How Much Does It Cost To Paint Lines On A Parking Lot?

Painting the parking lot lines regularly has several advantages. It is essential for many reasons, including the need to comply with ADA regulations, the maximization of available space, and improved curb appeal. You should re-stripe your parking lot at least every other year. Because this is a maintenance task that needs to be done regularly, it’s essential to know how much it costs to plan your budget.

There are various factors to assess when estimating the cost of parking lot line painting. Calculating how much it will cost to paint the lines on a parking lot requires keeping track of every element that will be painted. It includes the number of parking spots, those that are accessible to people with disabilities, arrows, stop bars, speed bumps, fire lanes, and even equipment like line painting machines.

The quote you receive from most companies will be presented to you as a single sum so that it will not confuse a property owner with a long list of prices. This post will walk you through the costs and fees associated with painting a parking lot line.

Cost Minimum for Parking Line Painting

Be aware that you may be subject to a minimum payment if your parking lot is on the smaller side. Moreover, bring-out costs, including personnel and equipment, are included in this price.

There are wide variations in pricing, but you can expect to pay the order of $425 on average for a lot with 30 to 50 parking places. But before we go too far, let’s take a closer look at the pricing per linear foot and the different parking lot line kinds.

Per Linear Foot

Instead of using square footage as a measurement for parking lots, you will provide an estimate depending on the number of painted lines or the number of linear feet required. As per the type of line required, the cost per linear foot ranges from $.20 to $1.00.

Consequently, a single parking space will cost between $4 and $5. You can expect companies to provide you with paint lines at least 4 inches thick when they quote you a price.

Specific Parking Lot Lines Painted at Various Prices

The cost of various line markings can range from a few dollars to nearly $20–30 per line since there are different types of line markings. The figures will change depending on the number of parking lot lines required, the type of necessary lines, and the amount of paint used on the cabinets.

If hiring a professional painting company, you should expect to pay between $90 and $150 for a 5-gallon bucket of paint. Utilizing water-based acrylic paint is recommended for the best possible outcomes.

Additional Factors to Consider When Estimating Parking Lot Painting Prices

Adding new stenciling for markings like fire lanes, loading zones, arrows, and other logos will increase the overall cost. A further expense is incurred at $1 per linear foot when the curb is marked.

Additionally, color markings may be necessary for some markings, which will raise the overall cost. It is crucial to keep in mind that the price will increase proportionately with the size of the parking lot because there will be greater demand for both standard parking spaces and spaces accessible by people with disabilities. Besides that, a mobilization fee of $250-350 is added, which often accounts for most of the total cost.


Ultimately, you will need a little planning to ensure that the striping in your parking lot always looks clean and vibrant. It will make your business look nice from the outside and give your customers an excellent first impression. In addition to this, it will protect them as they move around the parking lot. Everyone knows where to park as long as the parking lot is consistently marked with bright stripes.

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