The flu vaccine was created to prevent you from getting the flu, but unfortunately, it may not even be able to do that. If you get the flu after being immunized, it may make your illness milder than it would have been without the vaccine. The vaccine has the potential to benefit everyone around you as well as yourself. Since the virus spreads easily, if you get vaccinated, you’re hopefully that one less person sharing it with the world. The reason there are new vaccinations every year and that last year’s isn’t effective anymore is because the vaccine is reformulated every year. It has to be done in a way to protect against strains of the virus that were predicted by the CDC to be most widespread.

The flu vaccine can also save a child’s life. A 2017 study showed the flu vaccination can reduce a child’s risk of dying from influenza. It has also been shown to reduce intensive care unit admissions and the overall duration of hospital stays. The adults that were vaccinated spent, on average, 4 days less in the ICU than those who weren’t vaccinated.


How To Prevent The Flu Naturally

There are 3 possible ways to naturally prevent the flu. The first is sleep. Sleep, in general, is very important to one’s physical and mental health. The longest record of someone not sleeping is 11 days. The then 17-year-old began hallucinating around day 10 and attribute their current insomnia to their childhood stunt. Sleep helps strengthen our immune system as well as our brain. And not getting enough of it seriously leaves us with little protection against viruses, big and small. Being careful to get enough sleep every night can be crucial in preventing yourself from catching the flu this year.

The second way to prevent contracting the influenza virus is by washing your hands. I know it sounds simple because you probably think you wash your hands thoroughly enough. Well, I’m here to tell you that you don’t. The flu is spread like any other virus, from a cough or sneeze. If you are near someone who has the flu and you happen to touch something that might have touched their saliva, your hand now has the virus and if you then rub your eyes- you’re done, you’ve got the flu. This is why washing your hands with hand sanitizer or the old-fashioned way is necessary before you touch your face or someone else’s.

The third way to prevent the flu may come as a surprise to you but it’s exercising! It’s a lesser known fact that exercise promotes good circulation, lowers risk of infection, and releases endorphins- basically natural painkillers. It’s important that you work exercise into your weekly routine. It’s a lot easier to prevent yourself from getting the flu than it is to get through it once it’s contracted.


Every choice we make in life comes with risks. The same goes for the influenza vaccination. If you do decide to get it, you can have a negative reaction and even still contract the flu. If you decide not to get the shot, you may get the flu. If you contract the virus after not getting the vaccination, you wouldn’t know if you would have gotten it even if you did get the vaccine. There are many types of people that are not supposed to get flu shots, for example children under 6 months. There are also types of people that are specifically recommended to get flu shots, like pregnant women. Let me ask you this: Why does it make sense for a pregnant woman to get a vaccine that a child 6 months and younger is not even allowed to have. Last time I checked, an unborn child is under 6 months.

This all leads me to the final question- do you need the flu shot for 2019? I’m going to say…probably not. The chances of it actually preventing you from getting the flu are very slim. It also contains a lot of harmful chemicals and other strange ingredients that you wouldn’t want to be injected into your body. Either way, whatever decision you do make – ensure that it is an educated one. One of my favorite lines to live by is: Everybody does what everybody does, because that’s what everybody does. Don’t be an everybody.

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