House sitting

Home Security while you're away


How House sitting works.


A house sitter lives in someone else's home while they
are away, providing a mutually beneficial service -
to themselves and the home owner.

A house sitter cares for the house, garden, pets, forwarding mail, and provides property security simply by being there.

Property owners save
the worry of committing to a lease
or leaving an empty house
and the expense of boarding pets,
pool maintenance, lawn mowing, etc.

In return,
house sitters gain rent free accommodation
which is of immense value for anyone saving
for their own home or simply looking for an affordable holiday.

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Free accommodation while travelling


The House sitting service works as follows.

We place your details (the sitter) on the page for the areas you are interested in - including your preferences for dates & places and your comments as to why a home owner should use you to look after their home while they are away.

Home owners looking for a sitter search our pages looking for someone who meets their needs and is available in their area during the time they are away, then contact the suitable sitters and once references are checked, make mutually acceptable arrangements.
Most home owners will prefer to make direct contact with a suitable sitter when they start looking rather than advertising to the world that they're going to be away.
They can however, place a wanted ad for free if no one suitable is available.

You would normally arrive the day before the home owner leaves for hand over etc. They could even pick you up from the airport if necessary and you could drop them off if they were flying out somewhere.

House sitting - What is it?
Housesitting has become very popular in recent times as a concept that is mutually beneficial to both the home owner and the house sitter - The home owner gets their home, pets and gardens cared for while they're away and the housesitter gains rent free accommodation in return for minor household duties they would be doing wherever they lived.
House sitters - who are they?

Housesitters are ordinary people just like you - from all walks of life and available for all sorts of reasons. Some are saving for a home, renovating their property, moving to a new area, re-establishing their lives, travelling with their own pets or wishing to save on motels or simply needing a break from the mobile home while touring. House sitters range from young singles or couples to families to retirees, from professionals to home makers and all offer something different - as the home owners also have different and varying needs. No one "type" of house sitter makes the "perfect sitter" for every house sitting situation.

Responsibilities of house sitters?

The house sitter is expected to look after the home owners home as if it were their own - providing "lived-in" security, mowing lawns, maintaining gardens, collecting and forwarding mail, caring for pets and generally keeping the home neat and tidy.
House sitters would generally be responsible for their own food, telephone and utility use. Whilst most house sitting agreements would be in exchange for free rent, some house sitters may offer more of a formal caretaker role or perform other agreed extra duties in exchange for an agreed fee. This is totally up to the home owner and the house sitter and should be agreed to in writing before commencing duties. (Remember, a housesitter is not expecting to work on your property full time but is looking for a genuine "home" to live in, with it's normal attendant responsibilities - House sitting should be a mutually beneficial arrangement)

References and Security

Security - Whilst a house sitter can provide lived-in security for your property while you're away, it is the responsibility of the home owner to ensure adequate home and contents insurance coverage is maintained.
It is also the home owners responsibility to check the bona fides of the house sitter. Apart from checking referees, an interview should be conducted and prospective house sitters introduced to your pets to check compatibility. This would also be a good time to introduce your neighbours - this helps the housesitter learn the environment and feel more comfortable in strange surroundings and, by bringing your friendly neighbours into the background, acts as a semi backstop for both parties. Requesting a police clearance and considering the lodgement of a bond is also a good idea.
See also "Agreements" below.

Finding house sitters

Finding prospective housesitters - Home owners can peruse our database of available house sitters for FREE and make selections at the time they start looking. Simply click on "find a sitter". Type your location into the search box to see a list of available house sitters. Click on their link to read more about the housesitters.
Should you not be able to find anyone suitable for house sitting, we will run your "sitter wanted" ad for free.

Registering as available for house sitting

Registering as available for house sitting. The wording of your ad needs careful consideration as you will need to convince the home owner that you will be suitable to mind their home while they are away - say the obvious like, if you have experience, say so, if you can provide references, have a history with animals or other desirable skills, say so. Be honest, say a little about yourself, why you wish to be a housesitter and why the home owner should choose you ahead of others available for their house sitting job.
To register, follow the links to "register as a sitter", complete the house sitting registration form and you will be
included in our on-line database of available house sitters for up to 12 months. Home owners looking for a housesitter will then know you are available and be able to contact you to arrange an interview

How much does it cost?

