10 College Dorm Gifts for Students this Holiday Season

As we all know that every college student wants to decorate their dorm with lights, wallpapers and gifts, we will discuss some fantastic gift ideas in this article.

In this article, we will discuss some college dorm gifts that you can give them this holiday season to decorate their room. All the gifts that we will mention in this list are perfect for dorms and are relatively affordable for everyone.

Whether the dorm is small, congested, significant, and cramped, these gifts will suit each dorm type.

In this article, we will mention and thoroughly discuss some of the fantastic gift ideas that you can gift any college student living in dorms or hostel. It will also show your concern to them to make the best of their lives.

Memorable Dorm Gifts for College Students

1. Clip-On Light

A Clip-On light is an excellent choice for a college dorm gift for college students. This is because many students study till late at night and can use this light to study. In this way, they will not disturb their roommate.

Also, this Clip-On light has a warranty period of 12 months, and this period is enough to check whether they are happy using this light or not. If not, you can always exchange them with any other light.

The most iconic feature of this Clip-On light is that it is adjustable and can be adjusted anywhere according to your need. More so, it has two switches, one for warm light and the other for white light.

2. Bluetooth Speaker

A Bluetooth speaker is always the best option for a college dorm gift for any college student. As they often party with their friends and the speaker will be the best thing for the party. Also, even if a student wants to play peaceful music to build an environment for study, a speaker is an excellent gift.

They can even podcast their live video lessons or any online lesson on speaker for better sound quality. In this way, their learning will never stop, and the speaker will be used as a part of their development.

Also, the speaker has many uses. A student will use it well in studies, parties, movies, and other similar things. So, a Bluetooth speaker is a perfect gift for those who are living in dorms.

3. A Coffee Maker

Another right choice for a college dorm gift to gift a college student is a coffee maker. A Coffee maker is one of the most crucial things in a student’s life. Every student needs coffee in the morning to wake them up properly for their classes.

A Coffee maker is of small size, and thus it will not cover too much space, and it will be a fit present for any dorm. Also, it will serve hot coffee in less than five minutes without sacrificing its flavor and taste.

Moreover, it has an adjustable temperature that can be adjusted according to a person’s needs. More so, it has a brew-strength control that will allow your coffee to be hard or regular as per your needs.

4. Memory Foam Pillow

A memory foam pillow is the best college dorm gift for any college student as it is the best thing to get relaxed. A memory foam pillow has a great intensity of gel fusion that will allow you to rest properly.

It is also washable and made up of polyester and viscous. It has 60% polyester and 40% viscous. It will also help provide relief from several sleeping issues such as cervical, insomnia, and migraines.

These memory foam pillows have high gel infusion with a high loft. They are suitable for side sleepers and back sleepers to provide comfort and support from sides. So, a memory foam pillow is an excellent choice to gift a college student.

5. Laundry Bags

Laundry bags are essential for those who live in hostels and dorms. A student is always busy with extra-curricular activities, studies, and assignments. They do not have enough time to wash their clothes every day.

A laundry bag will make their task easier by collecting all clothes in a bag that needs to be washed. The laundry bags are a set of five bags of different sizes, and you can put your clothes according to their sizes in any laundry bag.

It can also be used in traveling to put your clothes as they are convenient and will not take too much space in a car or any other transport. It has a zipper that will lock all the clothes inside, and in this way, your smelling socks will not create any problem.

6. LED String Light

LED string lights are often used to decorate the room with lights and bulbs. The most iconic and unique thing about string lights is that they can fit any sized room. Also, the room will look beautiful and aesthetic.

It also includes a remote to control the lights and the color of the lights. It has a total of 16 colors that can be controlled via remote. Also, the lights have a dynamic mode, and it is safe and waterproof.

It does not run with a battery, so there is no need to worry about its charging capability. Wherever you will plug the lights, you will be able to use them. So, you do not need a battery but a plug and electricity to use them.

7. A Coffee Mug

A Coffee mug has much importance in a student’s life. Everyone wants coffee in the morning, and a coffee mug will best suit to gift a college student. This mug has a sealed lid that will protect your coffee from being spilled.

It has a stainless-steel material that will keep the coffee hot or cold as per your requirements. It has an advanced auto seal feature for lock and spill-proof. Also, it will be a perfect fit for cup holders in the car.

It is effortless to wash from outside as well as inside. The lid can also be opened for squeaky clean. The most important thing about this coffee mug is that it is quite handy and can be taken anywhere.

8. A Storage Box

A Storage box is a unique but best choice to gift any college student. Dorms are small and congested, and many students do not have enough space to put their items. So, a storage box will be an excellent choice to gift them.

It is also easy to carry and has a removable lid to open and close as per your needs. The lid will keep the clothes and other items inside the box clean and protect them from dust. Also, it is available in various colors.

It has enough space to put items like your makeup brush, shaving kit, and any other similar items. In this way, these items will not take extra space once they are put in this storage box. A storage box is a much-needed item for a student living in a hostel or dorm.

9. A Camera

Another right choice to gift any college student is a camera. All the college students often go to a party, celebrate certain things, and capture all these moments in a single frame to keep them forever.

A camera is a perfect college dorm gift for beginners as it will be easy to be carried everywhere. Also, the picture quality of a camera is far better than those of smartphones. Thus, everyone will be happy if they are being gifted with a camera.

The camera also has a storage card that will store every picture and video recordings without any space issues. You can also transfer these pictures to your laptop for easier access.

10. A Photo Album

A photo album is a unique and exciting choice to gift a college student. Because everyone likes to make memories during their college days and frame those memories forever, a photo album will perfectly suit this case.

Also, a photo album comes in various price ranges, and you can choose the most affordable for you. Moreover, the quality of the material of the photo album is also free from PVC. Thus, it will keep all the pictures safe.

So, for a college student, a photo album will be an excellent choice to gift them. It will show them your concern and how much you care about them. Also, a photo album is known to cherish memories and reliving them after individual years.

In the end

So, we have discussed various things that can be gifted to college students living in dorms to make their college life an extraordinary life and part of their journey.

Although there are various other things that you can think of gifting anyone, the list that we have made here is one of those gifts that will be a perfect match for dorms.

Moreover, these things will decorate the dorms to look beautiful, aesthetic, and lively. If they are still getting bored introduce them to our ‘write for us’ program.

All the things that we have mentioned can be used to keep in dorms as they will not take much space and be easy to carry anywhere.

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