Five Fun Garage Door Facts That May Suprise You

Most people look at their garage door as providing protection for their homes and vehicles, which is undoubtedly one of their primary purposes, along with many other things. In California, your garage door can be a statement piece used to upgrade your home’s curb appeal, industrial strength to support your loading dock or business, or a door you use to your garage that has been transformed into an accessory dwelling. Whatever you see, your garage door, as there is so much more to it.

A home’s garage can be used for all sorts of purposes – it may be used for storage and parking vehicles, it could be used for band practice, and it can be remodeled and used as an apartment too! How you use your garage is entirely your choice, but in California, most people use it to park their cars. The door provides access to the garage area and the rest of the home – it is essentially a defender for your household, and it needs to be maintained for that reason. Garage doors Los Angeles are there to provide safety, security, and peace of mind, but they are also helpful for many other benefits.

They Have a Significant Impact on Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

The cooling and heating systems apart from your home aren’t generally associated with its exterior components, but there are many things at work to keep your place energy efficient. Your garage door influences the flow and general efficiency levels greatly! Think of that door as a barrier, similar to the front, side, or back doors to your home – if you leave that open, you are constantly allowing outdoor air to enter your home, affecting the temperature and air quality.

If you do not have a reliable, well-maintained garage door, you are opening your house to being vulnerable to the outside world. This inevitably leads to poor air circulation, the need for additional heating or air conditioning, and pushing those HVAC systems to the brink of exhaustion. There are better recipes for keeping an energy-efficient home. Working with a local garage door company on any repairs necessary, replacement when needed, and routine maintenance – you can allow your home’s HVAC unit to rest and keep those energy bills low too!

There Are Endless Options Available for Installation

Most garage doors last anywhere from 20 to 30 years, although the lifespan depends on the elements, use, brand, and maintenance. When you are replacing your garage door, you aren’t simply stuck to another one that looks exactly like the last. You have many more options available as a home or business owner, and ensuring you understand the qualities required for your household needs is pertinent.

The endless number of options can make things overwhelming, so working with professionals will help you through decision-making. Teaming up with a credible garage door company will fully assist you in making the best choice for your home – whether you are hoping to increase your curb appeal, currently have an apartment set up in your garage, or are hoping to insulate your home better – you have all the options at your fingertips. You can simply grab on and decide to install something new.

Upgrading & Maintaining Your Garage Door Can Increase the Value of Your Home

When you are considering investing in your homebase and making renovations or completing home improvement projects, you don’t immediately go to your garage or garage door as a means of doing so. Investing in your property helps to increase the value for you and your personal needs; your household wants, but it will also create an excellent return. Upgrading your garage door can help raise the value of your property and offer a more aesthetically pleasing view as you drive home from work.

Putting the necessary maintenance into your garage door will help keep the original quality, and replacing or upgrading that door can make your home more appealing to potential buyers. Investing in this is not always an easy decision, and it should be thoroughly thought through and completed by garage door experts to ensure the quality of your installation.

Most Homeowners Use Their Garage as a Main Entrance

Generally, the front door is the most common entrance for guests and visitors, but every household has its way of doing things. The garage is typically used for parking your car; therefore, it has become the most common entrance for homeowners in California and across the country.

More than half of homeowners utilize their garage to enter and exit their homes because it provides the easiest access. Because of this, your garage door needs to be in the greatest condition possible to ensure you are never stuck in a predicament where it malfunctions because repairs haven’t been completed or things haven’t been adequately maintained. Having experienced garage technicians to depend on helps ensure that you always have the main entrance of your home open and accessible.

Ben’s Garage Door & Gate Supply are Leaders in Garage Door Repair & Installation

Garage doors are something homes and business owners must access and use every day. It is guesstimated that they are opened and closed over 1000 times a year, and when you use something that often – it is a give-in that it may require repairs, maintenance, and even replacement eventually. Having a local garage door company in Los Angeles helps ensure that you always have someone you trust to turn to no matter what kind of problems arise with your garage door.

Ben’s Garage Door & Gate Supply services Los Angeles and the surrounding areas with elite garage door repair, maintenance, and installation. Ben’s team of professionals has set out to create a safe, comfortable, and easy experience for their clients. Making informed choices as a homeowner and consumer is critical, and with any garage door, it is especially important that you have a company you can lean on for any of your wants and needs!

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