• Update - March 12, 2014

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    I have never been so proud of Hannah before.

    BC Cancer Agency has never had a child even close to Hannah's age go into the radiation planning machine and a CT scan without being sedated. Hannah showed them today how brave she is and laid perfectly still for almost an hour doing everything they asked!!

    Today was also the first time ever a mother has come into the radiation planning and CT machines too. I had to get special approval and after gowning up they took my picture as the first mom!

    My kid is such a rock star!!!


    I was having such a great day after watching my brave girl go through so much today and still smiling but then our doctor just came in and told us Hannah's bone marrow biopsy today shows cancer has come back. All the treatment she just had has done nothing and now the odds of Hannah surviving have dropped and the odds are against us.

    He asked us again today if we want to walk away. I'm so sad.

  • Update - March 10, 2014

    10001309 10203334108024303 495855445 nToday I fight back the tears as we packed up all our things and say good bye to our friends, teddies and our home. I will always stay positive but the sad reality is that today may be the last time we are home as a family again. I will never give up on this little girl no matter what doctors say. Hannah is my best friend and I refuse to live my life without her.

    This will be the scariest part of our entire journey. This is our last option and no treatment after this of any kind can be done. As most know it's going to get a lot harder for her before it gets better and our doctor promised he won't let Hannah suffer. He has told us all the horrible things that are going to happen in transplant and we are scared shitless and can only hope Hannah comes out the winner for once and for all.

    On the 19th of march I will start my count down at 100 and everyday it will go down until it's 0 and we are on route home with our baby girl. Thank you everyone who has helped us get through this horrible nightmare so far and everyone continue to pray for our special princess who is already talking about the stuff she wants to do when she gets back home. She is very excited for kindergarten .

  • Update - March 6, 2014

    1912447 10203294825522265 1829682739 n1We are on route home but sadly only get 3 days before we move over to Vancouver for 4 months. We have 3 days to pack and try to prepare ourselves for what we are about to go through.

    Today I cried to the doctor when they told me Hannah's heart test came back showing damage has been done and cardiac medication will be needed to try and prevent her heart from failing. This is my worst nightmare what's about to happen. There is nothing that could ever happen that is worse then this.

    People are constantly asking me how I'm doing and I'm happy so many people care but all I can think to say back is imagine being told your daughter could die. Imagine being told she may never see the next 30 days. Imagine being told that transplant can cause this horrible rash that's fatal and that they treat you like a 3rd degree burn patient. Imagine being told there is no way to prevent some suffering. Imagine being told that your the only one who can now save her life. Imagine being told if transplant doesn't work she will be dead.

    I so badly want to skip to the future to avoid the pain our family is going through but then I so badly want time to stop so that I can give Hannah a million hugs and kisses and not fear it will be the last.

  • Update - March 4, 2014

    20140213122751-556939 10200777472310008 1870025081 nThe days are fast approaching. On March 12th Hannah will go for surgery again to have her 5th line put in before transplant.   On the 13th we start hard treatment to wipe her bone marrow out which will completely suck the life out of her.

    Hannah is at bc children's right now seeing dentist, audiology, respiratory, dermatologist, ECG, Echo, GFR, ophthalmology and to meet with DR Goddard our radiologist to insure Hannah is fully ready for transplant and all organs have a good fighting chance. Then on March 19th I will go into Vancouver General Hospital for surgery. I will have 1 Litre of stem cells extracted from my body in the operating room. Then my stems cells will be transferred to BC Children's Hospital where Hannah will be awaiting them. I know I will wake up crying and very scared and just wanting my little girl. We will be separated for the day.

    I still can't believe Hannah's last chance at life is all on my shoulders. My body badly needs to fight to keep her here. All I can do is give it my all and hope that all this suffering pays off and she gets to live the life she so badly deserves.

    The first 30 days is where our fears will lay afraid of her organs failing and her to die in transplant. If Hannah can fight and survive the 30 days we will keep hope that cancer will not return within the next 100 days we live in hospital. If Hannah can beat both organ failure and a relapse we will return home come July and hopefully stay there. No more chemotherapy can happen. No more radiation. No alternative options. Hannah's body will not be strong enough for anything more.

    This is so scary and I can't believe my baby, my best friend in the world has to go through all of this just for a chance at life. No child should have to fight so hard to stay on earth. No matter what, Rob and I will be by Hannah's side fighting to keep her here. We love this innocent child so much and can not picture life without her.

    We love you Hannah Louise day. Hopefully all your fighting will be over soon.

  • Update - March 3, 2014

    january 30b 7

    On Friday night there was a benefit concert for Hannah. We were so blessed to see hundreds of people show up to support our family and so many talented artist volunteer their time. I cried far more then I expected.

