Lisa Galos

President, CEO, Founder
With over 30 years of matchmaking experience Lisa is commonly known as Chicago’s most successful matchmaker.  Lisa became a matchmaker because she always wanted the feeling of unconditional love.  Lisa’s possesses great instincts, intuition, and knowledge which have led to an amazing track record throughout her career.


Managing Partner, Co-Owner
Jim is a Chicago native and been in the matchmaking business for over 35 years.  Jim loves matchmaking because he is excellent at helping people identify what they are really looking for in a relationship.  Jim’s brutal honesty is one of his best assets.  In what could be called an out of the ordinary circumstance, Jim works with his 2 children, Lisa (his ex-wife) and Nikki (his ex-mistress).


Head Recruiter

Annie is the head recruiter at LuvBiz Chicago and the family’s newest matchmaker.  Annie likes to point out that working in the family business has its ups and downs but there is nothing better than helping someone find true love.

Timely Support

Helping people that are single and looking for a long-term relationship in the greater Chicagoland area.  Our primary goal is to help people gain quality introductions.

Innovative Ideas

We recruit year round Chicago’s most eligible singles. We provide a fun and easy way to meet singles in person.

Advanced Technology

Over the years we’ve hosted a variety of different types of theme parties.  You can be assured of having a great time in an environment that is stress free and where you are sure to meet many singles.

Clear Communication

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