Four Tips for Better Landscaping of Your Home

When it comes to making over your home and giving it some much-needed TLC, oftentimes, our minds go-to interior design changes or renovations for sinks and mirrors. But the outside landscaping of your home is important, too. It showcases your home to the outside world and is the first thing you see when you come home.

Having a well-landscaped outdoors to your home can also help increase its value upon resale, especially when you work with experienced realtors like the Harvey Kalles Real Estate agents in Toronto.

There are many ways you can help to improve the landscaping of your home and many more things to consider when doing them, such as your environment, season, and budget! Here are a few suggestions and tips to guide you in the right direction towards better landscaping your home.

Make Year-Round Choices

Adding a mix of seasonal elements to your landscaping keeps your property looking interesting and appealing during each and every season! Try to include a few items that stand out during certain seasons, such as trees that flower in spring, turn beautiful colours in fall, and shrubberies that can withstand the colds of winter and keep your yards looking green during snowy seasons.

Incorporate Hardscape

Landscaping doesn’t only mean plants and greenery! There is plenty of “hardscape” features like using natural stone, wood elements, pathways, lighting around cabinets, fencing, and more.

For example, adding new wood fencing around your property can help create a refined “final” look and serve as a backdrop against greenery like gardens and shrubbery.

Patios and decks can help make a backyard space not only look more beautiful but also serve as a great entertaining space!

Layer Your Flower Beds

When looking at pictures of beautiful flowerbeds, you’ll often notice that not every flower is layered at the same exact height.

When making flower beds, consider layering them in tiered rows of three. First, consider a back-facing row with taller plants that will serve as the bed’s background. The middle row will then be filled with slightly shorter florals before the final front row consisting of your shortest plants.

Using this repetition of tiered flowerbeds will help provide depth to your backyard, giving it the illusion of more structured layering, even on flat surfaces.

Consider Maintenance

Even if you make your yard picture-perfect, you may still find yourself resenting it in the months and years to come if it’s far too difficult to maintain.

If yard maintenance isn’t your idea of fun, try to avoid trees that drop too many leaves, flowers, or nuts or making high-stakes gardens that require regular care.

Perennial flowers, for example, are very carefree flowers that often bloom on their own every year, without the need to re-plant them. Likewise, evergreen trees provide year-round greenery while only needing minimal care and upkeep.

Also, consider that less grass means less mowing, so adding decks, larger stone pavers, loose stone, and more are all ways to minimalize your need to consistently mow for hours on end.

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