    Rebecca Sky and Dave Zellinsky I can't thank you enough for what you have done. I've never met such an amazing family - not to mention all the volunteers that night.

    Hannah and Rob were able to attend right at the end to see Vince Vaccaro sing. After the event Rob had a chance to go over and shake his hand personally and thank him for attending. Later that night Vince went home after feeling the sadness in Rob's eyes and couldn't sleep thinking about what poor Rob has to go through so instead of sleeping he wrote a personal song for him.

    With Vince's permission we are going to share a song that makes us cry everytime we hear it.  We will keep this song close to our hearts for the rest of our lives. You can read the lyrics and/or listen to the song at https://app.box.com/s/fgil20cuftdixinjbn4g

    You can watch a slide show set to the song at http://web.photodex.com/view/k6md4bm4/25684

  • Update - March 1, 2014

    1964878 10203187061028220 950361376 nAfter 2 long weeks and no answers they have decided to discharge us with unexplained fevers. They just don't know how they can help us anymore and don't think being in the hospital is doing any good for her.

    After all our bags were packed and Hannah was so excited to get out, her blood work came back and to the shock of everyone her potassium was so low she could have had a cardiac arrest. Her magnesium was also at a low and a emergency magnesium transplant had to happen.

    Poor Hannah now wasn't allowed to leave and cried her face off. This poor kid really cant catch a break.

  • Update - February 19, 2014

    1960048 10153821757185483 1192448523 nHannah has been in hospital for sometime now with unexplained fevers so they have done a x-ray which showed what they believe was pneumonia. They have been giving her every antibiotic to cover every possible infection but Hannah isn't responding to them and is spiking fevers so high she's hallucinating.

    Today she had a ultrasound and cat scan which showed that she has a small cotton ball looking thing in her lungs. They don't believe it is cancer but are sending her images away for further testing at BC Children's Hospital. They believe she has a fungal pneumonia which can be very hard to treat, sometimes requiring months of treatment.  This would mean that the transplant would once again be on hold and that they would have to try to give her more chemo to keep her body in the right state for transplant.

    If Hannah doesn't respond to these new fungal antibiotics she will go into the operating room and have a biopsy done. This is never ending.

  • Update - February 17, 2014

    1656293 10152175143868887 544743237 nHannah is still having unexplained fevers so tonight she went for scans. I'm terrified to see what they're going to find. Praying for nothing but then what the heck can it be?!


    Scans show Hannah has pneumonia. The weird part is Hannah has zero symptoms of any kind of pneumonia. She also has C. difficile again but her stool is black. Tests done yesterday discovered blood from possible internal bleeding. All this is so strange and this kid never gets a break. Tomorrow I will leave Hannah's side and take off to Vancouver to get exams and testing done in hopes that Hannah can still have this transplant.

  • Update - February 16, 2014

    Hannah's bone marrow has completely stopped working. Every day she needs a blood product now to stay alive. She doesn't eat and is down to 25 pounds. I can no longer hold, hug or kiss her without it causing her pain. For Hannah to move her body at all causes her serious pain. She is pale, nathargic and miserable.

  • Update - February 14, 2014

    hannah-at-windowMy poor little girl wants to be able to go outside but instead has to watch cars and people walk by with such a sad look on her face. It's not the way you should be spending your Valentine's day. Hannah spiked a bad fever and after a big argument with the hospital I lost the fight when they said my 30 days I might have left with her could be cut to 48 hours if I leave. Whatever Hannah is fighting now is going to be a hard fight with zero ability to fight it. Right now her liver is seeing some bad damage and our appointments for next week in Vancouver are cancelled and the transplant is on hold.

  • Update - February 3, 2014

    Hannah Day and FamilyNow that the media is all aware it's only fair I share what's happening with everyone who loves my little girl.

    Originally the plan was for Hannah to have intensive amounts of chemotherapy followed by radiation before a transplant would happen. Because Hannah has had so much radiation from getting her first cancer they are unable to give her any more. This means they can not fight the leukemia and a stem cell transplant can't happen from a stranger - even one who is a 10 out of 10 match.

    Our options now are to give her the best quality of life with ongoing chemo that will keep the cancer at bay with little damage to the body (but by the time Hannah is 6.5 years old she would be dead) OR we do a very rare haplo transplant  with ME being Hannah's donor. If we want a life time cure the latter is our only option.

    I am only a half match for Hannah but because Hannah was in my tummy and my stem cells helped protect her once, my stem cells are the only one that has the chance to kill any remaining leukemia cells. This being said doctors told us today that there is a 40 percent chance of fatality doing this transplant because her organs might fail and she would die. If she can beat the 30 day transplant and hold on we will have to live another 100 days in hospital praying for no relapse. If she relapsed they said it would happen right away and would be fatal as well.

