Home Décor To Showcase Your Patriotism

There are dozens and dozens of ideas on how you can showcase and boast your patriotism. The most honorable one might possibly be setting up a flag on your lawn or roof. You can check out websites to look for one. Or you can also see molon labe flag here. But you can get more creative than that while still keeping your country in mind. Here are top-tier home décor ideas that will surely get the patriot in you to stand out at home.


One of the best ways to highlight patriotism at home is through paintings. It is an obvious choice if you want to add spice to wooden or concrete walls. Add a coating of the old blue and red, and nothing can be more patriotic than that right above the sofa.

Americana Wallpaper

Another alternative is to set up Americana wallpaper in your home. But some of these wallpaper products come in striking hues of blue and red. You might feel like patriotism is hitting you in the face as you enter the room. However, there are wallpaper products available now that are pleasant to the eye. You can also check out wallpapers that repeat familiar symbols, such as stars, flags, and eagles.

Patriotic Wreath

Who says that wreaths are only associated with the Advent season? The thing with a patriotic wreath is that you can have one any time of the year. Not only that, but you can also hang a wreath in almost every part of your house. It does not have to be only on the main door. You can set it up high on a wall, on windows, and so much more.


You can also show your love for your country by fashioning your pillows with patriotic designs. That way, you can express your country’s love even as you hit the sack. One perk of this décor is that you can get pre-made pillows from an outlet or online store. You also have the option to customize it as you wish. Or how about unleashing your sewing and knitting skills and making a unique design entirely with puff embroidery?


Posters showcasing patriotism are a bit like paintings. They convey the same message. However, posters have an edge that oil and acryllic paintings do not. Posters come in all manner of designs and flair. They do not have to be stuck in those revolutionary or colonial scenes of the way back. The designs can be modern and digital. You can even spice a poster up with a touch of pop culture. However, make sure that anyone who sees it gets it. You do not want to offend anyone.

Patriotic Garden Gnomes

The lawn seems a bit way too green. How about you add in a touch of blue, white, and red? You can get your hands on some patriotic garden gnomes from several shops. Place a gnome or two there, and they will take care of the rest. There is also the choice of painting old garden gnomes as well. You can paint an old one with no professional assistance. You can express your artistic side that way. Plus, you get to save some cash by not buying a new gnome overall.


You cannot complete your patriotic décor without adding a touch of organic artistry to the mix. You can head out to your local flower shop and pick flowers that fit the bill. Mother Nature has graced us with tons of flowers that boast the traditional patriotism colors. It will be up to you to mix and match them as you please. Not only do they add up to the theme you plan to set up. They also spruce up your setting with a more lived-in feel. That is two birds with one stone.


The thing with a patriotism centerpiece is that you can add almost anything to it. You can place tons of small items on a basket or toy van to show what you want to convey. Set red and blue hearts, miniature flags, and candles – the list goes on and on.

Welcome Mat

Another neat piece is a welcome mat. You can express your patriotism by getting a welcome mat or two to celebrate the concept. Just remember not to be rude to mess it up. Make sure that no guest does so as well.

As A Final Note

There are hundreds and hundreds of ways and ideas how you can show your love for the country. But that does not mean you have to bombard your house with items that express it. Material things can only do so much when it comes to patriotism. You can also show it by making the right choices and doing what is right.

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