Olight Warrior X 3 Rechargeable LED Torch

The latest addition to Olight’s collection of tactical flashlights is the Warrior X 3 Rechargeable LED flashlight. This highly versatile flashlight boasts several incredible features that make it ideal for law enforcement, military, and outdoor enthusiasts alike. With a max output of 2500 lumens, it is one of the brightest flashlights in its class.

The Warrior X 3 has been designed with durability in mind. Its aircraft-grade aluminum body can withstand extreme conditions and harsh impacts without cracking or breaking. The flashlight is also waterproof and dustproof, ensuring that it will continue to function even when exposed to rain or other elements.

Brighter & Longer Distance: Boasting a max 2500-lumen output and 560-meter-long distance throw with a cool white LED.

Max 2500 Lumens

The Warrior X 3 Rechargeable LED is the perfect tool for outdoor activities, search and rescue missions, or any other situation where a powerful, long-range flashlight is required. With a max output of 2500 lumens and a beam distance of up to 560 meters, this cool white LED flashlight will illuminate even the darkest corners.

One of the standout features of the Warrior X 3 is its rechargeable battery. The included magnetic charging cable makes it easy to power up your flashlight on the go, without having to worry about replacing batteries. The battery life is also impressive – you can get up to 8 hours of use on a single charge.

In addition to its powerful output and convenient rechargeability, the Warrior X 3 is also built tough. It’s made from aircraft-grade aluminum alloy and has been tested extensively for impact resistance.

Vibration Battery Indicator

The Warrior X 3 Rechargeable LED is a must-have for those who need a reliable and efficient flashlight. With its powerful beam and durable construction, this flashlight is perfect for outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, or hunting. The vibration battery indicator ensures that you are always aware of the battery’s level, so you don’t have to worry about running out of power in the middle of your adventure.

The Warrior X 3 Rechargeable LED is equipped with a rechargeable battery that allows you to use it multiple times without having to replace the batteries. This feature makes it an eco-friendly option that saves both time and money. Additionally, its compact size makes it easy to carry in your backpack or pocket without taking up too much space.

Glass-Breaking Strike Bezel:

The Glass-Breaking Strike Bezel is a revolutionary feature of the Warrior X 3 Rechargeable LED flashlight. In an emergency situation, breaking glass can often be a crucial step toward survival. Whether it’s escaping from a car accident or breaking into a building for rescue purposes, the Strike Bezel can make all the difference.

What sets this feature apart is the use of three zirconium beads embedded in the front bezel. This material is incredibly hard and durable, making it ideal for shattering glass with ease. Unlike other tools that may require multiple strikes or significant force to break through thick panes of glass, the Strike Bezel delivers instant results with minimal effort.

The Warrior X 3 Rechargeable LED flashlight is already an essential tool for any adventurer or emergency responder. With its impressive brightness and long-lasting battery life, it provides reliable illumination in even the darkest environments.

Brand-new Steel Warrior Ring:

The brand-new Steel Warrior Ring is the perfect accessory for anyone who values safety and security. With its sleek design and durable construction, this ring provides a comfortable and secure grip in any situation and condition. Whether you’re hiking through rocky terrain or walking alone at night, you can trust the Steel Warrior Ring to keep you safe.

One of the most impressive features of this ring is its ability to double as a useful defense tool with a strike. The Steel Warrior Ring has been designed with self-defense in mind, making it an essential tool for anyone who wants to feel protected while out and about. Its sturdy build makes it perfect for striking hard surfaces, while its sharp edges can be used for cutting or slicing when necessary. Additionally, the Warrior X 3 Rechargeable LED adds yet another layer of protection by illuminating your surroundings in low-light situations.

One-button Operation:

If you’re looking for a flashlight that is easy to operate, the Warrior X 3 Rechargeable LED might be your perfect choice. This flashlight offers no-hassle, one-button operation which means you can access the high-low output quickly with your thumb. The button is easy to find and press, even when wearing gloves or in dark conditions.

In addition to the one-button operation feature, the Warrior X 3 Rechargeable LED also comes with an optional dual-button magnetic remote switch while mounted. This allows you to control the light from a distance without having to remove it from your holster or pocket. And because it’s magnetic, you can easily attach and detach it as needed.

With its powerful output and ease of use features, the Warrior X 3 Rechargeable LED is perfect for outdoor enthusiasts who need reliable lighting solutions on their adventures.


The Warrior X 3 led flashlight is a game-changing tool for anyone in need of reliable and powerful lighting. Its impressive brightness, long battery life, and rugged design make it a top choice for outdoor enthusiasts, emergency responders, and anyone who needs dependable illumination in tough situations.

With its easy-to-use interface and versatile modes, this flashlight is sure to be a go-to tool for years to come. If you’re looking for a high-quality flashlight that can stand up to the toughest conditions, the Warrior X 3 is definitely worth considering. Don’t wait any longer – order your Warrior X 3 today and experience the power of this incredible flashlight for yourself!

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