How to Be More Productive and Motivated For Study

Top-8 Tips on How to Become More Motivated and Productive for Study

Studying is never easy, and for many students, it often becomes a disabling burden to prepare all the required assignments and pass exams. Still, every issue can be addressed, especially if divided into parts. In the case of the problems with motivation and productivity for study, it can also be more easily addressed if you take a look at their main reasons:

  • distractions;
  • inclination to procrastination;
  • the lack of working mood.

In this article, you will find tips on how to cope with each of those reasons for stagnation in studies. So, keep reading, and you will get capable of accomplishing even the most difficult of your law term papers methodically and painlessly shortly after!

Eliminate distractions

“Distractions like butterflies are buzzing ‘round my head”, — one of Paul McCartney’s last hits starts with this line. Those ‘butterflies’ often become the #1 reason for stagnation in students’ progress in studies. Luckily, distractions can be successfully prevented with the help of these tactics:

1.      Use the web- and app-blockers

Both our desktops and smartphones are eternal sources of distractions if you haven’t set restrictions for notifications yet. It can even be said that distraction is one of the functions of those devices.

Still, you can regulate your notifications with the help of special settings, and block them with a special app or website blocking program. For example, try Forest or AppBlocker.

2.    Find your ideal study spot and keep it clean

You have to study at the most uncomfortable place in your house where sun rays get right into your eyes, there’s a lot of dust, and it’s noisy all the time… What can be more welcoming for distractions?

You’d better find the coziest and quietest place in your living area and do your assignments right there. It will become a lot easier for you to focus, and you will not likely ever want to be distracted by anything!

Also, if you want to cope with distractions once and for all and keep your focus safe and untouched, also beware of clutter and always keep your beloved workplace clean.

3.     Get use of music

It often happens that ordinary day-to-day sounds somehow prevent your concentration. For example, some of your neighbors always talk loudly. In these cases, music is the #1 means to ruin all that clutter in your head, and at last start focusing!

Stop procrastinating

Wasting time is so natural for everyone… And namely, this makes us consciously ruining all our plans and possible successes in the future. However, it is possible to address this issue as well:

4.      Structure your procrastination

Being discovered by a Stanford University professor, John Perry, this genius method of eliminating procrastination is based on its nature. The thing is, the goal of procrastination is simply to put off some big, difficult, inexplicit work.

So, if you add some more difficult tasks to your plans, your current seemingly difficult project will become a way to procrastinate from that more challenging task!

5.      Use the famous Pomodoro technique

This well-known method of productivity-boosting proved to be effective and save students from any temptations to procrastinate. The trick is in well-structured working time, where you have 25 mins for work, a break for 5-10 minutes, and the cycle repeats 4 times.

Sure thing, you can change the length of each of the periods so that you will have, for example, 40 minutes for work and 15 minutes to rest if it fits you better.

This method proves to be efficient every time because you have no sense to procrastinate or invent an agenda to distract on anything as your breaks are always scheduled!

If you still can’t find any inspiration for battling your procrastination, it can be reasonable to refer to this cheap dissertation writing service.

Take care of your working mood

There can be times when you have absolutely no desire to procrastinate or distract from your assignments on anything, but you do not work on your studies for some reason. And most likely that reason is the lack of working mood. You will find simple ways to gain it below:

6.      Start with the easiest tasks

If you have many assignments to complete and do feel some obstacles to start working on them, here is the tactic that will help you for sure.

The receipt is as effective as it is simple: to come in terms with piles of tasks, start working on the easiest of them first. This will allow you to develop your working mood and be more productive!

7.      Break down complex tasks into parts

Another sparklingly effective tactic of tuning into the beat of working on your studies is breaking down your complex assignments into parts. Why? — Because being broken into parts, your assignments look easier. Thus, they become simpler to start working on!

8.      Just get started!

Finally, it often happens that students simply postpone the moment of starting to work. So, sometimes the only key to effective work on studies is to just eventually start working. It means that if you want to work — you put away everything else and start working, here and right now!

The summary

Some issues can seem super-difficult to resolve, and the ones concerned with studying are often perceived as such. Still, when approaching them in an orderly manner, it dismantles itself as not that difficult to cope with at all!

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