How much does it cost?
To find a house sitter is free.
To register as available for house sitting - some areas are free, some require a small fee, eg USA, Canada, Europe, UK, Australia all require one small fee for a 12 month listing - one fee only - for as many areas and country's as you like.
Fees are; US$40- or CAN$50- or EURO30- or GBP20- or AUD50-.
Should you need to change your details, please use our "change details" form on our site - there is no charge for this.

How long before you get a sit?

How long before you get a house sitting position - we have had successes within 24 hours however the average is some sort of response within 2-3 weeks - the earlier you register as available for house sitting, the greater your chances.
Please keep us informed of your up to date availability as it's free to update your details with new areas and dates once you have something.

Duration of house sits?

How long do sits last - we have had house sitters gain positions lasting from 1 week to 3 years with the average being 2-3 months - most sits fall in the range 1-6 months.

Register now as available for house sitting so owners know that you are available Register


For a little mutual assistance, house sitters save on accommodation costs
and home owners have their home occupied, looked after, and pets cared for.

The concept of Housesitting has been very popular throughout the world including France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, UK, Canada, USA, Australia and New Zealand for a number of years.

Have a wonderful holiday.

Please note -
We do NOT act as a matching service but simply as a central advertising point
This means we do NOT check references or vet potential sitters in any way.

Please check references carefully !

See agreements below !
We strongly recommend written agreements
between all parties - see sample here

Any Bond should never be sent in advance
Whilst many owners don't seek a bond, it is quite common and acceptable for owners to request one,
 equivalent to 2 - 4 weeks rental.
 This should never be sent in advance and only paid in person to the owner once you have inspected the property
and are about to take over responsibility for the property.
Always get a receipt and include details of the bond in your written agreement
(see House sitting - How it works )
The amount will vary from one sit to another as each home / situation is different.
It may also be advisable to consider having a mutually agreed third party hold the bond or even a solicitor.
Sorry, we are unable to provide a bond holding service

To find a House Sitter

This is a free service

Simply scroll through the listings
for your area until you find
a suitable house sitter who is available

Contact them to arrange a meeting and discuss what each of you expect from each other.

Please note:
We do not screen house / pet sitters
We recommend you ask for references

To be a House Sitter

Simply register your details here and forward them with the registration fee.

We will record your details in the House sitter Directory
as soon as received and make them available via the Internet to anyone seeking a house sitter.

Your ad will stay on the house sitting directory for one year.
You may have as many 'housesits' as are requested in that time.

You may change or add to your details at any time.

does not 'screen' anyone who lists with us.

We accept no responsibility of any kind regarding the qualifications or trustworthiness of anyone advertising
on our Directory.

Whilst every effort will be made to ensure accuracy in compiling this Directory, it is the sole responsibility of the user to confirm all information recorded.

Under no circumstances will
or anyone associated with us be liable for any direct or indirect damages which may result from any person using this Directory.

Like all forms of advertising, we unfortunately cannot offer any guarantees of success
and generally will not consider granting refunds.


House sitter Testimonials

Actual testimonials received from our house sitting & home owner clients
More are listed here on our Testimonial page.

Feel free to email yours -

Hi Danny
current housesit has actually been extended until the end of next year (!)
 It's a beautiful house with no pets on acreage. Talk about lucking out!!
Clare, Brisbane, Australia, Nov 09
Hi Danny
Thanks again for an excellent service:
even though my ad was only two weeks before we needed to travel, we had a good response,
and even some interesting emails from those who can't sit then but would like to sit another time in this area!
We are now fixed up for the rest of the year.
Cheers! Anita,
Dordogne, France, Sept 09
Hi Danny - well we had US sitters (sisters) for 3 weeks over September and they were great.
We are now looking for sitters for our winter ski break which will be around the second week in January 2010.
Would be v. grateful if you refresh the ad accordingly.
Hope you are well,
best regards, Philip & Jenny, England, Oct 09
Hi, Danny,
I have been inundated with interest already!!! .., so I will definitely get a sitter from the present applications.
Thanks so much for being out there...
I'll pass you onto my other friend who also goes away from time to time.
Cheers and all the best to you