    I want everyone to know how thankful we are to see so many people try to save her life. It was successful and matches were found but now will not work. It is all on my shoulders now. I am the only one who can save my baby's life. At this point they can only tell us we will have Hannah here with us for 30 days until the transplant happens.

    So our choices are to give Hannah palliative care for two years, then say our goodbyes, or do the transplant and take the risk Hannah could die next month.

    What a horrible decision a parent should never have to make.

  • Update - January 30, 2014

    january 30 3We have had such an amazing time here - so nice to be away from hospitals. We feel free for the first time in a long time.

    Thank you to make a wish for granting such amazing wishes to all these beautiful children. Thank you for everyone back home who has done so much in taking the burden of money off our shoulders and thank you for everyone for all the love and support.

    It is freezing in Orlando Florida - the same temperature as Vancouver. We have done both parks at Universal and 3 days at Disney world. Because of bad rain and winds we decided to take off bright and early and head to Miami Beach. Then later we will go check out the Give Kids the World Village back in Orlando and then off to Legoland to spend our last day. Then our fantasy vacation will end and back to our nightmare of our reality life.

  • Update - January 26, 2014

    make-a-wishCan't wait to start the day! We have unlimited passes to DisneyWorld (all parks), unlimited to Universal Studios, unlimited to Seaworld, and today they gave us passes to Lego Land!

    Plus, we are at the Nickelodeon Resort which is jam packed with fun! So much to do, so little time!

    It's 11am here and the kids need to get their butts out of bed - the time change is messing us up. Make a Wish, you rock!

  • Update - January 24, 2014

    if-i-could-take-your-placeTonight at the hotel Hannah and I were walking through the gift shop when this lady came up and just wanted to pray for Hannah. She cried and said she wished she could have Hannah's cancer so Hannah didn't have to suffer. She wanted to give Hannah a big hug then said she would buy Hannah anything she wanted. Of course this brought tears to my eyes.

    Shortly after returning to our room a hotel staff came up with this card and a teddy bear.  All over the card are hearts and it says she will never stop thinking about Hannah and wishes she could be the one with cancer.

  • Update - January 22, 2014

    long-roadMy poor baby is fading away and it's so hard to sit here and watch it.

    She is a skeleton and refuses to take a bite of food. She complains it hurts to bad. There is no negotiating with her either - no bribing will work. I can't even hold her or give her a hug because every part of her is so sore.

    She has no muscle left to walk or even stand. Her bone marrow is not working anymore and she can't survive these days without transfusions. Her platelets are so low that internal bleeding could happen. Even with a blood transfusion it's not working and continues to drop.

    I'm starting to regret booking her make a wish trip but all I wanted was for Hannah to have some fun in a magical place away from hospitals and medicine. I've seen so many kids not get there wish granted and spend there life in hospital then die in them. I don't want this for Hannah. I know the best thing for Hannah right now is for her to live in hospital but what kind of life is that. She's so depressed when there and cries to come home.

    This is why this transplant coming up is so important and the more people continue to sign up the better chance my sweet innocent baby will have. Her body can not take anymore. It's exhausted and we know chemo isn't working anymore.

    I'm so sad right now all I want to do is cry. I can't stop her suffering, I can't do anything for her but constantly tell her how much I love her and that I'm so happy I got her.

    - Brooke

  • Hannah and The Bear

    Sometimes life gives you more to handle than you can bear and sometimes it gives you more bear than you can handle.

    Like Hannah, tens of thousands of people around the world are waiting for a transplant. YOU might be the match!  

    Please go to http://www.hannahday.ca/internationalhope and see if your country has a stem cell registry.  If so, please register as a donor and spread the word around.

    hannah and bear card

  • Update - January 15, 2014

    Hannah now has flu and C. difficile.

  • Update - December 24, 2013

    hannah and brook dec 2013

    Disappointing news! Hannah's family members are not a match for a stem cell transplant for Hannah.

    In order for Hannah to live she needs to find a donor that is a 100% match. Please visit www.OneMatch.ca and register to be a stem cell donor. YOU could save Hannah's life!

  • Update - December 19, 2013

    Saturday morning, Hannah suffered a seizure in my arms and stopped breathing. Again she was rushed to hospital unresponsive and is now in ICU under going tests on why this could of happened.

    They have discovered Hannah has pancreatitis and an inflamed liver, but none of this explains why Hannah suffered a seizure and won't come to. Hannah is suffering and in a lot of pain.  Even though she is unable to tell us, the machines can see she is suffering and pain meds are being given to keep her comfortable.

