Organising an Event in Winter: What Do You Need?

As temperatures are getting close to dipping past freezing point, the Holiday season is well on its way. There will be parties, office events, and family gatherings around every corner for the coming few weeks. Winter is the season of celebrations, but there are some inherent limitations as well to the season’s chills. Keeping the freezing rain, the snow, and the cold winds in mind, here are a few expert tips to organise successful winter events.

There Must be Overhead Shelter(s)

Rock concerts and live music under the open sky is fine, provided that it does not start raining or snowing. Unfortunately, the British weather is not the most predictable and rain is almost always a possibility here. It’s best to plan all events indoors, even if it’s just a makeshift or temporary structure like a marquee. Overhead shelter is a must for all winter events in general, and especially in the UK.

Generators Need to be Sufficient

Depending on the plan and scale of your event, you may need to hire just one 40kVA – 60kVA generator, or multiple generator units from Boels in different sizes and capacities. Your most important consideration should be the hired heaters as they are likely to consume more electricity than anything else at the event. Other than that, there are also the lights and electronic appliances to consider. Talk with the company who is providing the generators and the heaters to know exactly how much of what you are going to need and the associated expenses.

Adequate Heating is Essential

You can get away without cooling arrangements at an event during a British summer, but you cannot ignore heating needs at the venue during the winter months. If it’s a maintained indoor venue, then this should not be an issue. However, you will need to hire your own heater(s) for the event, if the place does not have built-in heating, or if it’s a temporary structure, built just for the event. Click here for more information about hiring electric and gas heaters for any event. As already mentioned, do make sure that the generators are properly equipped to power the heaters for as long as needed.

Book the Portable Toilets

You will not need portable toilets for an office party held inside the office or inside a resort/hotel. However, you will need to arrange for portable toilets if the venue isn’t equipped with sufficient toilets in respect to the number of guests expected to attend the event. Even if it’s a large garden party with a lot of guests, it’s probably not a good idea to turn your home’s washrooms into public toilets for multiple people. This bit of advice rings just as true in winter as it does in any other season.

Finally, it’s recommended that you also arrange for security personnel in sync with event’s requirements. It is not uncommon for people to get a little too intoxicated during Holiday parties and end up in bad fights. What kind of security professionals you will need to hire for the event will vary depending on the kind of event it is, the location, and how many guests are expected to attend it.

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