Fiji, Sept 09
Hi Danny,
Thanks for the update...
I've said it before but I know you don't hear it enough, you run a fantastic service. Thanks!!
Regards Melissa, Perth, Australia, Oct 09
Since February 2009 we have completed five house sits in Australia in both rural and urban areas ...
Also after completing a two month winter sit in Ontario in 2010 we wish to house sit in England or Europe ...
Leon & Barbara, Canada to Australia, Sept 09
Hi Danny
We have received quite a few applications and have made our choice.
So please can you remove the listing from your site.
Thanks again for helping us out.
Khoji & Deborah,
Alberta, Canada, Aug 09
Hi there,
We have just registered with you and to my amazement we have already been asked to sit for a couple in Greece......
Gloria & Ian, France to Greece, Aug 09
Hi Danny
to let you know had my first response about 24hrs after being "out there" -
a very nice job looking after a house in Sierra ranges near Sonoma in n/e calif. for 2 mths in summer next year! 
I have said yes!....
Cheers, Lorna, Aust to California, July 09
Hi Danny
Thanks for your mail .... I have a young couple watching my house in Spain for me and they seem ideal.
I could have had 3 or 4 other people to do the job so thank you,
I will use your services again and have just recommended you tonight to a colleague of mine.
Tim, Spain, July 09
We had a lot feedback indeed, Danny.
Over 250 reactions. We have all replied them and thanked them for the interest...
thanks and cheers, Joost, Netherlands, July 09
More are listed here on our Testimonial page.


Please check with / advise your Insurance Company
to ensure your property and contents remain fully covered.
House sitting Agreements
Particularly for extended periods, we recommend written agreements to cover what is expected from each party - see a sample below or see your Solicitor if necessary. A Solicitor can also provide a bond-holding service if required.
Your agreement should include the following:
(This is NOT a legal document but only a suggested starting point)
(Click here to download a copy)


(Suggested format only !)

Particularly for extended periods, we recommend seeing your Solicitor
for drawing up an agreement to cover what is expected from each party.
A Solicitor can also provide a bond-holding service if required.
Your agreement should include the following:

Full names and addresses of parties.

Drivers licence details for identification

Dates of house sitting agreement

The Housesitter should arrive at an arranged time prior to the client’s departure to receive final instructions from the client.

The Housesitter will have the client’s home ready to welcome him/her upon return and report anything of importance occurred in his/her absence and account for any expenditure.

The Housesitter will leave at a time convenient to you both.

  1. The client’s home must not be left unoccupied for any unreasonable amount of time – Specify.

  2. Visitors are permitted however the Sitter is fully responsible for their actions and any possible results of their actions.

  3. The Housesitter is not allowed to have parties at the client’s property – Specify.

  4. Pets are to be attended to as agreed – Specify.

  5. Home care and general maintenance standards – Specify.

  6. If the Housesitter is taken seriously ill or for any other reason must leave for the property for an extended period, he/she must contact the owner immediately.

  7. The Housesitter must never undertake anything which may result in damage to the client’s property. In case of a break down of any equipment which cannot easily be mended he/she must call in a professional or follow the prior instructions of the client. – Specify amount, preferred tradesmen, etc.

  8. The Housesitter should only divulge the client’s whereabouts to persons specified by the client or follow his/her guidelines in this respect.

  9. The Housesitter will be expected to pay for any private phone calls made during the stay. He/she must make a note of them.

  10. The Housesitter must note and obtain receipts for any living and household expenses incurred during the house sit. Expenses will otherwise not be reimbursed. For extended terms, the housesitter would normally be responsible for power, gas, etc.

  11. The owner should notify the Housesitter of any damage to the property or its contents prior to starting the assignment and he/she should make a note of same in writing. Should the Housesitter be responsible for any breakage during his/her stay, he/she will notify the owner.



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