The Ultimate College Dorm Shopping Guide: Campus Life

Whether someone has their college right around the corner or a few years later, this article will prepare anyone in advance.

Prepare in the sense that before going to college, there are certain things that almost every college student will need to go shopping for.

Whether one lives in a hostel, dorm, or an apartment (independent or rented), it does not matter; things will make things a lot easier there and if you want to transform your dorm room to a boho look then shop a little more.

Everything will be covered and categorized from things that will come in handy in the college to things that will improve the lifestyle at the hostel/dorm/apartment. Make a list and do the shopping.

Bed Related Things

Quality sleep goes a long way in improving the health of a student (or any person) and, in turn, helps have a better focus at studies in college or dorm.

For that matter, some things are needed to go shopping. For a night of better sleep, such as: –


A few extra ones that need to be kept clean in advance always. This way, the old bedsheet can be replaced with a fresh one regularly.

Good Pillows

One that suits individual needs. If by chance, have a neck injury or issues, some people will require different pillows than regular people. A right pillow can make a lot of difference.

A Warm Blanket

If one is going to a place very far away from home, they should know the minimum temperature of that place and get a blanket accordingly. Also, keep a warm blanket in case the dorm AC is too cold to handle.

A Mattress

Suppose the dorm mattress is not comfortable enough. This option is not a cheap one, but if the mattress at the dorm or hostel is not comfortable enough, to even get asleep, let alone a good sleep, this is the only option.

Reading Lamp

Shopping for this is going to help for sure. At the bedside or the table, it can be used anywhere. It is portable and instrumental.

Computer and Accessories

No matter what, a laptop or similar gadget is needed in most of the colleges. That is because the syllabus is not limited just to the textbooks or teacher’s lectures/notes.

If someone misses the lecture by chance, then the hope of getting the notes and all goes even lower.

That is just a part of the reason a computer is needed. Technology has taken over most of the parts of everyone’s lives. So, education is no exception.

From wanting to learn coding or video editing to just studying or writing assignments and notes, shopping for a computer and its accessories is necessary.

A Laptop

It is portable and comes way too handy for college students.

A Desktop Computer

If one does not have a budget enough to get a decent laptop, the specs they need in their PC, then in the same budget, and assembled Desktop computer will provide higher specs.

The desktop PC is also more ideal for video editing and gaming at a professional or high level.

Wireless/wired Mouse/ Gaming Mouse

A Hard Drive

SSDs are better in all aspects, but if the budget does not allow, then HDDs can work just as well.


Although not everyone needs it, if a particular stream of graduation requires it a lot, having one will only help and save money in the longer run. Still, it is not as necessary.

Stationary and Electrical Products

There are things that you will need every day or every other day. Stationary comes in that category for sure.

Then there are needed from time to time but are needed eventually. Electrical products like wires, extension cord batteries and, therefore, come under that category.

Having these things in a desk or drawer or somewhere in the dorm or a room is always beneficial.

Shopping can then be done from a mall, like Target, or any individual shop for stationery and electrical appliances separately.

The most common of these things: –

Extension Cords

That is because not all beds have a plug nearby, or the study table does not have one near. Charging a laptop and needing it while studying will become a hassle and annoying in such cases.


Although not everyone will need it, engineering students or science stream students will need one. A scientific calculator would be the most optimum one for them.


All the battery-run electrical appliances like wall clock, digital clock, remote and more will need a change occasionally. Having spares for them makes things easier.

Sticky Notes

These are beneficial for jotting down ideas, sudden points, and some items in a notebook or a whiteboard or any surface as per the need.


Mechanical pencils and regular pencils.

Desk Lamp


It may not be that necessary, but if the budget allows, it can be beneficial. Having things to be memorized written on it to have a running list of things that will be needed can serve for multiple purposes.

Copies or Notebooks

It is a common thing, but still, one that should always be mentioned, nonetheless. That is because many times, students get low on notebooks suddenly. That is because they do not keep track of how many they have used.  Have extras always.

Plain Sheets or Paper/A4


A Pen Holder

Because pens spread around the room, or the table is messy. A messy environment will not help them focus during their studies.

A Multi-Plug

It is essential because no one uses just ‘one’ gadget nowadays. Mobile phones, laptops, and desk lamps are all needed simultaneously in the age of multitasking.

Ruler, Scissors, Paperclips, and Pencil- Sharpener


Because no one is rainproof, and Colleges do not have that many off days on rainy days. It will help a lot if there is an umbrella available in advance, rather than missing a class during monsoon for not having one and then buying one ultimately.

Other Common Things

Finally, some joint or general things will be needed at 100%. They will be needed for college and even several spontaneous needs.

A Backpack

These days there are many kinds of bags. Laptop bag, regular bag, mini bags, and more. All in all, shopping for the one that serves all the needs is the one anyone should go for.


For the times when the bed in the dorm or a drawer needs repair. Being a student, the budget is always fixed, so a mechanic cannot always be affordable. That is when tool kits come in handy and economical.

Speaker and Headsets

A Bluetooth or regular speaker will make a living in the dorms or hostel or anywhere better. Music is something everyone likes, so it is only natural that one has headphones or speakers.

Duct Tape

Because why not. It is useful. Once someone has it, they can use it in so many ways and situations that it is a must-have.

A Broomstick and Dustbin + Dustpan

Although there are cleaning services available most of the time, there are times when they are not or when they are not available right now.

In those moments, cleaning things on our own is the only option. Hence, having things to help the process is a basic need as well.


It does not have to be an expensive one or a big one. Cheap ones are available in the market that do just as acceptable for a student. Having one will help in dorm life.

A Lock and Safe

It is not like there will be no valuables in a student’s possession in a dorm or hostel. It can be an expensive gadget, cash, jewelry, photos, or anything of the sort.

If one lives in a dorm or a hostel with roommates, then having a separate safe would help. It does not imply suspicion on the roommates, but rather, is just a precautionary measure.

Having a lock is useful in cases where there are lockable individual rooms or cupboards.

A Comfortable Chair

it is useful when the one provided by the dorm or hostel is not as comfortable.

Therefore, to conclude, there are certain things any college student will need. Some are needed right from the first day, to some come in use on certain occasions.

All in all, the things mentioned above are all helpful, and most probably will be needed.

Make a list by taking references from this article, brainstorming, and adding the things that may not be here but are still needed. Enough about dorm rooms, do you know something about home decor? Then try writing for us. Click here

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