Guidelines For Leaving Your Child At Home While You Go For Work: 10 Points For Experts

If you are looking for work or have a job, you may have a child that’s home. They might be old enough to stay home alone until your spouse or older family members return home. However, you want to follow these ten points we’ve listed below about making sure they are safe.

Your child can still come across dangerous situations while they’re home alone. You may be working and dealing with worry. However, this guide will help create that peace of mind you need.

Let’s take a look now at the following list below.

Installing a security system

A security system will be a must-have in your home. Especially if you have children who stay home while at work. Even if they are old enough to stay home, you’ll want to make sure they are safe and able to operate the security system when needed.

This means they will need to stay on the line should Smith Thompson support calls to your home. You’ll want to find a security system that covers your basic needs and preferences. You’ll want to find the best protection possible for your home (among all other factors).

Provide them with emergency numbers

Of course, this includes 911. But you’ll want them to have a list of contact numbers in case they are needed. This can include your work phone number, cell phone number, and the numbers of any member of your household who has a phone.

Things can happen to the point where you may need to come home and tend to it. However, emergency situations that require the proper services can be accessed via 911. You can call them using the remote features on your security system (if available).

Secure specific items around house

This includes locking up cupboards that store any of the following items: flammable materials, medications (with the exception of OTC medicines), chemicals and cleaners, and other items that may pose a threat to your child’s safety.

If you own firearms or various weapons, make sure they are as secure as possible. Install a trigger guard for your firearms and make sure they are unloaded. This can prevent accidental discharge that can seriously injure or kill a child.

Security is more than just setting up a security system. The items we’ve mentioned are worth securing and keeping out of reach of the children staying home alone.

Set up a fire safety plan

A fire safety plan will be something your entire family must know. This includes checking on fire alarms and detectors. Check to see if the batteries need to be replaced.

Know the layout of your home and plan out escape routes in the event of a fire. Practice these escape routes on a regular basis. You’ll never know if and when the real thing might happen, but it’s good to be prepared.

Of course, make sure that your child dials 911 the moment they successfully escape your home during a fire.

Who to answer the door to?

There are people who should visit your house. And there are others that shouldn’t. You’ll want to teach your child who you should open the door for (and when not to do it).

Help them learn familiar faces. These can include neighbors and other family members. Emphasize that they should never answer the door if it’s someone they don’t know.

This is one more reason why a security system will be useful. This way, your child will know who’s at the door by looking at the camera.

Make computers safer for them

The Internet can be a place where kids can explore things. It may be a place where they come across explicit materials. Or talk to strangers posing to be children (with ill intent).

It’s important to consider the idea of adding safeguards for your web browser. This way, your child will be able to surf the web without having to get caught up in any dangerous situations. Let them play games, talk with friends, or watch YouTube videos.

As long as the safeguards are in place, nothing can go wrong. However, there may be the off chance that cyber issues can occur.

Show them where they can find specific items

If there is a small fire, you’ll want them to use a fire extinguisher. Show them where it is and teach them how to use it.

If they are dealing with a small injury, help them locate the first aid kit in case they need it. If they need to know where something is, show them. This will help them remember and easily locate it whenever they need it.

Make sure that your child has these safety essentials just in case. If you don’t have them, get them as soon as you can.

Make sure they monitor younger children

If you have an older child in your family, they may be tasked to watch over their younger siblings. Keep tabs on them regularly to see how they are doing. Make sure you train them on any basic safety measures such as first aid.

You want your older child to set a good example for the younger ones. Make sure they follow the house rules and ensure that their younger siblings do the same. They may be home alone with the kids most of the time, but you’ll have peace of mind knowing they’ll do the right thing when needed.

Give them certain times for certain tasks

We don’t mean chores. We mean when they should lock the doors, shut off the lights, or something else. If you have a smart security system, you can program the locks to be engaged at a certain time.

You can teach them how to disengage the locks when you arrive home. Help them perform certain checks and tasks such as making sure the locks are actually secure.

Keep electrical wires safe

Make sure that the wires are not damaged or frayed. They can cause a fire. Also, make sure they are managed properly.

The goal here is preventing electric shock from happening. It can happen to younger children and they may have no way of knowing the grave risks that it carries.

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