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We listen to thousands of times about the word “Cabinet.” This word has a different meaning in a different context. In political terms, the word cabinet means a group of people who advise the prime minister and president to make or to help in making an important decision. Still, on the other hand, if we talk in terms of furniture, it means a small cupboard-like area made up of wood having small drawers and shelves. It is used to display fancy items like kitchen crockery, fancy showpiece, decorative items in boho rooms, etc. So, today we talk about the cabinets which are used in homes for decorative purposes.

In European countries, like America, cabinets are used a lot. They are first constructed in the late 18th century with the help of “Thomas Sheraton,” “Shaver” and many other constructors for domestic purposes in Paris. Further, these cabinets kept on modifying according to the industrial revolution or according to the needs of people.

Gradually, the demand for the cabinets was rising a lot, and very rapidly, they cover the whole market of the United States and in the other countries of the British Empire as well. At that time, cabinets were considered as the noble mark by the people of the United Kingdom, and everybody wants to learn this art.

Even after World War 2, the work of woodcarver becomes very popular with middle-class people. Slowly and gradually, those woodcarvers spread very rapidly and cover almost one-third of the market of the world because of the unique skills, ideas, and creativity that were used to make different types of cabinets. Some of the popular types of cabinets are:

  • Wall Cabinets
  • Tall Cabinets
  • Base/ Lower Cabinets
  • Beaded Cabinets
  • Raised Panel Cabinets
  • Arched Cathedral Cabinets
  • Shaker Cabinets

As we see, there are lots of cabinets, but with the evolution of time, only some of the notable cabinets were still existed and considered very royal and noble too. Nowadays, those cabinets are used by every other person according to their needs.

Medallion Kitchen Cabinet

We find the use of cabinets more in the Kitchen, drawing room, guest room, and even in bathrooms as well. Those cabinets can be customized as per your personal need and taste. One can also use cabinets according to their need. Some people use it to store food items because of the availability of large space, whereas some used it for placing either of their important documents or for their medicines.

There are only very few well-known companies that provide you with unique cabinets at a low price. Some of the renowned companies are:

  • Belmont
  • Thomasville
  • Schuler
  • Medallion
  • Modern cabinet company
  • Fabuwood
  • Forever mark

Apart from all the companies mentioned above, there are so many other companies too, who provide you with the best cabinet. Even all these companies mentioned above are also in very high competition in the market nowadays.

They use different ways to attract customers so that they can spread their arms quickly and able to collect a fair amount of profit from the market. But sometimes, when you go for a quality product, you must pay through the nose, which is not possible for everyone all the time.

So, to keep your pocket light and your heart happy, you must choose cabinets very carefully and keep in mind your top priorities as well i.e.

  • Your budget
  • Quality (gold, silver, platinum or premium)
  • Your space (for which area or room you need cabinet)
  • Design (as per your taste)
  • Durability

Keeping in mind all those points and never forget to do comparison and analysis between the other companies which are already running the market. So, you can get the best. Companies like Medallion, Schuler, and Thomasville are providing almost the same quality products. All of them manufactured American products, which means that they have good quality, good looks, and the use of modern techniques.

Medallion Cabinet

Apart from all, these people still prefer more to go with Medallion if they are planning a new cabinet in their new house. Why? What are the features which make Medallion distinguishable from others? Have you ever noticed it? There are so many reasons which make Medallion different and unbeatable. Have a look at them:

  • They are made in America, which means that if you are buying American made cabinets, your investment is made to your local economy as well as the suppliers with which they tie-up.
  • Their cabinets are made up of the highest-ranking quality along with doors and drawers.
  • They provide your unique area with a unique design to make your house look beautiful.
  • They are not restricted to any size or any shape. Their professional woodcarvers made it very easy for you by measuring every inch carefully and make the best possible cabinet for your dream house.
  • Using modern techniques and technology for better results
  • They offer cabinetry for your entire house
  • Also, able to match the quality and strength of KCMA (Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturer Association)
  • Providing lifetime warranty
  • Covers all the problems and artistry until you own the product

Including all these qualities, Medallion provides you with the best from all. Those products are highly appreciated by customers as well as heighten up the value of your house. Everyone will appreciate and give a keen eye to your cabinetry. Their three highly famous product lines which are also liked by customers a lot are: Platinum, Gold, and Silver

Platinum Products

Medallion Cabinet Platinum Products line

Extravagance style: Inset cabinetry offers a look with clean lines made by entryways and cabinet fronts sitting flush to the face outline, with ¾-inch strong wood face outlines. ½-inch maple pressed wood development—calm close entryways and drawer’s standards.

To dot or not to dab: Platinum face edges may incorporate a dab to improve style profile.

Make it your own: Broad adjustments and custom statements accessible with finish choices incorporate stains, coats, paints, strength, and troubled completions

Select your wood: Accessible in knotty birch, cherry, maple, and quarter sawn oak.

