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House sitting Europe
An international house sitting service for home owners and home minders since 1999.
Sitters wanted for Home minding France, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Germany, Belgium, Greece, Paris,
Netherlands, Madrid, Lisbon, Berlin, Amsterdam, Brussels, Athens, all Europe

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House Sitters Europe

House sitters wanted for House sitting France, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany,
all areas Europe.

A FREE house minding service for home owners looking for house and pet sitters since 1999.
Owners can list a FREE sitters wanted ad for anywhere in Europe.

House sitters may register their services as available for home minding or pet sitting in France, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Germany, Belgium, Greece, Netherlands, Paris, Madrid, Lisbon, Berlin, Amsterdam, Brussels, Athens, Rome, all Europe - one housesitting registration for as many areas as you like.
Register as available so owners can pre-screen sitters, selecting who they think will best meet their needs - every situation is different so please do include a little about what you have to offer in exchange for your free rent and why they should select you.

Home owners gain peace of mind knowing their home and precious pets will be well cared for in their absence while sitters gain free accommodation in a home environment, experiencing what it's really like to live in an area. Benefits everyone !

House sitting Europe

House Sitters Available - for all Europe

  • Registered house and pet sitters available to look after your home in all Europe
    Owners search free - House sitters available throughout France, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Germany, all areas Europe.
    - Find sitters available -
    House sitters Europe
    This is Housesitters registered as available for house and pet sitting jobs.
    Owners looking for a home minder or pet sitter will usually find someone suitable from these lists of registered house carers.

House Sitters Wanted - by owners throughout all Europe

  • From home owners needing sitters to look after their homes.
    most owners do prefer to select from the list of registered sitters at the time they start looking.
    Sitters wanted ads from owners needing sitters
    This is Owners advertising they need a house sitter for Europe (and elsewhere)

  • Owners - To place a FREE sitters wanted ad for your home anywhere in Europe
    Sitters wanted - Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Brussels, Netherlands, Germany, anywhere

  • Sitters - Register as available for home minding jobs
    One listing as available for as many areas as you like anywhere in Europe for 12 months
    House sitting Registration
    No fee to change or update your house-sitting details at any time, simply email us.
    We do operate on a non-refund basis once your details have been listed.

  • Why Register?
    Registering as available lets owners know who is actually available
    and gives the sitters the opportunity to write a little about themselves and why the owners should select them.
    Some owners are happy to place wanted ads however many owners prefer to use registered sitters and will usually pre-select someone suitable from the list of available sitters at the time they start looking.

I have used sitters every year; typically have them come when I am unable to use the house myself... Thanks for your flexibility. I am very happy with the people who have stayed in the house. No complaints at all.
I think your services is wonderful! It has been extremely helpful.
GRAZIE!!  Stefano, Abruzzo - Italy, July 2013

Florence, Italy - touring whilst house sitting in Europe

Hi Danny, We found home sitters. Thank you for your help.
We informed friends and some are really interested in your service.
Please cancel the ad and we hope to come back to you in the future.
Kind regards, Jan, Vaucluse, Southern France. June 2013

Yes. Yes. And Yes.
Your site was definitely of assistance in finding a sitter for our little home and little dog... we had a great trip away...
Leo, Pays de Herve, Belgium, June 2013

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The Guardian - A surprising number of householders worldwide will let you live in their home for nothing while they are away. House-sitting is completely one-way - you don't have to offer yours in exchange - and it is becoming a global phenomenon. is the place to go, either to advertise for a sitter or to find somewhere to live rent-free around the globe...
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Mt Pilatus, Switzerland

Home minding Europe

From Portugal to Prague, Germany to Belgium, Paris to Italy, Spain to Greece - housesitting anywhere Europe!
International travel options are huge with so many places to visit, things to see and experience, and with modern-day travellers having a little more time to enjoy each area, house sitting has become a two-fold benefit.
Travellers can house sit someone else's home as an affordable means of accommodation, giving them potentially longer to explore and enjoy an area at a more leisurely pace.
And, while they're away, having a house and pet sitter live in their own home gives the peace of mind that is so necessary for a happy holiday - the pets are being looked after in their own home, the mail collected, and lawn maintained.
House sitting in Europe - Lucerne, Switzerland

Thanks to the universal reach of the internet, Housesitting Europe and Worldwide is able to cover all international areas without having to open a physical office in every city. We've had successful house sitters in all areas of Europe - from France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece, Netherlands, Germany, Cyprus, Turkey . . .

Register now as available for home minding so owners know that you are available - house sitters wanted all Europe.
Register for house sitting Europe

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House sitting International

House sitters Europe Facebook HousePetSitting
Lucerne, Switzerland.

What is House sitting?
Housesitting has become very popular in recent times as a concept that is mutually beneficial to both the home owner and the house sitter - The home owner gets their home, pets and gardens cared for while they're away and the house sitter gains rent free accommodation in return for minor household duties they would be doing wherever they lived.
Who are Housesitters?

Housesitters are ordinary people just like you - from all walks of life and available for all sorts of reasons. Some are saving for a home, renovating their property, moving to a new area, re-establishing their lives, travelling with their own pets or wishing to save on motels or simply needing a break from the mobile home while touring. They range from young singles or couples to families to retirees, from professionals to home makers and all offer something different - as the home owners also have different and varying needs. No one "type" makes the "perfect sitter" for every situation.

What do housesitters do?

