Creative Gifts for All Occasions

Holiday season is around the corner, which means it’s a good time to break out of old habits and give creative gifts rather than old, boring standards. Even the houses are getting decked up in now and people are writing blogs about how one can make their home a better place. What’s new in the world of gifting? Plenty, and that means you don’t have to rack your brain to find something for those special folks on your list as 2021 comes to a close. Here are four ideas to get started. The beauty of opting for the creative route is that you won’t spend any more or less than usual, unless you want to. But your recipient will be pleasantly surprised to receive something unexpected and far outside the standard holiday fare. Consider the following, and don’t forget, there’s no law against buying something for yourself any time of the year.

Snack Boxes

There are plenty of subscription boxes up for grabs these days, but the best of the best are ones that contain snacks from around the world. Thanks to the internet, it takes just a few minutes to check out dozens of the most delicious treats from hundreds of faraway locales. Plus, when you purchase as a gift, the recipient doesn’t see prices or payment information. But, the main benefit of a monthly snack subscription box is that you can join the club yourself or give the service as a gift to a friend, coworker, romantic partner, or anyone.

INO Charitable Donations

INO stands for “in the name of,” as in donating to a charity in someone else’s name. INOs have been around for decades but are more popular than ever because online donations are quick and simple to make. You will want to make sure that your donations count before giving to a charity check their reliability to avoid a scam. Giving money to a loved one’s favorite charitable cause is an ideal way to remember someone at holiday time. INO donations are especially appropriate for recipients who either don’t want gifts for themselves or are devoted to a particular charity for personal reasons.

Gift Certificates for Services

Don’t feel like giving wrapped presents and consumer goods? Then choose to give certificates for services like massage, maid services, car detailing, facials, hair care, manicures and pedicures, and more. People love getting these kinds of coupons that they can use anytime on a service that they might not buy for themselves. This is also a way to give a personalized experience in a modern way because you are gifting a certificate to a place you already know that the recipient will love making the point that you definitely put some thought into the purchase.

Top sellers include massage and house cleaning service certificates, but you should think about what your recipient would enjoy the most. A tip is that most massage clinics and salons offer deep discounts for multiple purchases, so consider buying several certificates to give as gifts. And, don’t forget to hold one back for yourself.

Movie Tickets

Now that lockdown rules are easing up in most big cities, movie tickets are hot sellers. Fortunately, you can usually take advantage of discounts when buying in bulk, as with massages. An all-time favorite on the gift giving circuit, film tickets are usually given in pairs so the recipient can attend with a guest of their choice. Note that ticket coupons are now acceptable for holidays, birthdays, and even weddings. And like so many other items in this category, the more you buy, the more money you’ll save.

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