How to prepare your property for Airbnb

The Airbnb host rating is made up of many factors.

The property for rent must meet the requirements of this service, and be visually attractive and comfortable to live in. Preparing the premises for a successful Airbnb business start consists of several important steps. Let’s talk about this in more detail.

Decide on the price of accommodation

A competitive price is a key to success for a landlord. Analyze the offers in your area and evaluate the living conditions, the range of services provided, and the price of your competitors. Find your sweet spot in pricing, but don’t forget that competitor analysis should be a regular routine.

In addition to updating the price list, the effectiveness of Airbnb management depends on:

  • Message response speed. Don’t make guests wait – nobody likes that.
  • Reviews of your services. The rule of good form is to write a review in response – do not forget to leave feedback about your guests.
  • Comfortable communication. Polite, pleasant communication is an important part of the business.
  • The coordinated work of your team. Purchasing supplies, cleaning, checking in, and checking out guests – all these tasks must be completed on time.

To save time and automate routine tasks, many owners use Airbnb management software – for example, Automation services offer basic functions that ensure the efficiency of your business: AutoMessages, AutoPricing, AutoTasks, etc.

What should be a quality house cleaning?

As already mentioned, according to Airbnb’s requirements, cleaning should consist of 5 stages:

  1. Preparation for cleaning. This is the purchase of the necessary cleaning products and consumables, airing the room, and washing hands.
  2. Surface cleaning. It is necessary to thoroughly clean the furniture from dust, sweep and wash the floor, wash the dishes, vacuum the furniture and carpets, wash bed linen, towels, fabric tablecloths, etc.
  3. Surface treatment with household chemicals. Disinfect surfaces with approved chemicals. Pay special attention to tables, bathrooms and toilets, doorknobs, etc.
  4. Final check. After finishing the chemical treatment, check again if there is any dirt, dust, or untreated areas left somewhere. If you plan to delegate these tasks to assistants in the future, make a detailed checklist for them.
  5. Completion of cleaning. Remove all detergents, and put in place rags, gloves, and other auxiliary items. Then you should thoroughly wash your hands, ventilate the room and prepare to receive guests.

If you contact a company that provides cleaning services, experienced professionals will perform all these 5 points for you. In addition, such services often have professional equipment and household chemicals.

Ask if there are such services in your location. In addition, companies can provide additional services, such as a professional interior photographer who will create an attractive picture for your potential clients.

How to create a guest guide?

Another way to increase your attractiveness to the client is to compile a guide. Tell us about the sights of your city, and indicate the location of authentic restaurants, cafes, souvenir shops, exhibitions, and fairs. When compiling a guide, you should follow these simple rules:

  • Write briefly and concisely, without unnecessary verbal turns.
  • Describe interesting details and your own impressions of places.
  • Update the guide as needed.
  • Add colorful, high-quality photos – this will attract the attention of potential customers. It is best if these photos are taken by you personally: this way they look more natural and attract more attention.

Keep in mind that the guide is displayed on your profile, not a separate ad. Therefore, if you are renting several properties, try to create a universal option that would be suitable for each of them. You don’t have to create a separate guide for each of your properties.

Consumables – what to stock up on

A cozy home is more than just a clean room with a comfortable bed. An authentic atmosphere is a pleasant little thing that demonstrates care for guests. А bunch of wildflowers, a basket with local sweets for tea – this will melt the hearts of your clients.

Also, make sure to purchase all the necessary consumables in advance:

  • Soaps, shampoos, and shower gels, antiseptic in individual packaging. You can also additionally purchase hand cream and fragrances for the room.
  • Bath accessories: disposable slippers, towels, napkins.
  • Bed linen, pillows, blankets. It is better to buy several spare sets – in case of unforeseen situations.
  • Tablecloth, kitchen utensils, and a set of necessary utensils.

Pick up what else could make your client’s stay more comfortable: hair dryer, laptop space, iron and ironing board, etc.

Make your guests feel at home

One of the useful skills of hosts is to anticipate the needs and wishes of your guests. Feedback from your customers and customers of your competitors can help with this: analyze what they liked, what was missing, and what they would like.

In addition to meeting basic household needs, you can attract guests with the special atmosphere of your home. There are easy ways to do this:

  • Create an interesting design. It is not necessary to spend large sums on this: a beautiful painting from a flea market, stylish curtains, or authentic pottery can bring a unique mood to the interior.
  • Set up recreation areas. If you rent separate rooms, take care of comfortable areas for common leisure: a common patio, a living room, a playroom for children, and a kitchen.
  • Offer customers an interesting leisure time. Board games, table tennis, barbecue area – this will be a big plus for you as a host. Even on a short term vacation, people sometimes want to have a quiet time playing a munchkin in between sightseeing or outdoor activities.
  • Give something nice as a keepsake. For your guests, even a small souvenir is a memory of the journey and impressions. They will surely be very pleased.

Little details can make a huge difference to your rankings and your business – keep that in mind.

By adhering to these rules and paying enough attention to each of these stages, you will be able to successfully start your Airbnb rental business and skyrocket your results and rankings. Good luck!

Cheryl Hall

Cheryl Hall, a real estate broker with a Bachelor's in Business Administration from the University of Michigan, has guided our readers as a freelancer since 2021. Her 17 years of experience in the real estate market give her a keen insight into property trends and investment strategies. Moreover, her articles also offer a deep understanding of the complexities of real estate transactions and market analysis. Cheryl is an avid gardener in her leisure time and enjoys renovating her century-old home.

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