How Often Should You Use PEMF?

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy is a pretty versatile type of treatment. Such therapy brings positivity to your body and mind. The biggest benefit one can get from PEMF is the aid it provides to our body’s healing process. Some people cannot heal as fast as a healthy person, so they might need external therapies like PEMF to keep going and have a better natural healing process.

Moreover, PEMF is also for those who want to rejuvenate the cells inside their bodies. PEMF therapy charges your body and its cell similarly like you charge your devices so they would last longer. There are uncountable benefits PEMF can provide to its users.

The good thing about PEMF is that it is FDA approved, which backs it even more for treating several ailments. Moreover, PEMF is not just for the young ones. One can use this non-invasive treatment for the elderly as well. It might help them heal their wounds sitting on a barcalounger as the immune system is not the same as you age.

Athletes are the perfect recipient of PEMF therapies. This group of people needs this the most. As PEMF doesn’t have any needles or post-operation recovery, it is highly suitable for patients with injuries that are becoming a hurdle. Faster healing and higher energy levels provided by the therapy can help them stand out.

Moreover, veterinarians also suggest PEMF therapy for pets and livestock. The cellular structure might be different from humans, but they, too, need cell rejuvenation.

PEMF therapy can occur in multiple ways. If you have an excellent professional therapist that can provide PEMF at an affordable price, go for it. Otherwise, there are numerous PEMF devices available in the market that you can use for your personal use. Since PEMF therapy is easy to perform, you can do it yourself while using your mobile phone or watching TV.

How Often Can You Use PEMF Therapy Devices?

The rate at which you can use PEMF devices on your body is highly subjective. It depends on the health outcome that you desire and your present condition. Of course, excess of everything is terrible, and overusing PEMF can be dangerous too, in rare cases.

If you’re suffering from inflammation, pain from arthritis, it requires PEMF therapy with multiple sessions. This type of treatment is different from traditional surgeries, so the healing process will be different too.

However, the primary health guidelines that PEMF devices come with are these:

● The Pulse Electromagnetic Field Therapy devices can be bought to use once a day.

● The patient can use their PEMF devices at multiple intervals within the day. It depends on how severe the pain is.

● The therapy sessions from PEMF devices vary from device to device, but the recommended time is 30 minutes.

● Half an hour session of PEMF taken twice a day is recommended according to the basic guideline.

Contraindications To Follow

Although PEMF devices and therapy have the lowest number of contraindications, it is not entirely harmless.

There are warnings that must be read before using PEMF therapy. For example, you cannot provide PEMF therapy to heart patients that have an active pacemaker in their heart. The electromagnetic pulses can make the pacemaker malfunction.

You cannot do PEMF on pregnant women. If a person has juvenile diabetes, tuberculosis, mycosis, or any viral disease, then PEMF should not be given.

People with tumors, epilepsy, infections, and magnetizable prostheses must not use PEMF therapy or devices.


PEMF is a safe therapy that the patient can get at least once a day, depending on the magnitude of their pain and illness. You can use Healthyline Outlet PEMF devices which are healthy and come in different varieties stacked in the cabinets. It is always advisable to do your homework before approaching such things.

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