Methods: Migrate Data From Google Workspace To Office 365

The two different methods of data migration are traditional data export migration and using a professional third-party data migration service. Although the traditional migration method is feasible, it has disadvantages, such as it has a complex and long migration process, and it can easily lead to lost files.

Taking advantage of a third-party data migration service makes the data migration process much easier. After Migrating data to office 365 with the help of a third-party service provider you can easily backup and access data on a Virtual Desktop practically from any device.

Traditional Method: Migrate Google Workspace to Office 365 Manually

Step 1. Confirm Domain Ownership

This step is to check and verify that you own the Office 365 account used for migration from G Suite.

Step 2. Adding Users to Office 365

When migrating files, users make sure to have a mailbox on the Exchange online to save the incoming data.

Step 3. Make a List of Mailboxes for Migration in CSV File

1. Log in to the Google Workspace admin panel, and select Users after signing in.

2. Go to the Microsoft 365 admin center and click Users > Active users.

3. Create an excel for transferred data to list the Email Address, Username, and Password in the sheet, and then, enter the details of each mailbox.

4. Save the document as a CSV.

Step 4. Connect Office 365 to Gmail

1. Navigate to Exchange admin Center, select Recipients > Migration > Migration endpoint.

2. Click on the + position to select New and pick IMAP on the Select Migration Endpoint Type screen.

3. Then, in the IMAP migration setup window, select the server to > Next.

4. Specify the migration endpoint > New.

Step 5. Create a Migration Batch and Move Mailboxes

1. Head to Office 365 administrator center and select Exchange in Admin centers.

2. Tap on Recipients > Migration, select the + icon, and select Migrate to Exchange Online.

3. Pick IMAP migration and click Next.

4. Then, browse and offer the migration data in step 3 and allow Microsoft 365 to validate it on the Select Users page.

5. After verification, Click Next, select migration endpoint and confirm settings on the IMAP migration setup.

6. Populate the name of the migration batch and select Automatic batch to begin > New to start the migration.

Step 6. Updating DNS records

Step 7. End the Sync of Google Workspace

Finally, check if all your mailboxes are sent to Microsoft 365.

If this method fails, or you think these steps are too difficult to take, let’s move on to the next easier method.

Easiest Way: Switch Google Workspace to Office 365 via a third-party Service

The easiest way to Migrate Google Workspace to Office 365 is with the help of a third-party migration Service provider. They will provide the necessary service, the right tools, and trustworthy managers who will work with you and migrate your data to Office 365.

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