Remember that awesome scene in The Godfather, where Michael and the friend are standing in front of the hospital when a car rolls by, and they both pretend to have a gun in their pocket? Yeah, this post has nothing to do with that. Nevertheless, it is an awesome scene.

Having a good hair care routine is not only recommended, it is damn near necessary for your hair and scalp to develop properly. The body produces and secretes certain amounts of sebum (natural body oil), and in the area of the scalp this can get tricky. The thing which regular shampoos and conditioner do is replace the body’s natural process with their own formula. Is this a good thing? Depends who you ask, really.

I found that it was not good for me. I found that after a few days of not using my go-to products, I began to feel a shift. I went through a few days of discomfort, and then I found what I wanted to find: my own balance. My unique way of taking care of my hair. I didn’t go back to using my regular products. I started using only products which support the body’s natural process, rather than ones which seek to replace it with their own formula. I went kind of “no poo”, and decided that it really does suit my style better.

My hair began to react a lot better once I decided to let it do its thing. I only wash my hair once every week or two. And once every month and a half I use baking soda as shampoo and apple cider vinegar as a conditioner. It is one of the best ways to clean the scalp and make sure that no unwanted elements stay on board.

Strip clean, and use natural products. I’ve been doing this for a while. It may not work for everyone. No, wait. It will definitely not work for everyone, and that is okay. The whole point of going natural, is that you find your own formula, your own combinations of products which work best for you. It is with this kind of process that your body can thrive. And as much as it is true to hair and scalp, it is also true to other areas of your body. Tea tree oil shampoo.

There is a lot to be said in favor of modern medicine and cosmetics, but it seems that in our haste to have everything Bigger! Better! Faster! Now! – we kind of forgot to look after ourselves, and not just at our looks. What can be done? Well, you could try using less commercial products, and more DIY products. I know, it sounds like a hassle and a pain in the ass. But consider this: when you know which compounds and elements affect you in the best possible way; when you know which seasons affect you in which ways; when you know what your body does, and when you compliment it with a natural product – as opposed to a commercial one – the long-term results you get are far better than anything you could buy. This is not true to the short-term. In the short-term, you may very well find that it is the over-the-counter, supermarket-aisle products which can yield the best results. This still doesn’t make them better, mind you.

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