Is It Worth It to Clean the Roof on Your Own

Disclaimer: Roofing is a job for the experts. People who do this professionally have sufficient experience and comply with the safety requirements in their area, laws and building codes. The information contained in the article is intended for homeowners and tells what services to expect from roofers.

Clean the roof of the house regularly, preferably twice a year. However, cleaning may be required more frequently. For example, if your home is under trees or in an area where strong winds often blow and dust storms occur.

Dirt accumulating on the roofing worsens the condition of the roof. Roofing is expensive; any homeowner wants the roof to last as long as possible. But leaves, dust and debris get on the floor and lie there for a while, devaluing the purchase. Sometimes moss grows on the roof and covers it entirely. A contaminated roof lasts only as short as possible, making the house less secure.

A simple call to your trusted roof contractor for dak ontmossen or roof moss removal can keep your roof clean and extend its lifespan.

It’s common for homeowners to wonder if it’s possible to clean their roofs with their own hands, but any professional will say no. Roofing work is a task for professionals in their field. And there are good reasons for this.

Why is it dangerous to clean the roof yourself

The risks associated with self-cleaning roofing are different, but two of them stand out in particular:

  • First, it is safety. Often, people trying to clean the roof fall and get seriously injured. This happens even with qualified professionals, to say nothing of homeowners, who usually do not have special skills.

Data show that a third of deaths on construction sites are the result of falls from rooftops. Often the reason is negligence because the specialists have the necessary equipment and experience. They work in compliance with all safety standards. But the numbers are scary. In housing and roof construction areas, the risks of falls from roofs are very high.

Therefore, all roofing contractors are required by law to have a written fall protection program that outlines exactly how the company ensures the safety of its employees. For example, what kind of training does it provide, and what type of protection does it provide?

Therefore, contacting specialists will be the surest step if you need to clean the roof. The homeowner will thus be able to ensure his safety, and the professional will approach the work with caution and be sure to use all the means of protection and insurance.

Anyone can become a victim, but among those who have no experience, there are more victims.

  • Secondly, there is a risk that the owner will clean the roof incorrectly. This happens quite often. Sometimes homeowners damage the roof covering during garbage collection, leading to breakage. An inexperienced eye will not immediately be able to notice the damage or not notice it at all, and then it may be too late.

If you use too stiff a brush, you can damage the tiles, and the roof will begin to leak after a while. Using a leaf blower can achieve the same result. Minor damage to the roofing is easy to repair with repairs, but if the damage is severe, the roof may need to be replaced later.

In any case, the house owner will face the repair or the replacement of the roofing; it will turn out to be much more expensive and complex than a timely appeal to a specialist. On the other hand, a professional will quickly and efficiently rid the roof of debris and definitely won’t hurt anything.

Moreover, the roofer can see the existing damage to the coating, which can soon bring serious trouble. If a problem is noticed promptly, it can be solved quickly and easily. For example, if there is a leak on the roof or an area that needs repair – all this will be fixed quickly and for little money because it is easier and cheaper to eliminate difficulties at the initial stage.

Pros of contacting a roofing company

Homeowners face all these troubles all the time. And here, finding the best way to solve the problem is essential. And this is within the power of roofing company specialists. What little expense a homeowner faces when hiring roofing contractors becomes an investment in their property.

Timely and professional roof maintenance helps the homeowner save money and prolong the life of the roofing.

Possible consequences of self-cleaning the roof

Roofing in Spokane often experience varying results from non-professional roof cleaning. This is because the owners decided to save money, but in the end, they had to pay much more and spend time, nerves, and risk their health.

The owners use leaf cleaners to remove debris, but the airflow is too strong and loosens the tiles. Subsequently, a thorough repair of the roof is required. In other cases, homeowners use a pressure washer, which is detrimental to roofing. The result is the same – repair.

Professional Roofing in Spokane

Advance Roofing LLC specialists are always ready to provide professional assistance to their clients. If you need reliable roofing contractors, contact our company’s support service, and you will receive detailed advice from a specialist.

We help keep roofs clean, provide regular maintenance, extend the life of your roofing, and repair or install new roofs if needed.

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