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A FREE house sitting service for home owners looking for House sitters since 1999.
Find a house sitter is FREE !

Owners - To find a sitter for your home
Owners, simply type your city or country name into the yellow search box above and select from the list of registered sitters available for your area.
eg simply type - London or Italy or Vancouver or USA
Many are available for multiple areas
(Australia is on a separate site here)

Sitters - Find sitters wanted ads
Sitters looking for wanted ads from owners needing a sitter
Simply type the word wanted into the search box above
(or wanted Europe, or wanted UK, or wanted France, etc).
Searches can only be by locations at present.
(Australia is on a separate site here)

Please note: most owners only place a wanted ad if they can't find anyone suitable from the list of available sitters as they usually prefer to use registered sitters,
 however some "Sitters wanted" listings can be found by searching for "wanted".
Please check back regularly as numbers / locations do fluctuate.

Home owners who need a house sitter may place a FREE wanted ad here

Potential sitters may register as available for house sitting here
Dates on Housesitting listings
Some people advertise well in advance and
our search engine shows dates the listing was uploaded
 - these entries are often still valid !

Register as available
Your chances of gaining a house sitting position are increased by registering as available for house sitting as owners check our listings for who they think will best suit their needs
and start making contact right then.
Whilst some owners will list a sitters wanted ad, many prefer to use registered sitters who have built up a history over time. They often feel more comfortable with a retaining control over which "stranger" they are going to invite into their home.

Registering and building a history does add credibility to you and your availability as a potential housesitter.
House sitters international
100's of House Sitters now available for house sitting in:
Australia * Canada * Germany * Italy * Netherlands * UK * USA
New Zealand * South Africa * France * Spain * Greece

How House sitting works

We place your details (the sitter) on the site listing the areas you are interested in, dates available and your comments as to why a home owner should trust you to look after their valued possessions, home, garden and pets while they are away.
Very important ! - Read your listing as if you were the home owner and ask yourself "would you use this person ahead of others available?"

Home owners looking for a sitter search our pages looking for someone who meets their needs and is available in their area during the time they are away, then contact the suitable sitters and once references are checked, make mutually acceptable arrangements.

You would normally arrive a day or two before the home owner leaves for hand over etc.
They could even pick you up from the airport if necessary and you could drop them off if they were flying out.

For a little mutual assistance, you save on accommodation costs & they have their home occupied, looked after, and pets cared for.

The concept of Housesitting has been very popular throughout the world - Europe, UK, Canada, USA, Australia, New Zealand & South Africa for a number of years.

More info/hints
Have a wonderful holiday.

House sitting Articles & Experiences
Many home owners and house sitters have forwarded their house sitting experiences, well worth reading should you be considering house sitting as a lifestyle choice or simply for a unique holiday experience
A month in Tuscany Tuscany

Register now as available for house sitting so owners know that you are available - Register

For those who missed our few moments of fame on TV -
Video here
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