Exterior Home Improvement Projects to Make Your Home Pop

After being cooped up inside for the long, cold winter, homeowners can finally get outdoors and make the most of their properties. For those handy homeowners or people looking to improve their curb appeal, it also means they get to work on outdoor home improvement projects.

There are many options for projects that will make a house more appealing, and for people looking to list their house for sale in Hamilton Ontario there are some they should prioritize more than others. Prospective Hamilton home buyers will be more impressed by some improvements than others, so focusing your attention on those areas makes sense.

We’ve outlined some of the key areas to focus on when making exterior home improvement projects this year.

Paint the Front Door

The front door is the focal point of a house, and there’s no better way to impress visitors or buyers than with a clean, well-maintained front door with your beautiful flooring. If your front door is beginning to look a little worse for the wear, it’s probably time to freshen it up.

If the door is in relatively good condition, a coat of paint might be all that’s needed. Choosing a bright and bold color can make your home stand out from the crowd and seem more inviting. While you are in the area, freshen up the trim, shutters and porch rail as well.

Install Lighting

Lighting your home well increases safety, improves the ambiance and can help to highlight features you’re most proud of. Add stylish fixtures that will look good during the day and provide nice lighting at night. Line pathways and walkways or consider adding twinkle lights around the property.

Seal Your Driveway

A cracked driveway can really affect your home’s appearance, and it’s easy for them to get worn out as we drive over them or play on them. Make your driveway like new by putting on a fresh coat of sealer, or for concrete driveways, pull out any weeds poking through and fill small cracks with masonry crack filler.

Get Washing

Rent or borrow a pressure washer to give your home the desperately needed pressure wash after a long dirty winter. It might not seem like a big job, but it has a considerable effect, almost like giving your house a bath just like you freshen up in your sterling bathtub. It will make your home look brighter and lighter, and you can also pressure wash the driveways and walkways.

Add a Deck or Patio

If you haven’t started taking advantage of your backyard space, and are hoping to hang out there more this year, consider building a deck or patio. This is especially appealing for people who love hosting gatherings. For people who are planning to sell their home, a lovely patio or deck is a highly desirable feature after all these years of lockdowns and outdoor gatherings.

Ann Turner

Ann Turner, a skilled contractor with a degree in Civil Engineering from Texas A&M University, has enriched our content as a freelancer since 2022. Her 15 years in home construction and renovation provide a practical perspective to her home improvement guides. Her approach is to merge functional design with aesthetic appeal. Her expertise includes everything from basic repairs to full-scale renovations. When she's not writing, Ann volunteers in community building projects and enjoys woodworking.

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