Home Improvements Best Done in the Summer Months

In the summer months, we get to enjoy longer daylight hours and warmer weather, although this isn’t always guaranteed in the UK. Nevertheless, summer is a good time to do home improvements that involve opening up your home to the elements or working outdoors.

Whether you’re looking to spruce up your garden or make improvements inside the house, summer provides the perfect opportunity to complete these projects. Here are some of the best projects to plan for summer.

Exterior Painting

If you still have timber fascias, cladding, fences, or a shed, summer is the best time to get the paint, stain, or varnish out. The warmer temperatures and lower humidity of summer create ideal conditions for paint to dry quickly and adhere properly. Whether refreshing the existing colour or trying out a whole new look, summer is the best time to tackle these jobs. Just be sure to wait for an extended dry spell before you start.

Deck and Patio Upgrades

Summer is the ideal time to enhance your outdoor living spaces. Whether you have a deck or a patio, you can make improvements that will allow you to fully enjoy the warmer weather. Rub down, stain, and seal your deck to protect it from the elements and give it a fresh look. Adding outdoor furniture, installing lighting fixtures, or creating a cosy seating area can transform a tired patio into a stylish outdoor living space.

Landscaping and Gardening

The summer is a good time to work on your landscaping and gardening projects. You can cultivate flower beds, plant new shrubs or trees, and create a vibrant and inviting garden. If you get started early enough, you can even create a vegetable garden and grow your own salad greens and other summer veggies.

Window and Door Replacement

If your windows and doors are outdated or not energy efficient, summer is the best time to replace them. Home improvements involving new windows and doors can improve energy efficiency, enhance kerb appeal, and provide better insulation. With the favourable weather conditions of summer, the old windows and doors can be removed without rain and wind turning your home into an icebox.

Roof Maintenance and Repairs

Summer is an ideal time to inspect the roof and call a contractor in if repairs are needed. With clear skies and dry conditions, it’s easier to identify any issues such as loose tiles or slates, leaks, or damage. Addressing these problems promptly can prevent further damage and protect your home from potential water penetration in winter.

Summer is a good time to install outdoor lighting fixtures, whether it’s highlighting pathways, adding security floodlights, or fitting decorative lighting to accentuate your landscaping. With longer daylight hours, you can also take advantage of natural light to plan and position your outdoor lighting effectively.

Summer provides an excellent opportunity for homeowners to undertake various home improvement projects. Some of the above projects you can do as a DIY task whereas others will require professional assistance. Just remember to book tradesmen well in advance, as summer is typically a busy time for them.

Gerald Parker

With a rich experience spanning over 20 years in home maintenance, Gerald Parker holds a degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Texas. He also holds an MBA from Harvard Business School. He began his career in construction management, later shifting to editorial roles in 2015. Outside work, he enjoys hiking and volunteers for habitat restoration projects. He is also a keen DIY enthusiast and a model train collector.

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