My Story

In 2006, my incredibly healthy and fit mother became severely ill with chronic kidney infections. Due to her severe allergies to antibiotics, I was witness to her many unsuccessful treatments and ultimately her devastating diagnosis giving her one year to live. As emotionally trying as it was for all of us, my mother turned to holistic and Chinese Medicine for a solution. Within that year, her consistent regimen of acupuncture, herbal treatments and other alternative modalities, her strength was restored and she showed absolutely no signs of infection. We were no longer in fear for her life, and my faith in Eastern Medicine was solidified.

During my tenure, I became passionate about treating pain management, nutrition & digestive health, beauty & skincare,  stress, insomnia & anxiety disorders. I believe in working in tandem with your primary care physician.  My goal is to give you the best possible care, and that means not discounting any form of health care. 

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