How To Lose Weight: Tips On Weight Loss

So often, it is easier to gain weight than to lose. Consuming diet pills, fasting, avoiding fatty foods may help indeed help in reducing weight but can be harmful at the same time. They may cause muscle loss and injure the heart and other body organs. It is vital to identify the healthy ways of how to lose weight having in mind that miracles will not happen overnight therefore a lot of patience is required.

This may be not only challenging, but also discouraging to some people leading to so many pros and cons of the fastest ways to reduce weight.

Weight loss

To lose weight the healthy way, the following factors must be considered, nutritionists have proved them.

  • Reduce the amount of calorie you take as you increase your level of activities. This goes hand in hand with dieting and exercising.
  • Write down your plan especially for exercising and obey the schedule. Do not skip as this may lead to muscle tear in severe cases.
  • Be patient and persevere to see changes, it might take a week, month, or just a few days to notice any change.

To reduce calorie intake for an overweight person, have smaller portions of his/her favorite food. Replace fizzy drinks with water, cut down on alcohol intake, avoiding sugar in tea and coffee, replacing snacks like sugary biscuits, crisps in between meals. Avoid extra meals as second helpers during dinner.

Eating less than usual but balanced diet is very crucial-one can reduce the amount of butter or margarine you take. Once one starts her plan, it is necessary to weigh oneself after say a week and keeping records. Mark progress for each day with a tick.

reduce calorie

Weight loss has health benefits as studies show. Most people gain weight as they age. This increases the risk of health problems due to that extra weight. Studies also show that overweight women who lose between 10 LB and 20 LB halve the risk of developing diabetes and other disease like heart attack and cancer.

Obese children tend to think slower than healthy ones at school. Healthy children will therefore perform better in school, as they are physically fit and very fast learners. They are very active and engage in many activities, are never lazing around.

A sample of activities on how to lose weight

  • Walk down stairs for about ten minutes instead of spending breaks eating sweets.
  • Get up 15minutes early and engage in activities like going for a brisk walk.
  • Instead of watching TV after work, do 10 minutes of yoga.
  • Drink a glass of water instead of taking coke.
  • Eating small whole-wheat bagel with 1teaspoon of peanut butter is equally healthy. This helps save about 185 calories.

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