Gold Products

Medallion Cabinet Gold Products line

Durable style: Surrounded cabinetry offers our broadest exhibit of entryway styles accessible in the full or half overlay, all with ¾-inch strong wood face outlines. Standard ½-inch covered furniture board development or moved up to ½ maple pressed wood. Calm close entryways and drawer’s standards.

Make it your own: Broad changes and custom statements accessible, finish choices incorporate stains, coats, paints, claim to fame, and upset completions.

Select your wood: Accessible in knotty birch, cherry, hickory, maple, rural maple, oak, and quarter sawn oak.

Silver Product

Medallion Cabinet Silver Products line

Worth and style: Structure and capacity are the things to take care of with Silverline surrounded cabinetry. Silverline entryway styles are accessible in either full-overlay or half-overlay and chose styles to offer a five-piece cabinet front. ¾-inch strong wood face outlines with ½-inch covered furniture board development—calm close entryways and drawer’s standards.

Make it your own: Constrained alterations and custom statements accessible with finish determinations incorporate stains, exemplary paints, the Coastal Collection, and Highlight. Now that you have created your own cabinet, you might feel like sharing it with others and you can. Just become a part of our ‘write to us’ program and get to write a home decor or home improvement blog.

Features: Improve your cabinetry with a hand-applied highlight shading. Profiles of entryways and drawers are characterized with brushstrokes

All this cabinetry is made up of different components which include:

  • Bases
  • Adjustable legs
  • Compartments
  • Cabinet insert hardware
  • Tops
  • Own choice of wood

They also provide infinite options according to your budget and your choice. They are more responsive, along with more flexibility in their product. They also made customized products according to your will.

They even do not restrict to any official size for their cabinets, but their standards units of measurements are:

  • 34-40-inch height
  • 12-24-inch-deep (depending on the size of drawers)

They offer a wide assortment of decisions over the entirety of their product offerings. They comprehend the significance of customization in home furnishings and have given left plenty of structure decisions with the client. Apart from customer satisfaction, they also took care of the natural environment.

As think about the natural effect of purchasing from American. Nations, for example, China, Vietnam, and India do not need to hold fast to a similar clean air norm, and wellbeing estimates that the United States commands.

These guidelines are set up to guarantee that American makers are adding to a perfect domain for our planet, affecting the air we inhale, the water we drink, and our satisfaction in general. It influences each living individual on Earth. The entirety of their items mirrors a promise to reforestation, reusing, and a regard for the Earth.

Ecological duty has been instilled in their way of thinking for over 40 years. It is a state of pride to be a part of a nation where most organizations comprehend that they must protect the world’s limited assets. All the types of woods which are offered by Medallion to their customers are colored very differently to give them a unique look and to protect them for comfortable wear and tear by daily use.

There are also non-hardwood and hardwood alternatives accessible; any place conceivable is a decent decision to update for a superior look, feel, and solidness of item because offer a broad scope of completions for their cabinets or doors entryways. Standard recoloring alternatives will affect the shading or your unit and make it more obscure or lighter contingent upon inclination.

Light typical hues or dark brown colors are utilized to coordinate the ways to different apparatuses in your home. All recoloring is secured with a glossy silk finish topcoat, which is stove relieved for considerably more noteworthy insurance.

Likewise, they also offer a coating or feature highlights on their entryways. This is the place detailed shading is applied after the glossy silk finish and gives a slight change in shading. Ideal for featuring specific components inside the wood, you can utilize the coating and feature highlight to make your cabinets exceptional with totally novel shading.

Custom troubling of the wood lets you give your cabinets more character by letting it look matured or worn in exact spots. There are additionally custom shading choices accessible and beachfront completions, which are intended to emphasize the wood’s standard shading. On the off chance that you like such custom shading alternatives, they have some great choices than others.

In the end, you can alter your cupboards or cabinet with various handles or handles and various quantities of racks. You can pick glass bureau entryways and metal casings, so whatever your vision, Medallion can most likely assistance make it. They comprehend the significance of assortment in their cabinet assortments.

They are giving a dependable option in contrast to the custom cabinet producers by making their units versatile as far as style and usefulness. Medallion Cabinets is not one of the more expensive brands around, yet they are still offering some not too bad products. The personalization alternatives, especially the completions and coatings, are very generous and take into consideration item customization on a practically custom level.

There is some proof that the items are not enduring if some might want, and at this value level, that can be truly terrible. Anyway, Medallion Cabinets have three diverse product offerings to accommodate your financial plan; in the current day market, you will get what you pay for.

So, on the off chance that you can aim high of the platinum line, it merits spending some extra, but if not aim so high, then you can quickly settle for gold as well for silver. After considering all the things, Medallion is getting a thumbs up for choosing a good cabinet for home. Choosing medallion cabinets as well as doors is a solid choice without having any more headaches.

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