    Hannah has gone 5 days with no food and still can't have anything; no feeding tube either as it will make the pancreatitis worse.

    Doctors can only tell us that these are side effects of chemo but brain scans and EEG for brain activity will tell us what damage is being done. Chemo seems to be killing Hannah faster than the cancer and continuing treatment is unknown.

    Hannah does continue to improve over the days and has opened her eyes and tries to communicate, but her body doesn't seem to be able to keep up. Please pray for little Hannah and we all can only hope for a full recovery.

    - Brooke

    In order for Hannah to live she needs to find a donor that is a 100% match. Please visit www.OneMatch.ca and register to be a stem cell donor. YOU could save Hannah's life! 

  • Update - November 28, 2013

    dark clouds

    Days before Hannah's Make A Wish trip, regular blood work has revealed horrifying news: Hannah now has leukemia.  This leukemia is a result of the chemo drug (itopiside) that she received. The chance of this was less than 1 percent. Even more heart breaking, after doctors discovered the leukemia they went back to her final scans from October and saw that the leukemia was already there and had been missed: they were looking for her rhabdomyosarcoma, not leukemia.

    Because chemotherapy caused this leukemia, chemotherapy can't fix this leukemia. Hannah's best chance of living is that her baby sister, Hailey, might be a perfect match for a stem cell transplant.  

    In order for Hannah to live she needs to find a donor that is a 100% match. Please visit www.OneMatch.ca and register to be a stem cell donor. YOU could save Hannah's life!

  • Update - May 28, 2013

    cancerfreeHannah is cancer free!!! After 9 months of chemo and radiation. BC Children's Hospital is amazing. Hannah came into this hospital full of a one of a kind cancer. The doctors had never met a child like Hannah before and now they are happy to say she is in remission.

    Our goal is to keep her in remission for 90 years!!! Hannah still has about 4 months left of chemo then I hope she can return to being a normal 3-year-old child and our family can be happy again.

    Once Hannah's treatment is complete we are planning a trip to Disneyland as a family. We are booking "Bouncy Castles" as a way to raise the funds needed to take Hannah and her sister Hailey to Disneyland where she will get to meet Mickey Mouse and the whole gang. If you would like to help out by either donating to Hannah's Disneyland Adventure or booking a Bouncy Castle we, as a family, would very much appreciate it!

    Brooke, Rob, Hannah and Hailey.

  • Update - January 11, 2013


    Good news and bad news. Hannah's scans came back cancer free to the naked eye. But as they zoomed in on machines to have a really good look and found 2 small hot spots; one being in the lung and one attached to the heart. They do believe chemo will kill those hot spots but radiation has to happen anyways. The only problem is that now, having found those hot spots, they now have to do more radiation than expected and most likely radiate her heart. We all know the horrible side effects of this.

    Surgery doesn't look like a possibility because its just to close to heart. Hannah's case gets presented next Thursday at the Tumor board and they will discuss what the next step will be. We were hoping for better news then this but of course will accept it if she is to be cancer free.

  • Update - December 15, 2012

    We are happy to say Hannah has finally broken her tempature and had a blood transfusion today. She has her energy back and now has color back in her. We are waiting for the results of the infection that hopefully will come tomorrow to see what we are dealing with. If nothing comes back then it is a viral infection and can not be treated. Chemo was suppose to be on Monday at BC Children's Hospital but will be postponed as she is to sick for it.

    We will be at Victoria General Hospital until her counts come back up and her fever stays away and of course after we find out what were dealing with. Hannah is still keeping her spirits up considering she is locked in a isolation room. She is doing arm hugs (blood pressure ) and tempature on herself and making the best of it.

  • Update - December 13, 2012

    Hannah has become very sick. She was rushed into emergency at 1am with counts very low, puking and a very high fever. An X-ray was done and shows some kind of infection - possibly pheumonia. If she gets worse she will be airlifted back to BC Children's Hospital. We are in isolation as her counts are 0.00.

  • Update - November 16, 2012

    We got some pretty upsetting news today. They are wanting Hannah to have radiation. We were OK with it until they explained with what outcome. Hannah will not be able to grow tall like she was suppose to. Also, the radiation is going to be directly on her tummy which will cause her tummy to not grow properly either. Hannah will have no chance of having kids after radiation. If we decide against radiation there is a 80 percent chance Hannah's cancer will come back. If we go through with radiation there is a 20 percent chance of it coming back. We are emotional and don't know what to do. Hannah will be sedated everyday for 6 weeks while radiation is happening. After hearing this news Hannah's dad, Rob, just cannot let her go.


Cards and Letters

pink-envelopeFour-year-old Hannah really enjoys receiving cards and letters.

You can mail her at:

Hannah Day
C/O 2714 Sooke Road
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