The house sitter is expected to look after the home owners home as if it were their own - providing "lived-in" security, mowing lawns, maintaining gardens, collecting and forwarding mail, caring for pets and generally keeping the home neat and tidy.
Sitters would generally be responsible for their own food, telephone and utility use. Whilst most agreements would be in exchange for free rent, some sitters may offer more of a formal caretaker role or perform other agreed extra duties in exchange for an agreed fee. This is totally up to the home owner and the sitter and should be agreed to in writing before commencing duties. (Remember, a house sitter is not expecting to work on your property full time but is looking for a genuine "home" to live in, with it's normal attendant responsibilities - House sitting should be a mutually beneficial arrangement)

Security and References

Security - Whilst a house sitter can provide lived-in security for your property while you're away, it is the responsibility of the home owner to ensure adequate home and contents insurance coverage is maintained.
It is also the home owners responsibility to check the bona fides of the sitter. Apart from checking referees, an interview should be conducted and prospective sitters introduced to your pets to check compatibility. This would also be a good time to introduce your neighbours - this helps the sitter learn the environment and feel more comfortable in strange surroundings and, by bringing your friendly neighbours into the background, acts as a semi backstop for both parties. Requesting a police clearance and considering the lodgement of a bond is also a good idea.
See also "Agreements" below.

Finding a house sitter

Finding prospective sitters - Home owners can peruse our database of available sitters for FREE and make selections at the time they start looking. Simply click on "find a sitter". Type your location into the search box to see a list of available housesitters. Click on their link to read more about the sitters.
Should you not be able to find anyone suitable for house sitting, we will run your "sitter wanted" ad for free.

Registering as available to house sit

Registering as available for house sitting. The wording of your ad needs careful consideration as you will need to convince the home owner that you will be suitable to mind their home while they are away - say the obvious like, if you have experience, say so, if you can provide references, have a history with animals or other desirable skills, say so. Be honest, say a little about yourself, why you wish to be a house sitter and why the home owner should choose you ahead of others available.
To register, follow the links to "register as a sitter
", complete the registration form and you will be
included in our on-line database for up to 12 months. Home owners looking for a sitter will then know you are available and be able to contact you to arrange an interview.

How much does it cost?

How much does it cost?
To find a house sitter is free.
To register as available for sitting - some areas are free, some require a small fee, eg USA, Canada, Europe, UK, Australia all require one small fee for a 12 month listing - one fee only - for as many areas and country's as you like.
Fees are; US$40- or CAN$50- or EURO30- or GBP20- or AUD50-.
Should you need to change your details, please use our "change details" form on our site - there is no charge for this.

How long before you get a sit?

How long before you get a sit - we have had successes within 24 hours however the average is some sort of response within 2-3 weeks - the earlier you register as available, the greater your chances.
Please keep us informed of your up to date availability as it's free to update your details with new areas and dates once you have something.

How long do sits last?

How long do sits last - we have had sitters gain positions lasting from 1 week to 3 years with the average being 2-3 months - most sits fall in the range 1-6 months.

House minding Articles & Experiences
Many home owners and sitters have forwarded their experiences, well worth reading should you be considering house caring as a lifestyle choice or simply for a unique holiday experience.

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Notes from Sitters and Home Owners in
Spain, Paris, Portugal, Italy, Germany, Belgium, London, Denmark

We are now home from our visit to France. Our housesitters - Magali and Ramiro from Argentina could not have been better.
They made friends with the locals and looked after my cats and the property. We hope to stay in contact with them on their adventures.
Thank you so much for your brilliant service.
Best wishes, Mary, Andalucia, House sitting Spain

I have received some wonderful replies to my housesitting ad ... and have literally made friends with many people.
... I think we have found the right solution through your site ... Thank you tons
Berenice, Paris, House sitters France

Hi, We have now found somebody to house sit for us. Had a lot of responds on the advert.
We will be in touch again if the need is required.
Thanks again for all your help, May.
(Cave house) Granada, House sitters Spain

Hi Danny, you were a big help.
Our house sitter arrived yesterday from the United States. I hope that everything will turn out fine for both of us...
Thank you very much for your help. Best wishes,
Ruth, Malaga, Spain House sitters

House sitting is an excellent and inexpensive way to catch up with family and friends throughout Europe.
In December 2011 to February this year we cared for a house, pets and garden in Portugal whilst the owners were holidaying in Austria. It was wonderful....
Ralph & Valda, Australia to Portugal house sitting

I have been happy with the sitters that I have used.
Typically have them come stay on short notice in the spring and fall when the house is not rented. Also for longer periods in the colder winter months.
Most of the sitters have been from England.
Stefano, Abruzzo - Italy house sitters

Hi, I've found a sitter, from Germany, so I would like to cancel my add. Thank you. Best regards,
Annick, Copenhagen, Denmark house sitting

... thanks of course a lot ! ...
fortunately a couple from New York City applied and they are now in Hamburg while I am in Ruidoso / New Mexico.
So thanks a lot, Antje, Germany house sitters

We had many interesting people from all the world.
And....we have found one lady from Seattle who arrived today and is house sitting our home.
I love this service and have already told other friends. Great idea! Maybe we will be a house sitter for other families :-)
Thanks and best wishes from Fuerteventura :-) Irene, house sitting Germany, Nordrhein-Westfalen

We have received nearly 60 replies to our ad in just 48 hours, so at this point I would like to cancel the posting...
Your service is amazing. I can't believe we found so many people willing to watch our house and cat in such a short amount of time...
Thanks, Brett, Florence Italy house sitting


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