Centre for Pelvic Reconstructive Surgery

Via Arqu,

41100 Modena (MO)



Hesperia Hospital is a modern Private Hospital in Northern Italy located in the city of Modena. The Centre for Pelvic Reconstructive Surgery provides services in urology and gynaecology for patients suffering from pelvic dysfunction including prolapse and incontinence. The Centre for Pelvic Reconstructive Surgery in Modena is affiliated with the Centre for Pelvic Reconstructive Surgery at Sydney Adventist Hospital, Sydney Australia.


Services Provided:

Clinical and diagnostic assessment of pelvic problems

Stress Incontinence procedures

Pelvic floor reconstruction

Prolapse repair with mesh and/or biological prostheses

Treatment of Surgical Complications

Removal of Mesh and other Prostheses

Restoration of Normal Anatomy

Repeat surgery for failed operations

Postgraduate training workshops in Advanced Pelvic Reconstructive Surgery



Medical Staff

Dr Daniele Grassi - Director, Urologist

Dr Grassi is a specialist urologist who is trained in Advanced Pelvic Reconstructive Surgery. He has worked at Hesperia Hospital since 2001 and is acknowledged as an expert surgeon in Italy and Europe. Dr Grassi has presented at International Conferences and is host to major conferences in Italy for Urologists and Gynaecologists.


Dr Bruce Farnsworth - Consultant Gynaecologist

Dr Farnsworth is a Pelvic Reconstructive Surgeon based at Sydney Adventist Hospital. He regularly consults and operates at Hesperia Hospital where he sees patients from Europe who wish to avoid travelling to Australia. Visit Dr Farnsworth's website at www.drbruce.com.au



How to Contact Us:


Dr Daniele Grassi                                                Dr Bruce Farnsworth

Telephone +39 059 449191                              Telephone: +61 2 94738555

Mobile +39 3485160699                                    Mobile: +61 416373772

Fax  +39 059 449537                                         Fax: +61 2 94738559


Email: grassi.urology@libero.it                            Email: brucef@sanclinic.com.au

Website: www.grassiurology.info                        Website: www.drbruce.com.au



How do you find our Clinic ?



                 You can travel Easily to Modena in Italy:

                 By Aeroplane - Fly directly to Bologna Airport.

                 By Automobile - see attached map of Modena

                 By Train - centrally located railway station


                     Contact us if you have any problems with transport.