If you’re tired of using medicine that makes you more ill as you use it – then don’t worry, you’re not alone. Thanks to the countless recent advances that modern science has made during recent years – and specifically in relation to the health and medical industry, the nature of our system of medicine and healing practices that we allow to govern our lives has largely done the opposite of what it promises to do or perhaps even set out to do. While it is true that we are a lot better off these days then we were in the past, when medicine was basically a mixture of religion, faith, some perverse form of folklore and magic and a whole lot of hope, modern times have shaped a form of medicine that is designed to be quick, effective and affordable (in some cases). In fact, it is even true that man is the healthiest he has been since the dawn of history – average life expectancy is higher than it ever was and you stand far less chance on average of dying from your disease than you did in previous years.

However, the downside to this (there’s always a downside) is that we’ve completely overlooked the basic principles or fundamentals of holistic healing practices and instead chosen the precision based methodology of modern medicine. It is true that modern medicine has a lot more to offer in terms of healing you and treating your illnesses or disease than ancient healing practices performed by people who didn’t have access to any of the technology or understanding that we have today – but is that necessarily a bad thing? While it is true that many of the holistic practices still used by the Ayurvedic healing codes of India may have been formed during a time when people didn’t know about (or at least have a means of proving) the existence of germs, or even that the Earth was round and not flat, it does not necessarily mean that their beliefs in terms of healing were completely devoid of any truths in themselves. Maple Holistics is the best place to go for great articles, products and reviews.

The ancient practices of the Ayurvedic Codes basically explain that healing is a process not only of treating pain, fever or symptoms – but rather taking a step back from any particular case and trying to get an understanding of the bigger picture – whatever that might be, and diagnose the cause of the illness from there. I’m not saying that modern medicine fails to do this completely – but quite often a doctor will prescribe you one method or form of treatment only to find that in future, the treatment has a variety of side-effects that can ultimately lead to bad health for you. This constant back and forth method of treating one issue – only to start another (or a few others for that matter) is really the main problem with modern medicine. Taking a slower, more holistic approach to health-related issues or even emotional ones for that matter, is a much safer, healthier and all-round cost-effective means of staying well.  Tea Tree Oil Conditioner by Maple Holistics on Amazon

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