with a sink

A particularly interesting idea for the repair of a small kitchen in a hruschevka can be considered the arrangement of a workplace right by the window. It is this part of the room that is not always used effectively. If you competently organize the working area, then there will be much more space in the kitchen.

Installing the sink with your own hands in the window sill area requires careful preparation of communications. If it is not difficult to conduct water, problems can arise with the drainage system. To make a normal outflow of water, you need to comply with the necessary slope, because the distance to the entrance will be quite large.

This problem can be solved by installing a special system directly under the sink. It is a special pump, thanks to which the waste is crushed and does not form clogs.

Combining the dining table and window sill

The ideal repair of a small kitchen in a hruschevka is when the window sill flows smoothly into the dining table. The space of the table thus becomes larger, and on the edges of the window sill you can put jars with spices and bread bowls, while the table itself will remain free.

On one of the side windowsills you can hang a bracket for a small TV – it will not take up much space here.

Kitchen apron: glass or tile?

The apron is the most important part of the kitchen. The construction market today is full of all kinds of materials with which it can be decorated, so the imagination here is not limited by anything.

If the kitchen area is 10 or more square meters, then ideally it is better to use glass for finishing the apron. Joints made of glass are almost airtight, so they are not able to collect dust and dirt inside themselves, unlike the gaps between the tiles.

Glass for the kitchen apron can be frosted, painted or decorated with a special film. If you want to visually increase the space, you should choose light shades. In addition, any pattern or even a photo can be applied to the glass.

Fans of the classics can replace the glass with ceramic tiles and apply any photo or paint at their discretion. One of the main advantages is the ability to make the cladding with their own hands.

Installation of a bar counter

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Not everyone will give preference to the installation of a bar counter in the kitchen, but it is with its help you can divide the room into two zones: the user and the working.

The bar counter can be purchased in a store or made by your own hands. To make such a product yourself is not difficult at all, the main thing is to act according to the plan:

  • Preparation of the material for the future countertop;
  • choosing the desired contour and transfer it to the workpiece;
  • cutting out the future tabletop with a jigsaw;
  • sanding the edges with sandpaper;
  • Facing the veneer sides of the bar counter.

One side of the bar counter should be attached to the wall and the opposite side should have a chrome pipe leg.

The original version of the hood

Today, many people install a hood in the kitchen, but not everyone likes the standard large-sized ventilation installed over the stove. It is preferable to see an aesthetic, weightless and creative hood in the kitchen. Can it not only do its job, but also be a stylish piece of furniture? Absolutely, because a designer cooker hood with a clever technical side is a great decorative element in the kitchen.

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