Go Green for Your Next Long-Distance Move

Our environment supports our everyday lives, our children’s lives, our grandchildren’s lives, and so on – the Earth is beautiful and magical. So, it is that we must start the process of reversing the side effects humans have created, which have had an extremely negative impact. Sustainability is a primary concern and is the forefront of many people’s minds, and Coloradans are especially concerned about their mile-high landscape.

Long-distance moving is something that the majority of people have to undergo at one point or another and leaning on a reliable moving company is critical when you are doing do. If you have a cross-country move, there are plenty of different ways to minimize your carbon footprint during your relocation journey. Needless to say, the art of relocation has to be mastered, and it is much easier when working with licensed moving professionals throughout your experience, especially if you hope to end up with less waste and remain as eco-friendly as possible.

Reduce, Donate & Recycle

When you are in the long, grueling process of preparing for any upcoming cross-country relocation project, you probably have an extensive to-do list on your hands. Making a list is helpful because you can more easily organize and prioritize what needs to be done before your move date, but at the very tip-top of that list should be – organizing and decluttering. Ridding yourself of things that no longer serve you, are no longer useful, used, or are too damaged for use just makes sense. Why drag a blender from the nineties across the country?

Begin by separating tasks throughout the household; everyone can oversee their belongings and the set rooms of the home – unless the child is too young to assist. Create large piles or groups of items using the following categories: donate, consign, recycle, keep, and trash. You want to substantially reduce the number of things you bring into your new space, allow the reuse of items when applicable, recycle things that can be easily recycled, and take what you can keep! This will create less waste overall, less clutter in your home, and a more organized packing and transit system.

Use Recycled Boxes for Packing

Packing is the process’s next step, where many wasteful materials can come into play. Packing is not the most exciting step of a long-distance move, but it is necessary to complete the project. The materials used for packing are a significant part of the waste factor upon delivery. So, before you start piecing things together to be loaded on the moving truck, consider some of the following alternatives to keep your move as green as possible:

  • Use storage totes for packing purposes; if you have some lying around or even have to go out to grab a few extras, consider using totes, especially if you can continue to use them.
  • Reuse boxes you already have, whether from receiving packages in the mail or checking with local grocery stores, retail establishments, etc., as they often have boxes from shipments, they are already recycling that you can use for your move.
  • Reuse items that you already have lying around your house for wrapping and padding purposes. You can utilize a t-shirt for wrapping up cups, dishes, and fragile items or a sweatshirt to pad the box before loading it up!

Be Mindful After Moving

Packing smart is a part of being mindful of what you can leave behind after a long-distance move, but you should remain vigilant as you move through the experience. During your travels across the country, you can choose to carpool, sell a car, and/or ship a vehicle versus driving multiple vehicles. When seeking out your movers, ask essential questions about eco-friendly moves, materials, and options.

Plenty of moving companies in Denver and all over the country adhere to environmentally friendly practices and take responsibility for their actions in transit. Look for a moving company that applies the “EHF” charge for environmental handling fees. This means the business is dedicated to using recycled and recycled materials. Ask your moving representative what their company does to minimize their carbon footprint, how they deal with loading and unloading, waste, etc. You can determine all the details if you ask the tough questions; this way, you can make the perfect decision for you and our planet!

Use an Eco-Friendly Moving Company

Our ecosystem on Earth depends entirely on the creatures and humans that reside there. It is up to the current population to make conscious decisions to remain accountable for their actions and how they could affect the environment in the short and long term. Denver is a place that does its best to ensure you are not leaving any trace behind when it comes to the Rockies, but that same mindset needs to be carried on throughout the rest of the city and country. Going green for your upcoming move is an excellent first step into a new way of considering relocation in Colorado and the rest of the world.

Long-distance moving doesn’t have to be a wasteful act; using these tips and tricks allows you to hold yourself accountable throughout the move. Eden’s Moving Services is a locally owned and operated full-service moving company. They have fully implemented conscious moving choices that benefit the environment, and in turn, they can create a thoroughly satisfying experience for their clients.

Eden’s provides licensed, experienced, and knowledgeable movers who have seen it all in regard to cross-country moving. Approach your relocation experience with a new mindset, do your part to keep our Earth moving in the right direction – while also having access to the right moving company to support you through your journey!

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